What Makes a Taurus Man Cheat (And How To Prevent It)

What Makes A Taurus Man Cheat

One of Taurus’s most significant attributes is loyalty. If you have ever been in a relationship with a Taurus man, then you would know how much of a big deal loyalty is to them. For this reason, most women don’t spend time worrying about the chances of their Taurus man cheating.

This makes it easy for the few Taurus men that cheat to do it quite easily without being caught. Knowing that being disloyal is not their thing, you might wonder what makes a Taurus man cheat.  

Unlike other people who cheat for flimsy reasons, a Taurus will only resort to cheating if he is unsatisfied with the relationship. There are specific things that help keep a Taurus man happy in a relationship, and when he does not get these things from his partner, he might have to turn to someone else.

If you are wondering what could make a Taurus man cheat, this article will help clarify some of the questions you might have.

What Makes a Taurus Man Cheat

Although Taurus men can be stubborn sometimes, they make incredible partners in a relationship. A Taurus man will go the extra mile to please his woman and make her as comfortable as possible.

Cheating is not something they will consider out of the blue because they know how much it would hurt their partner if she ever found out that they cheated on her. For a Taurus man to cheat on you, there must be something lacking in the relationship.

A Taurus man may cheat because of the following reasons.

Lack of Trust

Lack Of Trust

Naturally, trust is one of the most important bedrocks of relationships, but for Taurus, it is even more crucial.

Due to their nature of being extremely loyal to their partners, Taurus men don’t condone infidelity in any way whatsoever. If you give a Taurus man reasons to believe you are cheating on him, he would slowly detach from the relationship.

He might not end things outrightly but might mentally leave you in the relationship. When this happens, a Taurus may seek comfort in the arms of another woman.

Unfortunately, Taurus men are masters at masking their actual feelings. If you are not observant enough, it may be too late before you notice that they are unhappy in the relationship.

His Fragile Ego

His Fragile Ego

Contrary to how Taurus men like to paint themselves, they have a weak ego that can be easily bruised for various reasons.

You might unintentionally hurt your Taurus man’s ego without realizing it. It might not be your fault because, for instance, a Taurus man may be mad at you because he hasn’t gotten compliments from you in a long time.

Rather than communicate their grievances for you to make amends, they will sulk it in and begin to nurse the grudge inside until it accumulates to the extent that they would have to seek this assurance and compliments outside the relationship.

If you have found out that your Taurus man is cheating on you, or you are merely suspecting him, and you are wondering why he would do so, it’s probably because you haven’t been giving him praises, or you have been criticizing him too much.  

Your Appearance

Your Appearance

Taurus is one of the most superficial zodiac signs. They are highly impressed by aesthetics. A Taurus man would never move to you in the first place if you are not someone that cares about your appearance because they are driven by what they see.

Possibly, you used to be the type that would spend an extra minute in front of the mirror, trying to look your best, and suddenly after getting into the relationship, you stopped caring about such things. This may trigger your Taurus man to cheat on you.

It might be difficult for him to mention this to you because he would not want to be insensitive or disrespectful. Instead, a Taurus man might set his eyes outside to find someone else who is aesthetically pleasing enough for him.

To prevent this, you must always retain the attributes that your Taurus man loves about you.

Your Ambition

Your Ambition

Not so many signs can withstand Taurus’s ambitiousness. They are always all about achieving their goals and improving their status. When they are successfully acing their career, they expect you to keep up with the progress by improving your career too.

For Taurus men, relationships are a source of motivation that helps increase the desire to achieve more. They love it when their women challenge them to do better.

Failure to keep up with the upgrade your Taurus man is making in his career and life generally might drive him to seek companionship from a woman he considers his contemporary. Most times, this is simply another means to present a challenge for himself because Taurus men love challenges a lot.

If you can keep up with him and present him with the contests that he requires in the relationship by being ambitious, you may be able to prevent your Taurus man from cheating.


There is no doubt that Taurus men are top tiers when loyalty is being considered, but like every man, they have weaknesses and turnoffs that could incite them to cheat.

If a Taurus man is well-satisfied in a relationship, he would not even consider cheating on you, as he would be busy setting new goals for himself and figuring out how to accomplish them.

However, when a Taurus man is not getting what he envisaged from the relationship, he gradually disconnects from you and looks out for women who would tick all his boxes.

The process may not be quick, and as such, if you can figure out what is happening before he completely detaches himself from you, there is a good chance that you would be able to salvage the relationship.