How To Make a Cancer Man Miss You

How To Make A Cancer Man Miss You

Being in a relationship with a Cancer man may be overwhelming due to their reserved nature. Their actions towards you may prompt you to question the relationship and make you wonder whether they ever miss you at all. So, what can you do to ensure that a Cancer man keeps missing you?

Whether you are in a relationship or intend to get into one with a Cancer man, understanding them is the basis for ensuring that they cannot stand your absence. Once you immerse yourself with the knowledge of how the Cancer man thinks and operates, you will be sure that it will work out as per your desire.

Which lady wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a man who constantly thinks of her? 

There are plenty of tips that you need to understand if you want a Cancer man to miss you. Follow the tips below, and you can be confident that you will no longer worry that your man is not missing you.

1. Spend Quality Time With Him

Spend Quality Time With Him

An interesting trait about Cancer men is that they value quality time, and to them, it is their love language. 

Here are some activities you could do together;

  • Playing a game 
  • Cooking
  • Taking a walk together

Cancer men are children at heart, and they love to play. Playing a game with a Cancerian man will allow him to get to know you better. He will be able to recognize some of your admirable traits that he had never noticed before. After the game, you may realize that he may begin to shower you with compliments such as; “I think you are quite smarter than I thought.”

You may want to get into the kitchen to prepare a meal with a Cancerian man to let him notice your hidden culinary skills. If he thought you were only a party girl, show him the magic in your hands. You will be amazed at how he will keep checking up on you since Cancer men have a thing for girls who can cook as they relate them to be family-oriented. 

Mother nature has a strange way of creating memories between people who seek to explore it. To make that Cancer man crave your company, take a walk with him in a beautiful place. It could be along the beach with a serene view of the ocean, in the forests where the winds blow your hair, or even in the mountains where it’s snowy, and only your smile can melt his heart. Just be creative!

2. Respect His Space

Respect His Space

Although Cancer men love and enjoy spending quality time, it can be too suffocating if you are always around them. To make your Cancer man miss you, take note of the following tips;

  • Don’t snoop on him
  • Avoid following him around
  • Let him feel trusted
  • Respect boundaries

Cancer men have a nature of valuing loyalty; hence snooping on him is a complete turn-off that only results in bitter feelings. Ignore the urge to snoop on his phone because once the man finds out, he will feel betrayed and may end up pushing you out of his life. 

Cancer men have a friendly nature in general, and they tend to be comfortable with everyone around them regardless of their gender. As a woman, you may feel uncomfortable because your man is cozy with other women; hence you may be tempted to follow him around to find out if he is cheating on you. One thing to understand is that although Cancer men are warm to everyone, they are loyal to those they love, so; don’t follow him around! 

When a Cancer man is not trusted by his partner, they tend to create a wall between them. To make a Cancerian man always miss you, make him feel trusted, and respect his personal space. Let him feel safe around you and assured that he can always open up to you and be vulnerable without compromising his masculinity. Once you are able to connect with a Cancer man, be sure that you’ve got him for life. 

When you are in a relationship with a Cancer man, you will notice that he loves your company. However, do not take this as a signal to always be at his beck and call because Cancer men can quickly lose interest when they easily have access to what they desire. Give your Cancer man some space, and your absence will make him notice your presence and crave for you all the time. 

3. Respect Your Man

Respect Your Man

Like every man, a Cancer man will be more attracted to a woman who recognizes his masculinity and respects him. You can show respect to him in certain ways, such as;

  • Seeking his opinion before making any major decision in the relationship.
  • Consult him in the areas he is skilled in as it massages his ego.
  • Acknowledge your man and do not try to make him feel inferior.
  • If he makes a mistake in public, show him your support instead of scorning him and then correct him in private.
Editor’s Tip

While you intend to make a Cancer man miss you, take time to work on your femininity and awaken your inner goddess.


Making a Cancer man miss you may seem like a tedious process, yet it is so easy once you take your time to understand their personality. Given that their sign is a crab, once a Cancer man falls head over heels in love with you, they will spread their claws deep into the relationship. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Cancer to attract a Cancer man?

If you are crushing on a Cancer man and you are worried that you do not share the zodiac sign, do not quit because Cancers are attracted to any personality. As long as you can follow the tips above, you need not worry about making him miss you, for it will happen without extra effort.