What Makes a Taurus Woman Cry?

What Makes A Taurus Woman Cry?

A Taurus woman is naturally strong and emotionless. Taurus women don’t get sad or cry over minor issues. However, every mortal has its weaknesses, and a Taurus woman is no exception. Are you dealing with a strong Taurus woman and are wondering what could make her cry?

A Taurus woman can be moved to tears if she is falsely accused, her trust is broken, you fail on your promise, or her feelings are ignored or she’s being ghosted on. All these actions are capable of breaking a Taurus woman and may make her cry.

So, in the rest of this article, I extended in detail five ways to make a Taurus woman cry.

Taurus Women’s Personality Traits

Taurus Women'S Personality Traits

The earth sign Taurus is ruled by Venus and represented by the bull. This is owing to their adamant determination. A Taurus lady is a solid advocate for what she believes. Anyone who tries to contradict them will incur retribution.

Taurus despises authority figures because they loathe having their behaviors dictated to them. This zodiac sign wishes to be the master of its own fate. They don’t give a damn about what others think of them.

Taurus women want to spend their time at home. They would rather work quietly on a project or read a book than socialize with strangers. A  Taurus isn’t the type that likes to go out every weekend.

When they are in vast gatherings of people, they grow restless. They’d much rather be left alone. It takes a long time for this symbol to become receptive to new people.

5 Things That Make a Taurus Woman Cry

Taurus women are known for being strong and independent. They are often the ones who are in control of their emotions and don’t let them get the best of them.

However, there are times when a Taurus woman will show her vulnerability and cry. Here are some of the things that can make a Taurus woman cry.

1. False Accusations

False Accusations

A Taurus woman gives her all in a relationship and appreciates faithfulness in all she does. Taurus women could cry when falsely accused, especially if done by someone they trust. To avoid tears from a Taurus woman, don’t accuse her wrongly, as that can affect her self-confidence and charisma.

Though a Taurus woman is strong, nothing hurts her more than being accused of an offense she is innocent of.

2. Betrayal of Trust

Betrayal Of Trust

Of all traits that a Taurus woman has, loyalty, trust, and faithfulness are their leading characteristics. A Taurus woman is loyal to the core whenever she is in a relationship and doesn’t compromise no matter the blackmail.

However, when a Taurus woman exposes her unalloyed loyalty and trust in her partner, she expects the same energy. A Taurus woman will cry if her trust is betrayed. She will be shattered and heartbroken. Although Taurus women rarely cry, it is usually uncontrollable when they do.

So, to avoid a Taurus woman’s tears, be as loyal to her as she is to you.

3. Ignoring Her When Hurt

Ignoring Her When Hurt

A Taurus woman will go into solitude when hurt or depressed as she doesn’t like bothering others with her problem.

Taurus women naturally are introverts and might refuse to talk, complain or say their displeasure when hurt or offended. You will be making a grave mistake if you leave a Taurus woman alone when she’s hurt or depressed because it will only deepen the pain, and she might cry her eyes out.

A Taurus woman will not only cry when her mood is ignored, especially by someone she loves. It will make her feel worthless and undervalued. So, if you don’t want a Taurus woman to cry, stay close to her when she is hurt and provide the necessary assistance.

4. Failed Promise

Failed Promise

A Taurus woman is thrilled by flowers, gifts, vacations, and romantic dates. It serves as food for her soul.

So, before you cancel your bouquet order for a Taurus woman or break your promise, know you’re about to make her cry. Breaking a promise could be so painful to her that she might swear not to have anything to do with you again.

Nobody likes fake promises, after all.

5. Being Ghosted

Being Ghosted

A Taurus woman’s heart is specially made to withstand heartbreaks or disappointment. Taurus women don’t fall in love easily, and it takes a lot of time for them to trust people.

Now, this is where the problem lies. When a Taurus woman becomes comfortable with you or always anxious to talk to you, don’t abruptly disappear. It might make her cry.

So, to avoid a Taurus woman’s tears, don’t ghost on her. That could make her feel unloved and worthless. You wouldn’t like that yourself too, you know.


Taurus women are said to be tough and independent, but they can also be sensitive and emotional. As we’ve learned, there are a few things that can make a Taurus woman cry. Although Taurus women often keep their emotions in check, when they do let them out, it can be overwhelming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Taurus women’s weaknesses?

Taureans are known for their stubbornness. They prefer to do things their way, and once they’ve made up their minds or are devoted to a purpose, they’re usually unwilling to accept advice or help.

Taurus has a second house which is all about money, material things, and other valuables. As a result, if Taurus feels insecure or needy, they may succumb to greed-based activities.