What Attracts Aries Men to Aquarius Women?

What Attracts Aries Men To Aquarius Women

Being attracted to a woman is beyond mere physicality. It stems from spirituality and the connection of the mind. As an Aries man, getting attracted to an Aquarius woman is not uncommon at all. There are special traits that trigger your feelings.

An Aries man will be attracted to an Aquarius woman when the Aquarius woman shows the following traits: creativity, boldness, freedom, independence, kindness/understanding, unselfishness, and good sexual prowess.

In this article, I explored extensively what attracts an Aries man to an Aquarius woman. Let’s dive in.

1. Kindness & Understanding

You might wonder how being kind and understanding is a pull for an Aries man. An Aquarius woman is naturally kindhearted and understanding. An Aries man not only finds her attractive but also ideal to be his woman.

An Aries man is naturally hot-tempered and rash. Hence, it takes a soft heart like an Aquarius’ to cool his burning temper. This makes an Aries man a perfect fit for an Aquarius woman.

Also, the kindheartedness of an Aquarius woman attracts an Aries as an Aries man is naturally stingy. Getting a kind partner and exhibiting humanity to the needy triggers an Aries man’s heart.

2. Independence & Self Reliance

Independence &Amp; Self Reliance

Both Aries men and Aquarius women love independence. None of them relies on another person’s advice to make decisions or take steps.

An Aries man likes to live his life without intrusion from outsiders. Similarly, an Aquarius woman also loves her space and doesn’t like to be dominated or controlled.

This trait effortlessly attracts an Aries man to an Aquarius woman as you match each other’s energy. Like minds or birds of a feather?

3. Boldness & Confidence

An Aquarius woman exhibits very high confidence in her day-to-day dealings. You might be surprised that an Aries man likes to be challenged and confronted during arguments despite his egoistic and aggressive nature.

An Aquarius woman matches this energy with her boldness and fearless attribute, which Aries finds appealing.

Also, an Aquarius woman drips wisdom and intelligence when angry, and this is the perfect trait an Aries man desires. The attraction is inevitable.

4. Unselfishness


Sharing and giving is a doddle for an Aquarius woman. She gives freely without discrimination and considers others before making a decision or plan. This is an attractive trait to an Aries man as he loves a very generous and selfless woman.

Furthermore, an Aries man needs support and compassion to complete his goals. When an Aquarius woman offers this, you, as an Aries man, are advised to be humble and open to her support and care.

An Aquarius woman is not overambitious and can let go of her plans for her man. Of course, a deserving and reliable one.

An Aquarius woman can aid her man’s dreams and help him achieve them at her own expense. This is another trait an Aries man finds attractive in an Aquarius woman. Isn’t that attractive?

5. Freedom

As much as an Aquarius woman loves keeping friends, she wants her time and space to be respected. This is an attribute an Aries man finds attractive. An Aries man doesn’t like to be overwhelmed or hovered around by his woman, and an Aquarius woman also loves to be a free bird.

This serves as an uncontrollable pull for an Aries man. Perfect match, isn’t it?

Moreover, freedom to move around unrestricted, freedom of choice, and freedom to wear what she likes without intimidation are all attractive to an Aries man. An Aries man loves a nonconformist whom an Aquarius woman is.

6. Creativity & Meticulousness

Creativity &Amp; Meticulousness

Creativity and attention to detail attract you over anything as an Aries man. Getting a woman with those traits will make you uncontrollably attracted to her.

Share your aim, dreams, plans, and goals because you rest assured her advice will be helpful. Also, an Aquarius woman does her tasks and assignments painstakingly. Hence, you can entrust her with any project, no matter the sensitivity.

7. Great Sexual Prowess

For Aries men, sex is an essential part of their life. The energy from an Aquarius woman is equal as she also loves to explore the bed and enjoys sex limitlessly. This attracts an Aries man.

An Aquarius woman loves to try new things, styles, and places during sex. She is an adventurer in bed.


An Aries man shares many similarities with an Aquarius woman, making them naturally compatible. Where they have different attributes, they complement each other. A calm and gentle woman is attractive to a violent man and vice versa.

Creativity, self-confidence, selflessness, freedom, and good sexual skill attract an Aries man to an Aquarius woman.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Aries man want in a relationship?

An Aries man wants equal energy. Remember that an Aries guy seeks a mate who is on the same level as him, someone who is not afraid to dispute or challenge a decision. They are looking for someone who can share their wit and wisdom rather than someone who is inert or passive. So don’t lose sight of your personality. 

What are Aries turn-ons?

Aries’ passion for thrills and adventure goes to the bedroom as well. They want a companion that can talk rough and isn’t scared to show their animalistic side. You must be courageous and eager to attempt new things to delight them.