Aquarius Color Palette With Meanings (Power Color)

What Is Aquarius Color?

Do you feel drawn to certain colors more than others? When you think of buying a shirt or repainting your home, do you immediately imagine that color?

Even if you don’t or haven’t felt this way, there’s no denying that you are more interested in particular colors than others.

While you might want to play it off, you really shouldn’t. Colors are very powerful, and if utilized properly, they can help bring out the best in you.

One way to know the color that works for you is through astrology.

Every zodiac sign has its power color, and this color can help amplify their best qualities while subduing the unpleasant ones. This is especially useful for the curious, restless, and intelligent Aquarius.

So what’s the Aquarius zodiac power color?

The Aquarius power color is blue. It’s the same color as the planet that rules them, Uranus, and can help amplify their curiosity and creativity. Purple, white, and turquoise are other ideal colors for Aquarius.

Here, we’ll share everything you need to know about the Aquarius power color and how they can use it to their advantage. We’ll also discuss the connection between Aquarius and other colors, plus the hues every Aquarian must avoid.

Aquarius Power Color: Blue

Aquarius Power Color: Blue

Aquarius is an air sign and the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Like every other sign in the zodiac, they have a power color, and theirs is the color blue.

Due to the aqua prefix in their name, most people mistake Aquarius for a water sign, but if you actually get to know them, you’ll see that they embody the full qualities of an air sign.

Like the air, Aquarians are free and creative. Their minds have the ability to birth new and progressive innovations, and it’s no surprise that some of the world’s greatest minds are Aquarians.

Blue being their power color is perfect because it’s a color known for enhancing human cognitive skills like creativity.

Furthermore, blue is a color that’s universally accepted and loved by all. This is basically the dream of every Aquarian; a life where everyone loves and accepts them. 

The blue color also serves as a sedative for the sign controlled by Uranus’s energetic and rebellious planet. While the Uranus energy is responsible for the Aquarius’s creativity, it is also why they can be restless and stubborn at times.

The blue color calms them, allowing them to follow and achieve their dreams without making stupid mindless decisions.

How To Use Blue Color As an Aquarius

There’s so much power attached to zodiac colors, but before you can access it, you must first understand how and where to use the colors. That’s the only way you can achieve the spiritual liberation you seek.

As an Aquarius, blue should be the core of your wardrobe. That’s the fastest way to ensure you’re always around the color.

Luckily, blue is an artistic color, and there is a wide range of fashion options for you to choose from. Get yourself some nice denim, a beautiful blue gown or suit, or even a sapphire stone.

You can even decide to tap into your creative side and create something of your own. Make sure you’re comfortable in anything you choose to wear and that your body is always close to blue.

Furthermore, ensure that blue is the main color in your work office or anywhere you do most of your work. If it’s home to you, it’s even better.

This is mainly because blue helps bolster creativity in Aquarius and can aid you in working faster and more efficiently. If your work requires you to think a lot, blue can also help you filter out useless and unwanted thoughts, allowing you to focus fully on the things that matter.

Other Aquarius Complementary Colors

Other Aquarius Complementary Colors

Though blue is the main power color for Aquarius, other colors can be beneficial to Aquarians. White can help deal with the Aquarius’ stubbornness and soften their mind enough to understand others.

Purple is a royal color that has multiple uses. It can serve as a source of strength, creativity, and luck. A touch of purple, like a simple necklace or earring, can spice up an Aquarius life.

Lastly, every Aquarius needs a little bit of turquoise in their life. The main purpose of the Turquoise color is to bring calmness, peace, and stability.

Aquarians being an air sign that likes to move through life without care or caution, can use turquoise to bring tranquility and emotional balance to their life.

Editor’s Comments

An Aquarius should wear blue with a touch of purple when going for important events like job interviews. The blue will give you the wisdom and creativity to pull through, while the purple will be your lucky charm!

Colors Aquarius Should Avoid

Colors Aquarius Should Avoid

While there are complementary colors for you, there are also negative ones. Aquarius’s negative colors are green, dark blue, and brown.

Surprisingly, not all shades of blue are good for Aquarius. Dark blue, for one, can dampen creativity and energy; two things synonymous with Aquarians. 

Also, dark blue is widely associated with seriousness. Aquarius, on the other hand, are primarily free-minded, and light-hearted individuals, so dark blue will only result in a clash of opposing energies which will yield frustration.

Brown is usually used to imply boringness and blandness, and as an Aquarius, there’s nothing bland about you. You’re creative and innovative, so avoid colors that say otherwise.

The same applies to green which is mostly a symbol of selfishness, greed, and envy. Three things that you’ll never find in an Aquarian.

The Bottom Line

Zodiac color is an amazing category of astrology that doesn’t get much attention. However, people that know about the powers of colors have been using it to their advantage, and so can you.

Each sign has its own power color; for Aquarius, it’s blue. Blue serves as a creativity enhancer and provides much-needed clarity for the busy-minded Aquarius. Some other colors that Aquarians can use include White, Purple, and Turquoise.

Finally, Aquarius should avoid brown, dark blue, and green as these colors do not go well with their personality.