What Zodiac Sign Does Aries Hate?

What Sign Does Aries Hate?

Following the natural order, Aries are usually the born leaders because they are the first Zodiac sign, and they are ruled by Mars.

They are always ready to establish their superiority at every opportunity they get, which infuriates some of the other signs in so many ways. Many Zodiac signs hate Aries because of these and some other traits, but Aries wouldn’t care about any of that.

They focus on doing their thing and try as much as possible to get along with others, except for some signs that they hate.

As an Aries, you have probably noticed zodiacs that you can’t keep a close relationship with for several reasons. An Aries can’t get along with some signs because of the natural attributes that compel them to be the leader of the bunch and to take risks when required. These Zodiac signs include but are not limited to Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Cancer.

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Zodiac Signs That Aries Hate the Most

Understanding compatibility among Zodiac signs helps explain why two signs can not be at peace for too long without falling out or harboring envy for each other.

Most times, this reaction may not even be a result of their deliberate actions. It may be that their attributes do not just go hand in hand or that they can not just tolerate each other.

Aries hate several Zodiac signs, but let’s look at the ones they can not stand the most.



Aries dislikes Taurus because Taurus often tries too hard to be the voice of reason. They take their time to calculate the risks before embarking on anything.

Aries, on the hand, does not worry too much about safety before acting. They like to throw caution to the wind and respond swiftly to situations that require immediate attention.

One of the few attributes that Taurus and Aries both share is stubbornness.

While this shared trait should present them with the opportunity to understand each other, on the contrary, it further solidifies the bridge between the two signs. One is never willing to bow for the other.

Aries believe they should lead because it is their natural birthright, while Taurus believe they are better leaders because they have the patience to think things through before making decisions.


Cancer 1

Aries and Cancer are typical illustrations of fire and water. Aries is the fire sign, while Cancer is the water sign.

It is self-explanatory why both of them can’t mix because their philosophy, attitude, and approach are too different. While Cancer might not be too hostile, they always like to stand their ground.

Aries will always find it hard to make Cancer do their bidding, as they would do with other Zodiac signs.

This makes them feel frustrated when they have to handle a Cancer person because, despite all their brashness and aggression, Cancer will remain settled and unruffled.

The viable option they both settle for is staying out of each other’s business.


Aries 1

This might come as a surprise to many, but if you are an Aries who has been around another Aries or you know two Aries who have been in the same territory before, you will quickly understand why Aries hate each other.

Being the same star sign, one would think an Aries will blend seamlessly with another Aries. In reality, they spend more time having a power scuffle than having fun or doing any productive activities. 

Their constant urge to lead the rest into a crazy quest, which they mostly consider fun, will always make them be at loggerheads most of the time.

Although they may agree that making that irrational decision or going on that wild adventure is the right call, the problem would originate from who has the right to make the call.

One would never willingly cower to the other, making them hate each other very much.


When it comes to being the lovable zodiac sign, Aries is never in the conversation because they have a lot of attributes that others consider toxic. In their defense, they are primarily concerned about the end product and the bigger picture.

Aries believes that the end justifies the means and doesn’t mind being hated for it.

While they may not bother to hate on people who hate them because of their character, Aries will detest anyone who gets in their way trying to establish something. They hate Zodiac signs like Taurus and Cancer because they try to slow them down to be reasonable and calculative in their actions.