How To Make a Leo Man Jealous (Surefire Ways)

How To Make A Leo Man Jealous

Leo men have a lot of spectacular attributes that make them appealing to many women, but they also have some not-so-good traits, such as their territoriality. While this may not be a desirable characteristic, it makes it very easy to make them jealous.

If you ever have any reason to make a Leo man jealous, probably because you want him to be obsessed over you or to bruise his ego, you might not have to do much because jealousy goes hand in hand with being territorial.

While making a Leo man jealous may seem like an easy task, there are some precautions you would have to take to not completely push your Leo man away.

How do you make a Leo man jealous?

To make a Leo man jealous, you must find a way to flirt with other men and make sure he knows about it. You can also make him jealous by not spending quality time with him and going on fun activities without him.

Read more on this article to learn about ways you get to make a Leo man jealous.

4 Things That Make a Leo Man Jealous

4 Things That Make A Leo Man Jealous

Making a man jealous might not be one of the best approaches to solving problems, but no one can deny that it works. It might be risky because if not done correctly, you might lose the man you are trying to make jealous.

However, it remains a good option if you want a man to give you more attention or become obsessed with you.

There are several ways you can go about making people jealous, but with the aid of their zodiac sign, you can learn to use the best tailor-made strategy for that particular sign.

If the man you are trying to make jealous is a Leo man, you should capitalize on some of his attributes to get quick results. These attributes include his enormous ego and possessiveness.

These are the traits that make it easy to get a Leo man to be jealous.

Bearing all these factors in mind, you can achieve your goal of making a Leo man jealous by using any of the following strategies.

1. Flirt With Other Men

Due to their territorial attitude, this is the easiest way to get a Leo man to become jealous. Once they catch a glimpse of another man on your radar, their jealousy instincts will kick in almost immediately.

A Leo man prides himself in being the alpha of the pack and, as such, wouldn’t allow any predator around its territory.

His ego will not allow him to give you up to another man, and so for this, you can rest assured that your Leo man will not easily abandon you based on jealousy.

However, the purpose of playing this card will determine how far you are willing to go. If it goes too far, it might not be easy to mend the trust he has for you.

Hence, it will help if you are sure about your plan and what you hope to achieve from making the Leo man jealous. If you are merely looking for a way to make him pay more attention to you, then you should go easy with this strategy.

2. Starve Him of Attention

It is widely known that Leo men are always looking to be the life of the party, and their relationship is not an exception. A Leo man would want to be the subject of attention from time to time and will always do whatever he has to ensure that the spotlight remains on him.

When he ceases to get the attention he desires from his partner, the first thing that comes to his mind will be that someone else is probably getting this attention from the partner.

From that moment, he would make it a duty to find out what or who is taking up all his partner’s attention, leaving none for him.

3. Talk More About Your Ex or Other Men

This strategy requires a bit of emotional intelligence, especially if you are not looking to end things permanently with your Leo man.

Nothing bruises a Leo man’s ego better than when you make him feel less than some other men in your life.

A Leo man will continuously do stuff to impress you and expect to receive compliments for it from you. If you trivialize his actions and instead talk about how your ex or other men in your life can do it better than him, he would be left devastated and jealous.

Doing this constantly may significantly affect a Leo man’s ego, and there is only a little that he would condone.

You should keep this strategy to the bare minimum if you don’t intend to push the Leo man away completely.

4. Have Fun Without Him

This trick is a perfect strategy for making a Leo man jealous, as you can not quickly push him to the extreme with this.

His possessive nature will take a toll on him because a Leo man does not like to share the attention of people around him, let alone his partner.

The more you go out for fun activities without him, the more he becomes jealous. Especially if you can ensure he sees how much fun you are having by posting pictures of these outings on social media where you are sure he will see them.

When this goes on for too long, your Leo man will approach you and try to make amends to follow you on these exciting activities because he loves having fun.

If you feel you have already achieved your goal of making him jealous, don’t keep him waiting for too long.


There are various reasons you might want to make a Leo man jealous, and these reasons also determine how much you are willing to go to achieve your aim.

The best way you can get to make a Leo man jealous is by flirting with other men and depriving him of the attention he loves so much.