How Does an Aquarius Woman Test You (7 Surprising Ways)

How Does An Aquarius Woman Test You

Have you ever come across an Aquarius woman who seems to have her own way of testing her friends, family, and romantic suitors? 

Well, most of us have wondered what makes Aquarius women tick and why they are so hard to understand. To really appreciate the enigmatic nature of this sign, you must understand how an Aquarius woman tests you.

What does she look for in a potential partner? Where do her priorities lie when it comes to romance and relationships? Is she giving you the cold shoulder or just playing hard to get?

She loves a challenge. Her bossy attitude might seem intimidating at first, but she’s looking for someone who’s not afraid to stand their ground.

The Aquarius woman tests you by playing hard to get. Her impatient nature and perfectionism are the tools to measure the sincerity of her partner. She’ll act rebellious and resist committing to know if you genuinely love her. If you can keep up with her ever-changing moods and whims – you’ve passed the test.

This article explores the seven subtle yet powerful ways in which an Aquarius woman takes the initiative to evaluate her partner and see if they’re up for the challenge. So, if you want to pass on every trial to win her, give this article a good read!

An Aquarius Woman Will Test You in 7 Ways

An Aquarius Woman Will Test You In 7 Ways

In astrology, Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. Being an air sign, Aquarian women are known to be independent, intellectual, and highly logical. They aren’t the types who surrender easily.

If you are dating an Aquarian girl, know that the journey will not be like a fairytale. It’s going to be as if you’re on a roller-coaster ride.

Let’s see how she assesses your character and personality before committing to a relationship with you.

1. Using the Hard-To-Get Test

Using The Hard-To-Get Test

An Aquarian girlfriend is quite high and mighty. She may appear steel outside, but deep down, she’s emotional.

If you find her throwing mood swings over you, don’t fret. It’s her cushy effort to test you. By acting hard to get, she wants to know if you genuinely love her.

Her fluctuating moods make some people fed up. But you have to act smartly to pass this phase with ease. Switch to the role of leader.

  • Act calmly when she goes moody (don’t overreact or argue).
  • Give her space but don’t allow her to walk away.      
  • Lead and not chase (but don’t appear bossy either).
  • Come out of your comfort zone and show her your wilder side (to keep the flame burning).

This will make her fall for you even more. All the while, she’s judging you.

Pro Tip

The next time she chooses to give you the cold shoulder, make her feel special by giving her thoughtful gifts or taking her on a romantic date. Bear her mood swings with patience – that’s the key.

2. She Tests You With Her Perfectionist Style

By using her smarty style, she acts as a perfectionist. She enjoys sharing knowledge and being intelligent.

But, the overconfidence in her nature may turn the other person wild. Sadly sometimes people tend to feel small in her company.

She takes the floor entirely and leaves no space for others to speak. She uses her know-it-all approach to check your potential. She’ll keep talking about the things she loves without listening to your side.

You must endure this chatterbox and her ideal standards to win her favor. Although she can make you feel like a crab, act wisely and listen to her with patience.

She can say, “Hey, I was thinking, my dream car is an Audi. What’s yours?” Or, “Don’t forget to bring roses when you come to my place.”

Responding intelligently will make her realize that you can fit into her intellectual and savvy world.

“Yeah, but how about a Lamborghini instead? And if I bring roses, can I have a kiss in return?”

See? This is how you can communicate effectively with an Aquarius girl.

3. She Tests You With Her Impulsiveness

She Tests You With Her Impulsiveness

If you want to win this lady in a true sense, pass on the most challenging trial of impulsiveness.

She is impatient regarding certain areas. She wants things to get done immediately and gets frustrated quickly.

Not everyone is patient enough to bear her impulsiveness. Hence, it’s evident that she’ll use it to examine your love for her.

She puts you under pressure to figure out how you react. She’ll also expose you to the worst possible triggers to see if you can endure and control yourself.

Here are a few signs of an Aquarius woman testing your patience.

  • She’s telling you too much about herself.
  • She keeps bringing her phone to the table while you’re talking.
  • She doesn’t accept your invitations even though you invited her multiple times.
  • She’s picking fights with you over silly things.       

Scared of dating her? Don’t be. Just remain calm and composed when she behaves this way. This helps her understand that you are the right person for her.

4. She Will Test You With Her Rebelliousness

Being one of the most rebellious zodiac signs, the Aquarians give a tough time to their partner. Your girl is no different.

It’s a stern test for you to pass, as she can try to push you beyond the boundary. She’ll often act stubborn and resist whatever you say.

The intelligent way to approve of her expectations is not to get offended by her actions. She’s impulsive, so she’ll spit out the remarks without meaning them.

If her partner minds the comments quickly, she’ll consider him a mismatch. Therefore, gird up your loins, and get ready to brace the rebellious soul of an Aquarian lady!

Reverse Psychology

Don’t try to alter her behavior. You can still make an Aquarius woman chase you with a secret trick called “reverse psychology.” That means instead of you convincing her, let her persuade you.

Start by taking a step back and let her do the work – she’ll be convinced you’re different from other men.

5. She Tests You by Resisting To Commit

She Tests You By Resisting To Commit

Dating an Aquarius woman is no less than a toing and froing. As said earlier, this lady has trust issues and is keenly selective about her circle.

So, she tests you by avoiding long-term commitment in a relationship.

Her remarks will be, “Oh, I see, so you want to be my boyfriend? I’m not sure. Let me think.”

Or, “It’s too soon to label our relationship; let’s just keep it casual for now.”

These statements might make you anxious. But she wants to know if you are genuinely serious about her. So, the next time she shows resistance, acknowledge her feelings. Show her that her freedom won’t be caged with you.

6. Her Unpredictability Tests How You Handle Her

For the unpredictability test, she will attempt to push you into a state of confusion. She does things that you don’t expect and keeps you guessing.

For instance, she may suddenly disappear for days and pretend nothing happened when she returns.

Or, she begins a conversation with her friends instead of continuing it with you. This made-up game sees your wit as well as your patience.

Editor’s Comments

Aquarius woman is like a box of surprises; you never know what she’ll do next. Don’t get puzzled and miss that opportunity to prove yourself.

Play some romantic moves and make her feel special. When she’s overly unpredictable, give her what she expects from you – a heartfelt hug!

7. She Can Be Flighty and Test You With Her Flakiness

When it comes to flakiness, this lady can drive you crazy! She can cancel plans at the last minute or not respond to any of your messages for hours together.

You will see the following texts from her.

  • “Oh no, I’m so sorry. I totally forgot about it.”
  • “Hey, handsome, I’m completely booked this weekend, sorry.”
  • “We need to reschedule the dinner. Something came up.”
  • “Why are you always so clingy? Chill!”

It’s one way she tries to figure out if you’re still interested in her or not. If she notices that you’re consistently making efforts to make her happy, she’ll surely appreciate it.

Final Thoughts

So how does an Aquarius woman test you? With her rebelliousness, resistance to committing, unpredictability, and flakiness. She is the type of creature who likes to stay free and has trust issues.

You need to give her some space and show that you value her freedom. Prove to her that you are not like other men, and she’s going to surrender in your arms!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an Aquarius woman flirt?

She flirts with banter and playfulness. She loves witty conversations and jokes, so she teases you with remarks like “you’re so handsome, but you already knew that.” This is a green signal for you to play along!

What are the signs an Aquarius woman secretly likes you?

If she is inviting to her social gatherings, introduces you to her friends, and openly flirts with you – she likes you! She hugs you in a friendly manner and will be comfortable with physical contact, like sitting on your lap.