What Color Represents Libra? (& Colors You Should Avoid)

What Color Is Libra?

Colors influence our lives and dictate how we perceive things or what choices we make, so we develop likenesses to particular colors over time.

This color may not be your zodiac color, but if it is, it is the icing on the cake for you, as they bring the best out of you.

Speaking of Libras, the first thing that comes to mind is the balance, which represents their zodiac. Their personality is tailored to achieve harmony, an equilibrium of sorts with things.

But the most surprising thing is, when you ask Libras around you about their favorite colors, you will notice that a vast majority of them will start with a plain color and get attracted to their zodiac colors over time. It may not be the exact shade/color, but the hues will show in them.

Hence, it brings us to the question: What colors represent Libra?

The two primary colors that depict the peace-loving nature of Libra are; pink and light blue. However, shades with a pastel hue, such as cream, lavender, and white, provide the best outcome a Libra may desire.

Here, we will discuss the effect of both primary colors on the personality of a Libra and some little tidbits on other colors you should avoid.

Colors for Libra

Colors discussed for a Libra compliments the personality traits their zodiac sign imparts to these air signs. While your favorite color may look pleasing to your eye, these colors bring out the best.

That is why; you need to integrate these colors into your life one way or another. It will help you feel the best and achieve the best. Also, you can mix them with your favorite colors to offset their adverse effect.



Libras have Venus as their ruling planet, so you can guess aesthetics are the top priority in their cases. That is why fashion is their top priority, and dressing their best brings out inner confidence for most Libras.

When you hear the word pink, the first thought that crosses your mind is girly, valentine’s day, or roses. Based on that, we can conclude that love is somehow entangled with the color pink.

But that is not all color pink for a Libra is best for two reasons. First is the beauty aspect given by the planet Venus, and the second is how it interacts with their personalities.

This color brings out the tranquility, peacefulness, loving nature, and optimism in a Libra. If you have to make an important decision or a step to take in your life, pink is your best bet.

It doesn’t, however, mean you have to make everything pink. A small mobile accessory, shirt, purse, bag, earrings, or jewelry, will do the trick. Remember to take a little glance at that accessory once in a while.

Light Blue

Light Blue

Generally, according to most astrologists, the second best color for a Libra is blue. But when you look deep enough, you will see that the properties associated with light blue best compliments this zodiac.

Even better, the shades of light blue are the best color for a Libra after pink, especially sky blue.

This color highlights the freedom aspect of this zodiac sign and caters to their imagination. These zodiacs love beauty because of their personality and the ruling planet, but their creative nature is nothing to scoff at, especially when it comes to showing off.

They love the appearance and artistic side of things and can leave you awestruck if they stop overthinking, which is their biggest weakness.

But here also, plain old blue plays a significant role. Blue provides peace of mind and can help ease the mind by clearing unnecessary thoughts. If you have to make confident judgments, blue is the go-to choice for Libras.



The most common favorite color for people with this zodiac sign is white. It is not a zodiac color, but it imparts properties like completeness, boosts confidence, and keeps Libras focused.

So, it isn’t surprising why people with this zodiac sign may feel attracted to white.



A color with a light purple feel, lavender is another good color for Libras. The reason behind that is it combines the properties of blue and pink, so by opting for this color, Libra can have the best of both worlds.

Also, the best thing out of all, there is no catch. However, try lighter shades in lavenders for the best results, as they can aid in achieving success.

Colors To Avoid

There are several colors a Libra should avoid to prevent any clash with their personality and the traits these colors impart.

Among these colors, colors that give the opposite energies are a big no!

For example, red represents anger or fierceness, which is opposite to the personality traits of our Libras.

Similarly, brown and black colors evoke glum emotions, which clash with their outgoing, social, and optimistic side.


In the end, the best color for people with this zodiac sign is pink and blue, but lavender and white can work wonders if they suit your tastes. Contrarily, wearing colors such as red, brown, or black is okay, only when you use them in conjunction with other colors.

But, it is best to go for your zodiac colors, as they will add to your personality and keep you at your best.