10 Signs the Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

It is usually obvious when the Universe wants you to be with someone. The Universe will give you all types of signs to point you toward this person. You will likely have a strong gut feeling about this person and feel that some powerful force is pulling you toward them. 

When the Universe wants you to be with someone, you are likely to see them in your dreams and experience a special connection with this person. You will start noticing synchronicities that point you toward this person, and you will often meet them at unexpected moments.

You are likely to support each other’s authentic selves, and you are likely to feel good when spending time with each other. You will likely trust this person and help each other toward your goals.

You can think of the Universe as God, your soul, or your Higher Self. It guides you toward what your soul needs and what is aligned with your highest good. There can be multiple reasons the Universe wants you to be with someone; not all of those will feel good.

The Universe always wants you to grow spiritually and psychologically; the other person might show up in your life to help you. This growth is often unpleasant. You might have to face many challenges and learn about your subconscious patterns in this relationship.

Read on to learn more about the 10 clear signs you shouldn’t miss that the Universe wants you to be with someone.

10 Signs the Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

10 Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

When the Universe wants you to be with someone, it can be for two main reasons.

Either this person is your soulmate, someone you are meant to meet and have a harmonious relationship with, or this person is meant to facilitate and support your growth through various challenges and conflicts you will experience in this relationship that will result in you becoming more aware of yourself and growing as a person.

Either way, this will benefit you and help you move closer to your soul’s purpose.

1. You See Them In Your Dreams

The surest way to know the Universe is pointing you toward a person is when you dream of them often.

It means there is a subconscious connection. It doesn’t always mean you must be with this person. It might also mean you might have to pay attention to what these dreams mean to you and how they make you feel.

Sometimes we might see people like celebrities in our dreams because we think of them often and are often exposed to their images.

In this case, don’t overthink that the Universe wants you to be with them. It may mean that you have some type of connection and that they are simply a messenger to you. In this case, pay attention to the message, not the messenger.

When you are asleep, your ego shuts off, and your soul can speak. Things you are unaware of during your waking hours can become more apparent. Dreams are the language of your subconscious mind, and it’s when you can best hear what the Universe is telling you.

2. You Feel a Special Connection With Them

If it is someone you know in real life, you might feel a very strong connection with them. Whenever we feel strongly toward someone – positive or negative, it tells us something about ourselves.

Strong negative feelings, such as repulsion or envy, might show us traits we reject or have suppressed in ourselves. It is our opportunity to become more loving to ourselves.

Likewise, strong positive feelings that can sometimes become an obsession and co-dependency can teach us what qualities we are longing for in the other person and also need to develop in ourselves.

You can know if this relationship is intended for your growth through challenges or if you are truly meant to be together by honestly paying attention to and admitting how this person feels toward you.

If they are equally attracted to you and enjoy spending time with you as much as you enjoy spending time with them, the Universe may have sent this relationship to us so it can work out harmoniously and bring more joy than challenges.

3. You Notice Synchronicities

When there is a special spark between us and someone, the Universe will be hard at work by sending us synchronicities. It is because our frequency is increasing, and we are aligning with our soul’s purpose with the help of other person’s presence in our lives. The higher our frequency, the more synchronicities we experience.

Especially if you experience synchronicities related to the other person, for example, they text you just as you think of them after, or you bump into them in unlikely places, this might mean that the Universe is pointing you toward this person and the life lessons they are here to bring you.

4. You Meet Them At Unexpected Moments

You might meet this person in unexpected places and situations when you least expect it.

Don’t try to control it or worry if you feel unprepared or not dressed up. From the Universe’s perspective, it might be the purpose of your meeting. It might be your chance to practice acceptance and be open to whatever life brings you without trying to control it.

Sometimes, encounters like this might bring the biggest life blessings. Remember that the people we are meant to be with will love us just as we are and accept us even at our worst.

We often build conditional, ego-based relationships in which we only show our positive aspects and hide what we believe is bad or unacceptable. However, the relationships the Universe encourages us to have, are heart-based, unconditional, loving, and honest.

5. They Support Your Authenticity

When you meet someone who supports you for who you are and is happy to be around you without trying to change you accordingly to their beliefs, desires, and wishes, this person might be your soulmate.

Too often, we enter relationships and meet people who love us conditionally only if we fit their idea of a perfect partner. If you meet someone who accepts you as you are and encourages your honest self-expression, this person will bring a lot of good into your life.

6. You Support Their Authenticity

Similarly, if you support their authenticity and don’t try to mold them into someone they are not, this might mean you are truly aligned with this person. When relationships are based on mutual projection, and we turn them co-dependent, we are both likely to suffer.

For example, if you see this person as someone who can help you boost your status in society, you are operating from your ego, not your soul. Likewise, if you care about their physical appearance more than you care about their personal qualities, you might be blinded by your ego.

When the Universe wants you to be with someone, you will likely be attracted to this person on all levels.

7. You Feel Good When You Are With Each Other

If this relationship is meant to last and is not intended as a turbulent phase of your life that will serve only for your learning and growth, you are both likely to feel great and relaxed in each other’s company.

If you or the other person feel tense around each other, fear that they will judge you, or fear saying or doing the wrong thing, this relationship will likely serve you more as a teaching ground for future relationships.

8. You Trust Them

When your relationship is filled with mutual understanding and trust, this might be a divine relationship that the Universe encourages you to have.

When you both feel happy, relaxed, and trusting around each other, you have a relationship where both of you can feel safe and grow together with each other.

9. You Help Each Other

The Universe is your best friend. It wants you to be happy and to grow into your highest potential.

If you have met someone who helps you become the best version of yourself, and you do the same for them, the Universe is happy to see you together. If you are with someone who constantly puts you down and judges you, it might be your opportunity to start respecting yourself.

10. You Want to Be With Each Other

If the Universe wants you to be with someone, you will also want to be with them. The Universe challenges you but does not go against your desires and wishes.

You always have free will and are free to choose. Sometimes, the Universe brings you toward negative and painful experiences to show you your inner struggles and troubles that you must address. However, it is always for your good.

If you did not experience it, you would not change and look for more self-loving ways of living, thinking, and behaving. When you start to look at every experience as a lesson, your consciousness will likely expand, and you will feel that you are always divinely guided.


When the Universe wants you to be with someone, you will most likely receive signs loud and clear. If, before meeting his person, you prayed or set an intention to meet your soulmate or evolve, the Universe might be responding by sending someone your way that matches your intention’s frequency.

Even if the Universe sends this person to you to learn painful lessons, they will benefit your growth and help you evolve. You might stay together for a short time or a lifetime.

Whatever the reason the Universe sends this person to you, it is always for your highest good, even if the relationship is unpleasant.