What Are Aries Spirit Animals?

What Are Aries Spirit Animals?

If you seek to understand an Aries, the secret lies in figuring out their spirit animals. If you are an Aries, you might want to understand why you possess certain traits that are unique to you. Once you understand your spirit animals, you will be better positioned to get in touch with your inner self.

Although a ram symbol represents the Aries zodiac sign, it will interest you to discover that the ram is not their only spirit animal. Their other spirit animals include a hawk and a wolf.

You might realize that there are two or more Aries in your circle, yet their personalities are entirely different. To understand them, you need to know the characteristics of each of their spirit animals.

Below are the different Aries spirit animals and their characteristics;

The Hawk

The Hawk

If your Aries friend’s spirit animal is a hawk, you may notice either of these characteristics in them:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Defensive and territorial

Aries tend to be aggressive like the hawks who hunt for their prey both on land and in the air.

When Aries sets goals, they cannot rest until they swim in the satisfaction of achieving their targets. Due to this characteristic, they tend to succeed in managerial positions. 

Aries tend to be very defensive, and they jealously guard what belongs to them. They are like hawks with sharp talons and strong beaks ready to attack their prey.

However, if a hawk feels that they are not being appreciated, they become threatened and opt to fly away to their nest. Be careful the next time you push away your Aries friend, they may fly and never come back. 

The Wolf

The Wolf

A wolf can also be an Aries spirit animal, and the following are its dominant characteristics in Aries:

  • Faithfulness
  • Loyalty
  • Perseverance

Aries values faithfulness in relationships so much that if their partners happen to cheat on them, they become broken.

Like wolves, they tend to be faithful to their mates while expecting them to do the same. If you happen to fall in love with an Aries man, be confident that he will treat you as his queen. And if you fall in love with an Aries woman, you can be sure to be the only Alpha.

In friendships, Aries tend to be loyal, and they would never betray one’s trust under any circumstance. Like wolves moving together in a pack, they protect those in their circle. If you have an Aries for a friend, hold them close to you and learn to reciprocate the same loyalty. 

Just like wolves, Aries tend to seclude themselves and persevere when in pain. They dislike bothering someone with their worries which often works against them since they suffer in silence.

When your Aries friends suddenly become silent and available, take it as a signal to check upon them.

The Ram

The Ram

Aries, whose dominant spirit animal is the ram, depict the characteristics below:

  • Courage
  • Stubborn

Like the ram, Aries tend to be very courageous and handle situations with grace. While other people may show reluctance to act on something, Aries takes up the lead. Being risk-takers, they tend to be very successful in business deals and leadership positions. 

Aries tend to be very stubborn, and they do not give up easily, no matter how impossible a task seems to be. Their ability to keep chasing after something makes them attractive. Like a ram, although Aries are known to be adventurous and dominating, they are caring and sweet souls.


Understanding the characteristics of rams, wolves, and hawks helps you connect with an Aries more easily since you will have more knowledge of them.

A ram, a wolf, and a hawk have one thing in common, which is; that they are defensive. With these animals being Aries spirit animals, you ought to understand that Aries will fight for what they want even if it means they have to shed their last drop of blood doing so.