Do Cancer Men Lie? Unveiling the Truth

Do Cancer Men Lie?

Cancerians are among the water signs and take the crown as the most emotionally intelligent in the zodiac circle. Therefore, in a relationship, you won’t find any other zodiac sign that can tune in with your emotional side better than Cancerians.

However, people with this zodiac sign are represented by a crab, which is the zodiac symbol of this sign, and it attributes to them the fear of vulnerability. That’s why; Cancerians quickly retreat into their shells, and their personality traits don’t help here, as they add insecurity to the mix.

All of this results in clingy, needy, and moody natures of people with this zodiac sign. To cope with this, dishonesty and lying are what they use. It brings us to the question of why Cancer men lie.

The answer to the question is yes. Cancer men lie, and Cancerians, in general, are some of the zodiac signs that lie a lot. However, Cancer men usually tell harmless lies and don’t want them to hurt you. The reason behind their lies is inflating their egos by exaggerating the truth.

Continue reading to know why Cancer men lie in detail and how to catch your Cancer man when he is lying.

The Reason Why Cancer Men Lie

The Reason Why Cancer Men Lie

Arguably, the primary reason why Cancer men lie is to make themselves look better in other people’s view. Dishonesty comes naturally to people with this zodiac sign because of their highly emotional nature, which makes them more adept at lying.

That’s why Cancerians also hold a spot among the zodiac signs that lie a lot. However, for the most part, these lies will not do you any harm.

It will be a way for your Cancer man to make himself look better in your eyes. Embellishing, exaggerating, and boasting about things that aren’t what they seem is how they go about it.

There are two cards that your Cancer man can use here, the victim card to get you to pity him or the hero card to get you to see him as a powerful and kind-hearted man, and they get a feeling of fulfillment by doing so.

On the other hand, the lying side of Cancerians come out to make up stories to hook others’ attention on themselves. It is their way of making themselves sound amusing and craving attention to cope with their weakness of insecurity.

But the point to note is your Cancer man will only make harmless lies most of the time. But if you get hurt by their lies, the signs of your Cancer man lying are pretty evident, as their emotional side is a double-edged sword and makes them restless.

Signs a Cancer Man Is Lying

Signs A Cancer Man Is Lying

You don’t have to pick on every lie your Cancer man tells you, as most are white lies to grab your attention. However, if you notice changes in how he behaves and things are suspicious, you can check for the following signs to catch the lie of your Cancer man:

1. Changes in the Body Language

The first and foremost sign that your Cancer man lied to you comes from their body language. You may notice him failing to maintain eye contact with you, proceeding to do tasks unrelated to the discussion, playing with his hair, fidgeting, and so on.

All these indications are a dead giveaway that your Cancer man has been dishonest with you.

2. He Is Distancing Himself From You

Distance in the relationship is a dead giveaway of your Cancer man’s dishonesty and lies. Cancerians are among the clingiest zodiac signs, so it is a red signal if your Cancer man frequently wants alone time and isn’t interested in telling you about it.

Another thing to note is that if your Cancer man is keeping you away from his friend circle, he is being dishonest with you, as they are the nurturer of zodiac signs and thrive on relationships.

3. He Is Being Secretive

Secrecy isn’t the forte of Cancerians. People with this zodiac sign are usually honest and open when in a committed relationship; however, if your Cancer man is lying to you, you can tell by his behavior.

The usual carefree nature will be replaced by a secretive side. Your Cancer man will hide his phone from you and go out without telling you.

4. He Is Emotionally Distant

As Cancers are one of the most emotionally sensitive zodiac signs, you won’t have to tell your Cancerian man about your feelings, as he will know it before you even have to say them.

However, another warning signal of your Cancer man lying to you is him not showing any interest in your feelings or not trying to indulge you in deep emotional conversations.

Also, as a coping mechanism and to avoid telling you the truth, they will try to criticize you instead of coming out clean with it. All these signs combined are a telltale sign of your Cancer man’s dishonesty.

5. He Has Frequent Mood Swings

Cancerians lie among the zodiac signs that are known for their moody natures. That’s why in the start, it may not come as a surprise to see your Cancer man have mood swings.

But it will become more noticeable as these mood swings become more frequent. However, this sign has a fifty-fifty chance of showing the lie of your Cancer man, as it may also be that something is eating away at his mind.

Due to their fear of vulnerability, they don’t share their feelings easily and prefer retreating to the shells, which causes these mood swings.

Editor’s Note

Another clear sign of your Cancer man lying to you is him ghosting you at the last minute on your plans, as their needy side makes them crave attention from their partners the most.


Lastly, Cancer men lie and are among the zodiac signs that lie a lot, but they mostly tell white lies. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your Cancer man lying to hurt you.

But it doesn’t mean they never lie to hurt you. Their nature to lie frequently to boost their egos by exaggerating the truth makes it easier for them to lie.

So, you can look for changes in his body language as a sign of his dishonesty, with him being secretive, emotionally distant, having frequent mood swings, and putting distance between you two.