How To Manifest Someone To Dream About You

How To Manifest Someone To Dream About You

It is a popular discussion among the practitioners of the Law of Attraction if you should be trying to manifest something for someone else.

Since all of us have free will and invading someone’s free will has negative consequences, many people believe you should never manifest something against someone else’s free will.

But what should you do if you have met that special someone and desire for him to think and dream about you? Is it possible, and how should you do it?

It is for sure possible to manifest someone to dream about you. To make sure you are not doing it in an invasive way, you should still trust the universe and leave an open space for the best possible outcomes without being forceful with your manifestations.

You need to clarify your intentions and reasons for manifestation, practice gratitude, appreciate yourself, and learn to feel your best at all times. You also need to balance your energy, ground yourself, visualize how you will feel next to the person, and then bring as much of this feeling into your present life as possible.

Above all, do your best to check the purity of your intentions. If you are trying to manifest someone to dream about you because you feel insecure and are looking for their validation or because you want to get back at someone, the results of your manifesting won’t be positive.

You need to first restore your inner balance, and then all things in your life and around you will fall into their place!

Read on as below we will uncover the 10 tips that will help you manifest someone to dream about you.

10 Tips To Manifest Someone To Dream About You

10 Tips To Manifest Someone To Dream About You

A dream is a form of communication with our subconscious, and it can be an avenue to manifesting your desires.

While you can manifest most things in your life, manifesting someone to dream about you is a challenging but achievable goal. With the right attitude and the correct set of tools, you can make it happen!

Here are 10 tips to help you manifest someone to dream about you

1. Clarify Your Reasons

To manifest something, you need to be clear about the reasons you are manifesting it. If you are doing it for negative reasons, such as loneliness or jealousy, you are coming from a lack mentality.

If you are motivated by lack or fear when manifesting, not only is your manifesting not going to work, but it can also have negative effects.

To manifest someone to dream about you, you must be clear that you are coming from a loving and caring place and intend the best for the other person, regardless of how their desires eventually turn out.

2. Journal

The better you get to know and understand yourself, the more conscious person you will become. When you are conscious, you can manifest much more effectively as you are no longer coming from lack but from deep self-understanding and self-awareness.

Journaling is among the best tools for getting to know yourself. You can use various prompts for self-reflection or do morning pages, which function as a form of a brain dump. Both will help you reflect and see yourself more clearly.

And as a nice bonus, the better you see and understand yourself, the better the other person will be able to see and perceive you.

3. Practice Gratitude

Too often, we think of gratitude as something we should express only after we receive something.

Energetically it works the other way around. The more you feel and express gratitude to the universe for something you desire, feeling as if you have already received it, the more it aligns you with the reality you desire to experience.

If you wish to be with the other person, thank the universe for aligning your paths even before it happens.

4. Feel Your Best

Your life experiences and how other people feel about you are a direct reflection of how you internally feel about yourself.

Very often, we allow ourselves to be dependent on what happens outside of us and wait for external validation and approval to treat ourselves right. Energetically this only pushes good experiences further away from us.

Reverse this pattern by treating yourself as well as possible here and now. Pay close attention to your feelings and follow what makes your body and mind feel good at every moment.

5. Look Your Best

We attract people with our energy, personality, and character, and looks are only secondary. However, they are still important.

Think of ways you can take care of yourself that express your individuality and the way you feel about yourself. Don’t try to change yourself or look like someone else. Instead, think of ways you can bring out your individual and unique beauty.

6. Visualize Yourself With the Person

Close your eyes and visualize yourself together with the person. Imagine how you will feel when you are next to them.

Will you feel joyful, excited, calm, or elated? Try to bring as much of this feeling into your present life, even before you are with the person. This will magnetize them into your life.

For example, if you recognize that you will feel excited when you are next to them, think of things that will make you feel excited right away. For example, maybe you would like to go swimming, take a hike, or go to a dance class.

The more excitement you bring into your life, the stronger your chances of manifesting him dreaming about you.

7. Balance Your Energy

Balancing your energy is crucial when it comes to manifesting someone to dream about you. If your energy is unbalanced, your energy structure becomes weak, and you are not able to manifest effectively.

Sometimes when we think a lot of another person and desire to be closer to them, our energy structure becomes especially distorted. Find the right tools that will help you to restore your energy balance on all chakra levels.

Look into tools such as qi gong, yoga, pranayama breathing, and others to balance yourself.

8. Ground Yourself

When we are passionate about someone and desire to manifest them to think and dream about us, we might get carried away by our emotions.

This doesn’t help our ability to manifest as we lose touch with our physical bodies, and the energy is not flowing as freely through us as it should.

Look for energy-grounding practices, eat grounding foods, such as root vegetables, spend time connecting with nature and walk barefoot whenever possible.

9. Follow Your Passions

The more you follow your inner joy, the more radiant you become and the stronger your ability to manifest and attract positive people into your life.

When you follow your passions instead of waiting for others to bring joy to you, you are radiating creative frequencies, and people are instantly drawn to you. The more you create, the more creative energy you send out and the more magnetic you become.

Think of things you enjoyed doing as a child; maybe it was drawing, dancing, or singing, perhaps it was traveling, riding a bicycle, and going hiking.

Whatever it was – bring more of it into your life, and the person you are willing to attract is more likely to start thinking of you.

Just keep in mind that you should do these things out of pure enjoyment and without any expectations. This will make your manifestations very powerful.

10. Appreciate Yourself

Too often, we put our self-worth in the hands of others and their approval. The more you appreciate yourself, the more your value in the eyes of others grows.

There is no need to become selfish and disregard the feelings of others, but taking good care of yourself is crucial if you want to attract someone into your life and if you want to manifest them dreaming about you.


As long as you are not trying to invade someone’s free will and just want to send them positive dreams about you, manifesting someone to dream about you is possible.

However, keep in mind that if you are opening your field to send someone dreams about you, someone else might be manifesting you dreaming of them also.