What Is Virgo’s Spirit Animal? (With Meanings)

What Is Virgo Spirit Animal?

Unlike most other zodiac signs, Virgo’s symbol does not consist of any animal. Instead, its emblem contains the image of a young woman popularly referred to as the maiden.

However, like every other zodiac sign, some animals can be used to represent Virgos based on their distinctive attributes.

Despite not having any animal in their emblem, Virgos are the rulers of the 6th house, which is the house that is considered the ruler of all animals and pets.

Virgos share a lot of attributes with different animals, but one characteristic they have in common with all animals is their dedication to habits.

So, what is Virgo’s spirit animal?

The animals that best represent Virgos are the squirrel, the bee, the fox, and the meerkat. These are the animals that embody most of the attributes of Virgos, both good and bad.

You can learn more about Virgo’s spirit animals by reading this article all the way to the end.

Virgo Spirit Animals

The following is the list of animals that justifies the spiritual energy of Virgos and some of their behavior.

Thanks to the concept of spirit animals, people can now understand the causal effects behind some of their distinct attributes.


The Squirrel

This animal is a proper representation of Virgos because, like squirrels, Virgos can always strike a balance between productivity and fun activities.

They are textbook examples of working hard and playing hard. Squirrels are very playful animals, but they never forget their duties.

No matter how playful a Virgo can be, they will always do the hard work whenever required.

Other attributes that squirrels and Virgos have in common are their curiosity and inability to stay without worrying about anything and everything.

A Virgo can not comfortably be amidst people without worrying about several things, although he might not show it.

Furthermore, Virgos and squirrels are alike because they both have the habit of collecting and saving stuff for future use. In the case of squirrels, they are used to collecting food for future propose, while Virgos gather information and objects.


The Bee

Bees and Virgos have some peculiar similarities, making them top on the list of Virgo’s spirit animals.

The first similarity they share is their industrious habit. Just like bees, Virgos are always busy doing one thing or the other. It’s not in their nature to stay idle for a long time.

Again, bees and Virgos are also victims of being overlooked despite their hard work. The impact of bees on the ecosystem can not be overemphasized, yet they don’t get the recognition they deserve.

The same can be said about Virgos because their playful nature makes it hard to acknowledge their persistence.


The Fox

Virgos are mostly always intelligent people, an attribute they share with foxes because this animal is known for its cleverness.

When it comes to having the ability to assess a situation technically with a clear head, only a few zodiac signs can match up with Virgos.

Like Virgos, foxes have a fast-thinking ability that enables them to stay away from danger in the wild. Another similarity that Virgos and foxes share is that they can easily make people underrate them.

That is also the same way people tend to underrate Virgos because of their playfulness, which works to their advantage because they can always act with minimal or no pressure.

Virgos and foxes also have a high ability to adapt to any situation they find themselves in.  



There are a couple of similarities between Virgos and meerkats, an animal that is mainly found in the Southern part of Africa, but the most vital one is their obligation to kinship.

Virgos are always looking for ways to protect and improve the lives of the people around them.

Sometimes, they forget to care about their needs and focus on pleasing others. Such is the habit of meerkats, who are always looking for a way to contribute to the group to which they belong.

Meerkats mainly operate in groups, which is referred to as a mob. Regardless of the number of meerkats in a mob, each will always ensure they do something to improve the group.

This habit can also be traced to most Virgos because most have the habit of joining a noble cause and contributing to the betterment of humanity at large.


Every zodiac sign has animals that are peculiar to them in terms of spirituality and attitude wise. These spirit animals can help them attain clarity over issues such as their attributes.

In the case of Virgos, their spirit animals include bees, squirrels, foxes, and meerkats.