How To Seduce a Scorpio Man Through Text

How To Seduce A Scorpio Man Through Text

Have you ever had those “butterfly feelings’” running down your stomach when you came across a Scorpio man? Well, you are not alone.

How to seduce a Scorpio man through text messages?

If you are planning to pursue a hot Scorpio, texting can help dip your feet into the water to get a feel for his personality. Be unpredictable with your texts, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in your texts. Engage him by asking personal questions and sharing some raunchy secrets about you through texts.

But you have to know these tricks in detail if you want to back up your strategies with something concrete and meaningful to last the long mile in your relationship with your Scorpio. Flirting can help you get started, but you have to keep things interesting to avoid being just another number on his smartphone.

1. Get Him Curious About You

Get Him Curious About You

There are certain pitfalls you want to avoid when texting a Scorpio man. You do not want to give the wrong impression through your text messages such that you get off on the wrong foot with your Scorpio.

You have to add an air of mystique to your personality. This is bound to get your Scorpio target curious.

If you want to create a feeling of longing for your presence in him, you have to start by getting him curious about you. Avoid being too direct with your replies, and never give the full answer about your whereabouts.

Always keep him on his toes and guessing when it comes to your whereabouts. Remember, you can’t let him get bored in this relationship that you are starting.

If you reveal too much information in your text messages, you miss the chance of being interesting and making him think about you.

2. Playing Very Hard To Get

You have to appear as a strong and independent woman. Scorpio men love the thrill of the chase and lack interest in a woman that they spend little effort in hunting. Your texts should appear as vague and intriguing as possible.

If he wants your attention, make him wait for a few days. If he calls you, don’t answer. The harder you make him work for you, the better the chances of your relationship lasting the extra mile with him.

You have to balance this strategy, as overdoing it might make him lose interest in chasing you. You have to give a few wins from time to time. But be careful not to make yourself too available for him.

You have to make him persevere in your hunt by giving him a few nuggets of attention here and there.

3. Compliment His Looks

Compliment His Looks

We all love a good compliment. We all long for attention from our partners, especially when the relationship is in its initial phase. If you want to attract a Scorpio, make sure to compliment your target on his good looks.

Attraction works both ways and shouldn’t just be from your end.

When you compliment him through text messages, he will immediately compliment you back to show his interest in you. Don’t make your sweet words of affection too corny, as that may rub him the wrong way.

Try to be as authentic as possible in your compliments.

Sincerity is the name of the game in this business.

4. Keep Him Engaged With Your Questions

Scorpio men love to be engaged with thoughtful questions. If you are just starting a texting thread with a Scorpio guy, asking engaging questions can be a great way to show your intrigue toward him. It can also be a way to display your intelligence to your target.

Deep and personal questions such as: “What is the meaning of life?” to “What are your dreams and ambitions?” can get him texting for hours and hours on end.

These stimulating text conversations can help you get a good feeling about his character traits and give you openings that you can later take advantage of to seduce your Scorpio partner.

5. Keep It Classy by Sending Your Most Attractive Photos

Keep It Classy By Sending Your Most Attractive Photos

Texting for long sessions can become boring, so use emojis and a sprinkle of your hot photographs to keep the spark alive in your texts.

Scorpio men get attracted to visually tasteful objects, and to create a spark in their minds, you have to send them your classy and attractive photos.

If your photos have a high sex appeal, they will be able to immediately seduce him. When a Scorpio is turned on, you can get exactly what you want from him.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Confident

Scorpio men are attracted to authentic women. If you are confident in what you do and who you are, don’t be afraid to flaunt it to your Scorpio.

Your crush will appreciate you more if you are not afraid to express yourself fully. If you are confident in your text messages, your Scorpio crush might get excited about getting intimate with you.

Final Thoughts

The simple answer to seducing a Scorpio man through text messages is to be as fun and adventurous as possible. If you have a wild side and be suggestive in your texts, your Scorpio will start fantasizing about you. Be patient with your Scorpio target, and you might just win him over in a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you be the first one to message your Scorpio crush?

If you are deeply fond of a Scorpio, you have to be the first one to initiate the conversation. You will put him on the spot and force him to respond to your text. Don’t be sad if a Scorpio guy takes some time to reply. They can be very pessimistic around strangers.

How to know if a Scorpio man is interested in you through texts?

When you start getting mundane texts that are meant only to check up on you, then you will know that this Scorpio man is interested in you. As he keeps obsessing about you, he will not stop texting you throughout the day. The usual cheesy pickup lines and compliments will also follow.