What Is Sagittarius’s Color? (& How To Use Its Power)

What Is Sagittarius's Color?

Do you feel more calm and relaxed in a blue room rather than in a black room? Or get anxious when the color yellow surrounds you? Worry not; you’re not alone.

For many years, artists, marketers, and researchers have insisted on the deep connection that exists between color perception and human psychology. They believe that colors can affect moods, emotions, and behaviors. 

Astrology also has connections with colors, and every zodiac sign is associated with one. Your zodiac color can help you make decisions, guide you, and generally help you understand your life better. Even Sagittarius have their color.

So what is the Sagittarius zodiac color?

The main Sagittarius color is purple. Other ideal colors are royal blue, silver, and plum.

Here, we’ll discuss more about the Sagittarius zodiac color and how it influences their life pattern.

Sagittarius’s Color

Sagittarius's Color

Every zodiac sign has a specific color that gives them direction to pursue knowledge and success. For Sagittarius, it’s purple.

Purple is a very powerful color, combining two opposite fire colors; red and blue. This combination gives Sagittarius the strength to hold on in their pursuit of enlightenment. 

Purple is also perfect for Sagittarius because it blends well with their adventurous and risk-taking nature. Furthermore, light purple has been proven to help bolster creativity, which can help Sagittarius find solutions to problems they encounter.

How To Use Purple As a Sagittarius

How To Use Purple As A Sagittarius

Knowing your zodiac color just isn’t enough; you’ll need to understand its applications and how you can use it in your quest for spiritual freedom.

Firstly, Sagittarius can use purple in their office and home decor. You mustn’t necessarily paint your entire walls with it, but you could use it in major aspects of the decor, like your bed sheets, pillows, curtains, coffee table trinkets, office cups, and pens.

Just ensure you’re always around the color so your mind can subconsciously absorb and use it for good.

Asides from infusing purple into your home decor, it should also be part of your fashion life. Once again, no one is telling you to wear a full-blown purple suit or gown, but no one is stopping you though.

You could wear a nice purple tie, hair clip, cufflinks, ring, shirt, or even a purple streak of hair. However, you choose to wear it, just ensure you’re close to the powerful purple.

Purple is not the only color associated with Sagittarius. Silver, plum, royal blue, and cream are other Sagittarius colors. Royal blue is very close to purple and can also be used when you want things to go your way. Like when you’re applying for a job, going on a date, or sitting for an examination. It can attract the spiritual energy you need to be successful.

Editor’s Comments

 Sagittarius can wear purple when going to an event; it’ll serve as their lucky charm.

Colors Sagittarius Should Avoid

Colors Sagittarius Should Avoid

As a Sagittarian, there are some colors that you should avoid at all costs. These colors don’t go well with your sign and can bring bad luck to your life.

For instance, Sagittarius is a free and happy being that likes to express themselves and bring happiness to the people around them. That’s why the color purple gives them the energy to carry on. It’s also why they should avoid the color black.

Black dampens a Sagittarian’s spirits and hinders them from self-expression. To avoid bad luck, in any event you’re attending, don’t wear black, especially if it’s an important event. Black brings sadness, and Sagittarius is supposed to be happy.

Sagittarius should also avoid the orange color. Sagittarians are trustworthy people who always tell the truth no matter the consequence. And being that insincerity is identified with the color orange, Sagittarius should avoid it.

Lastly, while yellow is an optimistic color that helps bring positivity, it can sometimes be overwhelming. As a Sagittarian, there’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of yellow to your decor or wardrobe, but if it gets excessive, it can leave you frustrated and anxious.

The Bottom Line

There’s great power attached to colors, and they can be used to evoke different human emotions. Astrology understands that power, which is why every zodiac sign has a particular color. The influence that a color can have on a sign is massive, especially if they’re utilized properly.

Sagittarius’ main color is purple, which compliments their energetic and risk-taking nature. Some other Sagittarius colors include dark blue, royal blue, silver, and plum.

Also, Sagittarius should avoid the colors black and orange. They shouldn’t spend too much time around yellow too; it could cause frustration and anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sagittarius’ unlucky color?

Black and orange. Those two colors signify sadness and insincerity, two things not associated with Sagittarians.

What is the power color of Sagittarius?

Sagittarius’s power color is purple. They can wear it on special occasions to attract good luck.