How To Manifest Someone To Love You

How To Manifest Someone To Love You

It is a popular topic in the circles of the Law of Attraction practitioners – should you ever try to manifest something that goes against someone else’s free will, such as their love and affection? Should it not be a genuine expression of the other soul based on their desire?

Imposing on someone else’s free will in many spiritual and occult traditions is considered the greatest sin that will never play out well.

But what should you do if you are truly attracted to someone and want them to feel the same way about you? 

To manifest someone’s love, you must follow specific, often counterintuitive guidelines. When you strengthen your energy by placing yourself at the center of your life, doing shadow work, and working with your inner child and parents, you’ll create an energetic rubber band effect making it very easy to fall in love with you!

Don’t fall into the positive thinking trap that you can use regular manifesting tips to attract someone’s love. This idea can bring a lot of chaos to your life. Attracting someone is the most difficult type of manifesting because it involves someone else’s free will.

To ensure you are not going against anyone’s free will and still use manifestation to increase the chances of them falling in love with you, we have created a 9-step guide for you to do just that!

Free Will

Free Will

Free will is the greatest gift each of us receives from the universe when we are born. We often don’t realize what a blessing it is until we feel it is restricted.

Whatever happens around us, thanks to our free will, we always have the choice of how to respond to it. Respecting and honoring the free will of others is at the root of most spiritual and esoteric traditions. Restricting someone’s free will is likened to black magic and can create a lot of negative karma. 

The problem with using spells and otherwise affecting the choice of others is that it will never have a truly lasting effect as it won’t be coming from the core and essence of their being. Just like Cinderella’s dress and carriage returned to their previous state at midnight, so will any spells lose their effect with time.

Even more, usually, they will take even more with them than they have brought. Instead, we recommend opting for a much smarter way to manifest someone’s love. 

9 Steps To Manifest Someone To Love You

We have created the most comprehensive guide that will help you accomplish 3 things:

  • Make sure you are not crossing the line and imposing on anyone else’s free will
  • Upgrade all aspects of your life
  • Attract their love as a result

Keep reading to discover the best win-win tools that will have a lasting positive effect on your life and everyone who comes into contact with you, including your chosen one! 

1. Check Your Intentions

Check Your Intentions

To manifest someone’s love, you must be very clear on why you want their love in the first place. Very often, we want to be with someone for the wrong reasons. 

We are often conditioned by culture, Disney movies, and romantic novels, which have led us to believe that the other person can be the source of absolute happiness for us. Happiness is a state of being that shouldn’t depend on the other person.

More often than not, we feel they will help us compensate for our inner deficiency.

Sometimes we feel insecure and feel that approval and affection from this person will permit us to be ourselves. Sometimes we feel unsafe and think that the other person will give us a sense of safety. Journal without censoring yourself to discover your true intentions. 

Don’t judge yourself. Know that all of this is normal, and the better you understand yourself, the more likely you will attract the right person into your life. Understanding yourself will help you fill up your inner deficiencies and, as a result, will attract love from others.

2. Do Shadow Work

Do Shadow Work

Throughout our lives, we suppress various aspects of our true selves, and as a result, we feel attracted to people who we feel embody these qualities.

Shadow work will help you discover the aspects of you you have suppressed in your life and will help you understand why you need love from this specific person.

It will help you understand yourself and become a more wholesome and radiant person. And as a side effect, you will start attracting a lot of positive attention from others.

3. Do Inner Parent Work

Do Inner Parent Work

Our understanding and expectations of love are formed in our early childhood, from the moment of inception to the age of eight.

Suppose we didn’t receive enough love, acceptance, and affection from our parents throughout our lives. In that case, we might subconsciously feel unworthy of it even if we simultaneously crave it more than anything else.

This might create a repeating pattern in our lives where we enter a similar type of dynamic and expect love from someone emotionally unavailable.

Doing inner child/inner parent work will help us satiate ourselves with the emotional nourishment we lacked as children. As a result, our lovers and the world at large will reflect that by giving us the love we desire.

4. How Will You Feel?

How Will You Feel?

How will that make you feel when you imagine them falling in love with you? What will your life look like? Journal and answer these questions. Journal about what you believe will be different in your life and inner world as a result of their love.

To make your desire a reality, bring these feelings and experiences into your life right away. Don’t wait for external things to change or for others’ approval. The more you do things that align with your desired experiences, the sooner you will attract the love of your chosen one! 

Don’t expect them to change your life. If you desire your loved one to treat you well, give you expensive gifts, or otherwise improve your life quality, think of ways you can bring at least some of these things and experiences into your life right away.

If you want them to give you flowers, treat yourself to beautiful fresh flowers. This way, you will align yourself with your desired reality and manifest it much sooner.

5. Align Your Energy

Align Your Energy

Often when we are attracted to someone, we can start neglecting our well-being. Instead, you should focus on strengthening your energy field as that will make you a happier and more vibrant person that others want to be around.

Ideally, take on energy work, such as Pranayama, meditation, or Qi Gong. This will strengthen your energy field and infuse your intentions with fresh energy.

6. Fall in Love With Yourself

Fall In Love With Yourself

We attract what we project. If we feel unworthy of love, we will try to receive it from others. This, in turn, will push their love and affection away. If we know we are worthy of love and feel confident and happy in our skin, we will attract the love of others. 

Practicing self-love is one of the most powerful tools you can use to attract love from others. If you have a problem with self-acceptance and self-love, use guided meditations to help you with this. 

7. Shift the Importance to Yourself

Shift The Importance To Yourself

When we fall in love, we tend to put the other person on a pedestal and look up to them. That places us below them and makes them look down on us.

Whenever you place too much importance on something, it becomes very hard to manifest as energetically you signal to the universe: “This thing/experience/person is better than me. I am unworthy of it.”.

Remove the importance from the other person and instead place the main focus on yourself and your feelings. Don’t become mean or selfish, but don’t look at the other person as if they were better or more important than you.

You will be surprised at how fast things start to shift in a positive direction.

8. Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

When attempting to manifest anything into your life, you must be mindful not to start focusing on things you don’t have and forgetting about the blessings the universe has already given you.

This is one of the biggest mistakes as it makes you focus on the lack instead of abundance and fulfillment. Do a daily gratitude practice and feel how much the universe has blessed you already. Think or journal about all things you have in your life.

Don’t overlook this step, as it’s one of the most important things you can do to manifest your desired reality.

9. Let Them Go

Let Them Go

Chances are this is a step you feel strong resistance to, but bear with me. If you are energetically trying to pull someone into your life, you are not giving them a chance to pull you into their life.

When you let go and relax, you give them space to think about what they most desire, and they might very well discover it is you, especially if you have followed all the other steps on this list.


Attracting someone’s love is a counterintuitive, challenging, but very rewarding process that can turn your life around and the way you see yourself. The more you fall in love with yourself, the more self-acceptance you build, and the more likely others will fall in love with you as well!

It is impossible to create anything out of lack instead of abundance. When you turn your mindset around, the universe will reflect that, and your chosen one will likely fall in love with you!