9 Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Animal

How To Connect With Your Spirit Animal

Do you know your spirit animal? According to many spiritual traditions, each person has a spirit animal. Your spirit animal is representative of your personality and your soul. It is believed that we each have a spirit animal that guides and protects us throughout our lives.

You can ask your spirit animal for help and guidance during tough times. The more you connect with it throughout your daily life and spiritual practice, the more guidance you can receive from it!

To connect with your spirit animal, surround yourself with its images, create an altar with its symbolism, and write down your dreams to connect with the subconscious realms. Watch nature films to observe how your spirit animal thinks and moves and think of how you can implement this into your life.

There are many different ways to find out what your spirit animal is. There are many books and websites that can provide you with more information about finding your spirit animal.

Remember, there is no wrong answer regarding your spirit animal. The most important thing is to listen to your intuition and trust that you will find the right animal for you.

Here are 9 ideas for strengthening your connection with your spirit animal.

9 Ideas To Connect With Your Spirit Animal

9 Ideas To Connect With Your Spirit Animal

If you are looking for guidance in your life, your spirit animal can help you find your way. Your spirit animal can help you access your inner wisdom and use it to make decisions that align with your highest good.

Trust your intuition and let the spirit animal guide you on your journey. Surround yourself with your spirit animal energy so it can guide you towards your highest path and best life scenario!

Know that your spirit animal is always there for you and supporting you on your path.

1. Connect With Nature

Spend time outdoors and connect with the natural world. It will help you feel the energy of your spirit animal. Visit places where your spirit animal dwells and explore these areas.

If your spirit animal resides in the ocean, observe your feelings as you walk barefoot down the ocean and notice if you can feel the spirit animal’s presence. If it lives in wild forests, spend some time hiking and exploring the nature trails.

2. Meditate On Your Spirit Animal

Find a quiet environment. Try to do this meditation in the area your spirit animal resides. If impossible, you can do it anywhere. Sit in silence and meditate on your spirit animal.

Visualize it appearing before you and ask for guidance. You can also do guided meditations designed specifically for this purpose. If your connection is strong, your spirit animal may appear before you and share its wisdom with you.

3. Write Down Your Dreams

As your connection strengthens, you can access your spirit animal’s guidance while dreaming and receive symbols and insights while asleep. Write down your dreams and experiences with your spirit animal in a journal.

It will help you to remember the guidance you receive and help strengthen your connection with the subconscious world and guidance of your spirit animal.

4. Wear Spirit Animal Jewelry

Spirit animal jewelry can help you to feel connected to your spirit animal energy throughout the day. Look for high-frequency handmade jewelry on Etsy, or even consider making your own!

Choose jewelry shaped like your spirit animal or made of materials from the environment where your spirit animal resides.

5. Display Spirit Animal Artwork

Decorate your home or office with spirit animal artwork. It will help you to feel their energy in your space. You can even immerse yourself in the world of your spirit animal more deeply by drawing or painting it yourself.

It can be especially helpful if you have met your spirit animal in your visualizations, dreams, or meditations. Don’t worry about it being perfect – the point is to connect with this animal energetically and let your creative energy flow.

6. Connect With Spirit Animal Books and Movies

Many books and movies explore the topic of spirit animals. Reading or watching these can help you explore your connection to them.

You can also watch National Geographic clips and films about your spirit animal and observe it in action.

7. Make Spirit Animal Talismans

Look for small stones, shells, flowers, and other natural materials you can find in the areas your spirit animal resides. Fill a small bag with items representing your spirit animal and carry them with you, or display these nature objects on beautiful dishes around your home.

It will help you feel connected to their energy.

8. Connect With Your Spirit Animal Traits

Your spirit animal possesses powerful wisdom displayed in its characteristics and traits.

Journal to explore your spirit animal’s strengths and wisdom and consider how you can incorporate and display them in your daily life.

9. Create a Spirit Animal Altar

An altar is a sacred space where you can connect with your spirit animal. Fill it with items that represent your spirit animal’s qualities. You can also plant a spirit animal garden.

Plant flowers, trees, or herbs that represent your spirit animal. It will help you connect with their energy whenever you enter your garden. Your garden can be a meditation space where you immerse yourself in the energy of your spirit animal.


There are many ways to connect with your spirit animal in the unseen world.

Whatever method you choose to connect with your spirit animal, be open to the guidance and support they offer. They are here to help you on your journey through life!