What To Manifest During Pink Moon (10 Ideas)

What To Manifest During Pink Moon

Everything in the Universe is composed of energy. Energy vibrates and moves in specific patterns and currents, known as frequencies.

When manifesting, we intentionally align our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions with the frequencies of our desires. The powerful energy of the moon amplifies our dreams and desires.

Pink Moon is the full moon that occurs in April. The name “Pink Moon” comes from the herb moss pink, or phlox subulata, one of the earliest spring flowers.

Its energy, like the color pink, is associated with the heart chakra. Pink Moon’s energy can help us open our hearts, find compassion, forgive, and move forward.

Pink Moon is an incredibly potent time to manifest. All things connected with new life, new beginnings, love, and positive changes are excellent intentions for manifesting. If you have wanted to manifest beauty, prosperity, healing, happiness, or self-love, this is the best time!

Pink Moon occurs once a year, in April, and heralds the beginning of spring. For those who practice magic or are interested in using lunar energy to manifest their desires, the Pink Moon is an ideal time to set your intentions and work your spells. Read on to discover 10 ideas that you can manifest during Pink Moon.

10 Ideas For Manifesting During Pink Moon

10 Ideas For Manifesting During Pink Moon

Pink moon is a great time to align with your desires. When you think of Pink Moon, don’t think only of this particular night but the whole month of April.

The whole season is an opportunity to expand your blessings, open your heart chakra, connect with compassion and unconditional love, and forgive yourself and others for past mistakes. Nature is bursting with love, creative energy, and joy.

If you use this time to manifest, you have an opportunity to infuse your life with this energy!

1. Positive Changes

The energy of the Pink Moon is perfect for helping you bring about positive changes in your life. If there are areas of your life that you would like to improve, use this time to focus on those goals.

If there are past events that you feel are holding you back by making you feel regret, resentment, and hurt, this is an excellent time to let them go.

The time of the full moon is always great for releasing what no longer serves you so you can move on toward your bright future, and in this season, this intention is amplified with the powerful energy of the Pink Moon.

2. Creativity

The Pink Moon can help jump-start your inspiration if you’ve been feeling stuck creatively.

Use this time to brainstorm new ideas, start working on that long-neglected project, or simply allow yourself to daydream. Draw, paint, dance, write, create, and sing – this time is exceptional for connecting your talents and inner child.

Express yourself as much as possible so that new inspiration can flow into your life.

3. Love

Whether you’re looking for new love or hoping to strengthen the bonds you already have, the Pink Moon is a perfect time to focus on matters of the heart.

Write down what you desire in a partner or relationship, and let the energy of this moon help attract it into your life. You can write your intention on a piece of pink paper and place it under your pillow before you go to sleep.

4. Prosperity

If you’re hoping to manifest financial abundance, the Pink Moon is a perfect time to focus your energies.

Write down your goals, visualize success, and infuse your vision with positive emotions, and the Pink Moon will help you attract prosperity into your life.

Don’t limit your vision only to money, but all forms of energy that allow you to enjoy the richness of life.

Remember that prosperity starts with your mind. The more you allow yourself to connect with the energy of abundance and release any thoughts of scarcity, the more freely prosperity will flow into your life.

5. Health and Healing

The Pink Moon is also an excellent time to focus on health and healing matters. If you’re dealing with an illness or injury, use this time to visualize yourself making a full and speedy recovery.

If you’re simply hoping to maintain your good health, use this time to focus on preventive measures and self-care.

You can also use this time to send blessings to others and thoughts of healing to those struggling.

If your friend or a family member is going through a challenging health situation, it’s a great opportunity for you to ask the Pink Moon to send them healing energy.

6. Femininity

Moon is a symbol of feminine energy, and so is the color pink.

Pink Moon embodies the feminine principle, so it’s a great idea to use this time to connect with your female side. Femininity has no clear definition, and it is expressed through each of us differently.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to embodying the divine feminine principle, and this time is great for exploring what exactly it means to you.

For inspiration, you can watch this insightful video from Teal Swan.

The Divine Feminine (How To Awaken The Divine Feminine Within You) - Teal Swan

7. Beauty

If you have been manifesting anything related to your beauty, Pink Moon will help you expand this energy.

As long as it is your genuine desire, any intention related to improving a physical aspect of yourself is great during this time.

You can perform a manifestation ritual for beauty. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed, light a pink or white candle, and place rose quartz near you.

You can also decorate your ritual space with figurines or images of goddesses and rose petals and anoint yourself with rose essential oil. Take a pink piece of paper and write your intentions of beauty on it. Burn the paper or place it under your pillow before you sleep.

Remember that you still need to take inspired action afterward, and that manifestation ritual alone won’t be enough.

But if you make conscious changes in your lifestyle that support your intention, you are very likely to see results!

8. Wisdom

Just like beauty is found in physical harmony, wisdom is the harmony of the mind.

If you want to find answers and receive guidance from your heart, Pink Moon is a wonderful time for setting that intention.

The Pink Moon’s energy amplifies any intention related to wisdom, intelligence, and clarity.

9. Self-Love

Self-love is the beginning of all things.

Accepting and loving yourself as a divine expression of the Universe and the most wonderful creation of nature is at the root of increasing your manifesting abilities, living a happy life, and attracting success.

If you feel you lack self-acceptance, the healing energy of Pink Moon will be able to release your limiting beliefs and energetic blockages and dissolve the wall you’ve built around your heart.

10. Happiness

Last but not least, the Pink Moon is an ideal time to focus on manifesting happiness.

If you’re dealing with sadness, depression, or negative emotions, use this time to work on releasing those emotions and filling your life with positive energy.

Remember, happiness is a choice – so choose to be happy, and let the Pink Moon help you make it happen.


Pink Moon is a prime time to manifest positive changes, creativity, love, prosperity, health, and happiness.

Release everything that no longer serves you – your old traumas and limiting beliefs so you can reach new heights of joy and success in all areas of your life.

The Universe is waiting to help you turn your dreams into reality – so let the Pink Moon be your guide.

No matter what you choose to manifest during the Pink Moon, focus your intention and let the lunar energy work its magic.

Pink Moon blessings!