What Does a Scorpio Man Like in a Woman

What Does A Scorpio Man Like In A Woman

Of all the signs, Scorpio men have proven to be the most intense lovers, so it’s not surprising that you have fallen for one. Their hot-headedness and dominating personality make them mysterious and exciting.

If you’re crushing on a Scorpio man, it’s only fair you know the qualities he looks for in a woman.

So what does a Scorpio man like in a woman?

A Scorpio man values loyalty, devotion, and independence. He likes sexy, spontaneous, and intelligent women who are sensitive, passionate, and witty. Most significantly, due to his dominant nature, he likes responsive and easy-going women.

If you want to know more about Scorpio men and what they find attractive in women, we’ll be covering that in this article.

Things That Scorpio Men Like in a Woman

Falling for a Scorpio man might be one of the world’s most stressful and confusing feelings. They are so elusive, and you can never really tell what they like or not. However, the power of astrology, as usual, always has answers to these questions.

Here are five major things that Scorpio men like in a woman.



Thanks to their dominant nature, they are natural caretakers and like to be responsible for the welfare of their women. However, they only what to do this by choice. They despise lazy women who can’t think or work for themself.

Scorpio men are cheerful givers, especially to women they love. They’ll shower you with love, gifts, and dates. But this energy is only reserved for independent women. A woman that doesn’t rely on him for her basic needs, a woman that has a life and can take care of herself.

Furthermore, independence also translates to ideas, thoughts, and visions. He is attracted to a woman with a world he can immerse in.


Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio is by far the most sexual sign. They value physical appearance deeply and love women with high sex appeal.

A Scorpio man will prefer a woman he’s sexually attracted to, a woman that gives him wild thoughts; that’s why it’s challenging for them to maintain a platonic friendship for long. Once there’s no sexual connection between them and their partner, they’ll most likely break it off.

However, despite their high sex drive, Scorpio men are not great fans of casual sex. They want it to be deep and passionate; they like it when the sex comes from a place of love and deep connection.

But first, that initial spark must be there; if they don’t find you intriguing and sexy at first sight, they might never take you seriously.

Good To Know

Scorpio and Capricorn are a perfect sexual match because they both have a high sex drive.



There’s no doubt that Scorpio men are drawn to women they find sexy. But, their criteria for judging sexiness are not limited to only looks and aesthetics; they value confidence too.

They love women who know their worth, women with value. A Scorpio man doesn’t like a pushover who can’t stand up for herself. He likes women who have their views and are not afraid to say them; he wants a loving and kind person who can confront him when he’s doing something she doesn’t like.

Those are signs of emotional balance and intelligence, two other things Scorpio men like in a woman.



Intelligence is one of the most significant traits for Scorpio men. They might not be the guys that top their classes in school, but they possess a powerful and creative mind that allows them to decipher things easily.

A Scorpio man likes a woman who he can hold intellectual conversations with. Someone who he can exchange ideas with and hear opposing opinions. He despises uneducated or basic women who don’t challenge him to think deeper.

So, if you want a Scorpio man to like you, read books, brush up on current affairs, and show off your intelligence. Also, make intelligent jokes and use your quick-wittedness to flirt with him.

Loyalty and Honesty

Loyalty And Honesty

Scorpio men are very deceptive and mysterious. They are good at keeping secrets and doing things nobody expects or understands. However, they don’t like it when a woman does it.

Some might even call them selfish, but they don’t care. A Scorpio man wants you to be open and honest with him even though he can’t guarantee that same openness. But them being secretive doesn’t mean they’re dishonest or players. They are amongst the most loyal of all the signs, and even though they have difficulty showing it, they’ll never lie or cheat on their partner.

That’s why they love loyal and honest women. Their intuitive nature allows them to detect when they’re being played easily, so once they sense that you’re dishonest, they’ll quickly withdraw from you.



Once a Scorpio man finds you attractive, you’re already a step closer to his heart. But he doesn’t want it easy, he likes the thrills of chasing a woman, and that’s why he’s drawn to mysterious and spontaneous women.

He doesn’t like a woman who is too easy to get and readable. He wants a woman that’ll allow him to earn her love and attention.

However, the woman must be cautious while playing hard to get. Because while Scorpio men might look like the perfect dominant men without any fear, they tend to be victims of insecurity. Once they feel the woman isn’t reciprocating their energy, they might stop pursuing her.

So, a Scorpio man likes a woman who is both mysterious and sensitive enough to notice his efforts on her.

The Bottom Line

Getting a Scorpio man’s attention can be very difficult because their vague and secretive nature makes them almost impossible to read.

However, they do have things they like in women. Independence, confidence, loyalty, and honesty are some of the traits they look for. More importantly, they love sexually attractive women with a touch of mysteriousness and sensitivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a Scorpio man loves you?

He makes regular eye contact with you, confides in you more often, and is very protective of you.

What is Scorpio’s love language?

Physical touch is the love language of a Scorpio.

What is a Scorpio man’s weakness?

They hold lots of grudges and hardly forget or forgive.