8 Tips on How To Make an Aries Man Regret Losing You

How To Make An Aries Man Regret Losing You

An Aries man is intense in everything that he does. Depending on your perspective, this could mean a passionate love affair or a domineering tyrant. Aries men are sweet but competitive.

He loves someone who can be as honest and dynamic as he is. He values loyalty. There is no better ride or die than an Aries man.

If you want an Aries man to regret losing you, let him cool down and give him some time before you approach him again. Make him chase after his own tail for once but don’t lead him on. Always maintain friendly relations and be honest with your intentions; there’s nothing Aries hates more than liars.

Learn how to make an Aries man regret losing you and better understand his jealous, spontaneous, and tenacious nature by checking out our tips below!

How To Make an Aries Man Regret Losing You

Aries men are known to be passionate, confident, and sometimes impulsive. If you’re in a relationship with an Aries man and things have gone south, you may be wondering how to make him regret losing you.

Here are eight tips on how to make an Aries man regret losing you.

1. Understand How An Aries Man Deals With a Breakup

Understand How An Aries Man Deals With A Breakup

Aries men do not hold any resentment and typically have an easier time moving forward than other signs. Aries is a Cardinal sign, which means they are pioneering chiefs eager to start the next chapter.

This could be good news for you. The Aries are initiators who are not averse to rekindling an old flame, even if it is nerve-racking.

2. Take Time Off

You can’t fight fire with fire. And like a firecracker, an angry Aries man will explode and ignite everything within the vicinity. But just as quickly as his temper was set aflame, does he cool down. Chances are your Aries man may be feeling infuriated post-breakup. It is your job to play it cool to avoid unnecessary drama.

And just as they calm down, Aries men will sometimes expect the same from you and act as if nothing happened. In this way, they may appear insensitive, but understand that to them, forgiving and forgetting is the only way to live.

In fact, Aries is probably the last person in the room ever to hold a grudge. Exercise this tip with caution, however. An Aries man given too much time off will not hesitate to move on to greener pastures. 

3. Focus On Yourself

Focus On Yourself

Post-breakup, it’s critical that you show him how much he’s missing by not being part of your story anymore.

Indulge in a new hobby you’ve wanted to try out. It might give you a fresh perspective on things. Connect with friends, go out with them, and post on social media. Mingle for fun and never for revenge.

4. Show Him What He’s Missing Out On

Aries men are visual learners. Their motto might as well be “out of sight, out of mind.”

Aries also love a challenge. If he sees how confident you are after separation, he will surely be curious ‌how you did it. Don’t be surprised if he starts expressing interest in you once more.

An Aries man is always looking out for competition, and him seeing you happy without him could fuel his competitive side and make him realize what he’s losing. 

5. Don’t Send Mixed Signals

Don’t Send Mixed Signals

Aries men do not appreciate any form of manipulation. The more direct you are about your intentions, the better he will understand. 

An Aries man will not regret losing you if you keep giving him mixed signals. In fact, you should practice ambiguity only playfully and after careful consideration. Remind him of your honest character by remaining truthful and faithful in your new life without him. 

If he finally extends an olive branch, be honest and upfront about what you want. An Aries man has enormous courage, and if he genuinely cares, he won’t hesitate to make you his again. 

6. Let Him Take the Lead

Aries men are born leaders. They like having their way.

Since they are initiators, you can’t approach your Aries man first. You have to let him take his time to reflect on your relationship and breakup. This also means you cannot force things between the two of you. 

Aries men adore genuine people. He can smell desperation from a mile away, and it might make him realize why you broke up in the first place. Patience is a non-negotiable if you want to make it big with an Aries man.

7. Be Rational

Be Rational

Emotional outbursts will not do you any favors. 

Arguing with an Aries man will lead you nowhere. No one is more short-tempered than a ram. If there’s conflict, you can be sure that he will let you know what’s on his mind, even if it means being rude.

This isn’t to say he doesn’t know when to quit or that he doesn’t have tact; he does. It’s just that Aries men typically don’t do well with people who they deem to be too sensitive and can’t let things go.

Do not send him a lengthy message pouring out your heartache and pain, or you risk irritating him again. 

8. Show Appreciation

When an Aries man does begin pursuing you again, make sure to acknowledge his efforts, or he may completely stop altogether. You should express your appreciation for your Aries man. They like to know that their efforts are recognized and that you’re grateful to have them around.

Aries is the proudest of all zodiac signs. If something or someone gets in the way of an Aries man’s pride, they are quick to react. Apologize sincerely to him and explain how you feel. He’ll always appreciate your integrity!

Find ways to show your affection to him. He is much more receptive when receiving than giving, so be sure not to forget that. Men like a little chase, but don’t allow yourself to be made a fool of either.


There is a reason why Aries men are first in line to succeed; they’re straightforward and have a determination that’s not as common among other men. They don’t believe in beating around the bush, which shows when they approach things like love. An Aries man will appreciate it if you show him the same sincerity.

Aries men are known to be impulsive when making decisions and, as a result, often lose their partners. While it can be hard to move on from such an intense relationship, make him regret losing you by focusing on yourself and working on your confidence during the separation.

You’ll know your Aries man is truly regretful when he makes the first move in repairing your relationship. Always stand your ground but remain true to your values. Not only will it benefit you in the long run, but he will see the areas he needs to improve on as a lover. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an Aries man apologize?

Aries men are not the most verbal individuals, but they will demonstrate their remorse through action. After they’ve cooled down, they might start acting normally towards you again, as if nothing ever happened. They will reach out to you one way or another, and it is up to you whether to forgive them or not.

Do Aries ever have regrets?

Aries are forward-thinkers. A true cardinal sign, they move on quickly and rarely have any hangups with the past. 

How does an Aries man regret?

Anger is the first emotion Aries feels. When Aries regrets something, he would either be angry with himself or blame another person for his predicament. However, this fades away just as quickly, as Aries rarely dwell on their past mistakes. 

Do Aries regret breakups?

Aries men hate breakups. They might resort to impulsive reactions just to get back at you if you were the one brave enough to call it quits. Aries men are known for being protective of their pride. It is second nature for Aries to persevere through any hardship and come out stronger. They rarely regret breakups or even miss exes.

How do you beat an Aries man at his own game?

Remain cool. Nothing angers an Aries more than someone they can’t sway with their impulsive and fiery nature.