5 Zodiac Signs That Live The Longest (Based On Studies)

What Zodiac Sign Lives The Longest

For hundreds of years, the connection between our date of birth and astrology has determined some of the major personality and character traits we share.

The power of astrology cuts across the different areas of our life, so it’s no surprise that it has a say in the amount of time we spend on earth. 

Astrologers from the US Center for Astrological Studies conducted research on the relationship between zodiac signs and life expectancy. These astrologers analyzed the date of birth of over 60,000 deceased people worldwide.

A pattern between zodiac and life expectancy began to form when they hit the 5,000 mark, and by the end of the experiment, they were sure of the connection.

Other major world astrologers have confirmed the veracity of this research, so it’s almost certain that it’s possible to judge a person’s life expectancy based on their zodiac.

So, what zodiac signs live the longest?

The zodiac signs with the highest life expectancy are Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, and Libra.

Here, we’ll show you why these signs live the longest and how many years, on average, they’re expected to enjoy.



It’s honestly no surprise that the first and fiercest sign in the zodiac tops our list today.

They have strong skin and enough resilience to weather through the storm in their lives. Their determination and tenacity allow them to conquer most of their life challenges, including health.

On average, Aries men are expected to live up to 78 years, while the women enjoy an extra year, 79 years.

One major reason why Aries tend to live longer is their ability to conquer stress-inducing problems in their life.

An Aries subject to stress will face constant headaches, insomnia, and heart complications. All these can stop them from enjoying a long and fruitful life.



Virgos are the healthiest signs in the zodiac, mainly due to their preference for a healthy and organized lifestyle.

Once Virgo feels a slight inconvenience in their body, they’re the first to run to the doctor. They don’t like to joke about their body and love to stay fit.

It’s usually difficult to guess their age accurately because they always look younger.

Virgos are also good at subduing stress in their life. On average, Virgo men live up to 77 years while women live up to 81 years.

Nevertheless, Virgos must maintain a healthy diet and avoid overeating if they want to enjoy a long life. It would also help if they kept some specific days aside for fasting.



Many might argue that the Capricorns shouldn’t be on the list due to their hardworking nature and tendency to push themselves to the limit. But that’s where people get it wrong about Capricorns.

These guys are perfectionists, they like to excel in every facet of their life, and health is no different.

There’s no doubt that the Capricorn will age faster than other signs, but they also understand that they need to stay healthy to achieve their life goals.

They hardly miss hospital checkups and strictly adhere to doctors’ instructions. A Capricorn wants to get to the top of his career; to do that; he knows he needs to be in good health.

On average, Capricorn men live up to 77 while Capricorn women can live longer than 80 years.

Editor’s Comments

 As they grow older, Capricorns should be wary of their joints, digestive system, and biliary tract troubles.



Taurus is the first earth sign and the parent of the zodiac. They set achievable goals and are capable of enjoying the little things in life.

Venus rules them, the planet of love and luxury, so their life is mostly free from stress.

Taureans pride themselves on their natural beauty and will go the extra mile to maintain it.

Furthermore, Taureans are not extravagant. They love luxuries but are wise enough not to spend recklessly so they don’t fall into debt. One thing a Taurus will heavily spend on is skin and body care.

Taurus is also the only sign on our list where men have a higher life expectancy than women. For women, the average is 80 years, while men can live up to 82.

Nevertheless, Taureans should be wary of obesity, and genitourinary complications as these illnesses are common with the sign.



To a Libra, the good life is everything. This exciting air sign is not in competition with life; they’re peaceful beings that strive to stay relaxed no matter the circumstance.

Libras also have a reputation for their beauty and will do anything to maintain it. This includes buying products, even expensive ones, to take care of themselves.

This self-love and need to be loved by others also pushes them to make healthy life decisions. Libra is another sign that makes it difficult to guess their age because they always look young.

Statistically, they have the shortest life expectancy on our list; their men live up to 73 years on average, while women live up to 77 years.

However, they are strong and determined, and if they can avoid cold weather, they should have no problem clocking 80.

The Bottom Line

There are various secrets and reasons why people live longer than others; research has shown astrology to be one of them.

Studies have found a distinct connection between a person’s life expectancy and zodiac signs. This is also in line with most of the sign’s personality traits.

Capricorns are perfectionists that love to excel at everything, including health. Libras and Virgos like to take good care of themselves; Taurus and Aries are natural conquerors and will heartily fight through most of life’s challenges.

These five signs have longer life expectancy than others in the zodiac.