What Color Pen Is Best for Manifesting?

What Color Pen Is Best For Manifesting?

There is magic in color. From a young age, we are conditioned to associate certain colors with specific emotions, food, animals, people, and things. And whether we like it or not, these are preconceptions we carry with us into adulthood.

Even if you didn’t grow up surrounded by color and consciousness as an artist or designer, these associations still exist within you. Using colors associated with prosperity and success can help positively align your will with the universe!

So what color pen is most effective for manifestation?

The color of the pen depends on what you’re trying to manifest. Use a red pen for manifesting for energy, orange for creativity, yellow for confidence, green for abundance and health, blue for wisdom, purple for intuition, pink for love and kindness, white or silver for moon cycles and purity, and black for protection.

Read more to learn how you can use color magic in manifesting the life of your dreams.

What Pen Color Should I Use for Manifestation?

Whether you believe in the power of certain colors or not, they do have an influence as they affect our mood and, ultimately, what we feel.

Different pen colors, therefore, are wonderful tools to supercharge your manifestations! I like to keep a variety of pen colors on my desktop. I really like multi-pens because they’re convenient and customizable.

The colors we surround ourselves with can have an impact on how we feel and how we perform, according to color psychology.



Chakra: Root

Best for: Manifesting courage. Use this pen color when you want to become grounded and safe. Red is the best color for warding off anxieties and fears. Red is also an excellent color when writing your affirmations.

Use Red: For manifesting energy, security, and the drive to live life.



Chakra: Sacral chakra

Best for: Manifesting joy and sensuality. The sacral chakra rules all things pleasurable, including sex. Use your orange pen to manifest creativity and forgiveness.

Use Orange: For manifesting creativity, fertility and pregnancy of ideas, and independence.



Chakra: Solar Plexus

Best for: Manifesting confidence and willpower. Are you feeling lost? Wear anything yellow to embrace yourself and success.

Use Yellow: For manifesting career growth, power, and confidence. 



Chakra: Heart

Best for: Manifesting love and abundance! The color of the earth, green, regulates our emotions and connection to nature. Use green pens to bring healing as well as health and wellness into your life.

Personally, I also like to manifest financial abundance using the color green, being commonly associated with money. I even use my green pen when writing on unofficial business documents!

Use Green: For manifesting abundance, health, and love.



Chakra: Throat

Best for: Manifesting truth. That blue pen is your best friend when you want to feel heard as you speak your truth. Blue is the color of the sea, a force of nature that can evoke calm amidst its force. If your thoughts are racing and you need some focus, use your blue pen to channel peace and mental clarity.

Use Blue: For manifesting wisdom, serenity, and mental health. 



Chakra: Crown Chakra

Best for: All around. Violet pens are the best for manifesting anything, really! The crown chakra deals with our spirituality and our thoughts.

Use Purple: For manifesting intuitive capacity, psychic abilities, and asking signs from the universe.



Best for: Manifesting beauty and love. Pink is traditionally considered the most feminine of all colors and bestows the power to attract love.

Keep a pink pen on hand if you want a boost in your love life or if you’re generally just craving some sweetness in your life.

One of the happiest colors, pink is your go-to pen color when you want to align your vibrational frequencies to attract a lover! Similarly, pink is the best pen color to use when writing down positive affirmations involving your beauty and self-image.

Use Pink: For manifesting kindness, love, beauty, and empathy.

Silver or White

Silver Or White

Best for: Manifesting during the moon cycles. Associated with witchcraft and magical deity Hekate and moon goddess Artemis, Silver is a lovely color to use when you’re manifesting blessings during a New Moon or releasing during a Full Moon.

Use Silver or White: For manifesting during the moon cycles and for purity and peace.



Best for: Protection. Use your black pen when you want to ward off evil wishes from others and

Use Black: For protection, banishment, and safety.

Final Thoughts

Color is a huge part of our everyday lives. It can easily be a catalyst for projecting your emotions and thoughts into the world through clothing, decorations, and even your office. But did you know that color may also be able to help you manifest?

But all these pen colors aside, perhaps no tool is stronger than your own intuition when it comes to the art of manifestation.

There is a reason why our chakras have their own respective colors. It’s because color is an integral part of our intuition and spiritual health, so why not use this to your advantage?

Color is a powerful force in the art of manifestation. Your pen color can help you focus your mind and remind you to keep working towards your goals.

Using a certain pen color will automatically project positive vibes into the world around you.

The bottom line is that your pen color works the same way as manifestation. So long as you believe that your pen color is helping you manifest your dream life, it’s doing its job perfectly!