How To Manifest Your Ex Back in 10 Steps

How To Manifest Him Back

Manifestation is the act of bringing something into being by aligning your inner frequency with your desires. It works because of the Law of Attraction, which states that the Universe is composed of energy.

If you align your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions with the life you wish to live, you can manifest anything you set your mind to. Using the Law of Attraction to manifest your ex back is also possible, but it will require some effort.

To manifest your ex back, you must focus on what you want and why you want it. Consider what will be this time around, and visualize how your relationship will go this time. Write down your goals, raise your frequency, and release negative beliefs about relationships. Open yourself for a new chapter and take action to improve your chances of success.

The Law of Attraction works at all times, regardless of whether you know it. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions create your reality and attract to you everything you experience in your life.

When you apply this law consciously, you can attract miracles into your life and experience anything you desire. If you program your subconscious mind to accept the idea that it is possible – it makes all the difference in your life. Below are the 10 steps on how to do just that.

10 Steps To Manifest Him Back

10 Steps To Manifest Him Back

To manifest your ex back, you must revisit a chapter from your past. It might be challenging, and your subconscious mind might sabotage your efforts.

Have full confidence that you can release any subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. If you truly set your mind to something – anything you dream of becomes possible.

1. Believe You Can Get Him Back

If you want to get your ex back, you first must believe it’s possible. Doubting yourself won’t help; it will only make the process harder. Instead of wondering whether or not you can get back with your ex, focus on believing that you will.

Have full trust that you can get anything you set your mind to. You are the powerful creator of your reality, and the Universe supports you in whatever you wish to be true.

If you set your mind to it and follow the laws of the Universe, you can achieve absolutely anything.

2. Think About What Will Be Different This Time

Manifesting someone back is different than manifesting someone for the first time. It means you’ve already had some past with this person, which has ended for some reason.

Our memories tend to change over time, and we might forget the challenging aspects of the relationship and predominantly remember positive memories. Journal about your past relationship with this person and write in detail what you want to be different this time.

Doing this will open your memories, and you might discover you don’t want to be back with them. If you see that you have made mistakes, journaling will help you discover what you need to do and improve to make the relationship different this time around.

The more you take responsibility and focus on ways you can improve yourself instead of wanting the other person to change, the stronger your manifesting abilities become.

3. Write Down Your Goals and Dreams for the Relationship

Journal about your intentions for the relationship. Be specific about what you want and why you want to return to something that didn’t work last time.

How do you want it to work this time?

How do you want to feel in this relationship?

Remember that emotions are the key when manifesting. The more you can focus on the positive feelings of being in a relationship with this person, the stronger your manifesting abilities become.

4. Raise Your Frequency

Raising your frequency helps you manifest anything you desire. The higher your frequency, the easier it becomes for you to manifest.

Everything that makes you feel good, happy, and excited increases your frequency.

Consider these activities to raise your frequency:

  • Wake up early and say morning affirmations: Set the tone for the day and be fully convinced that this is your best day. Embrace the day with excitement and trust that this day will bring miracles and joy into your life.
  • Spend time in nature: The more you connect with the natural world, the more energy can flow through your body. It helps you connect with the divine cycles and lifts you to your potential.
  • Work out daily: Manifesting requires energy; the more you move, the more energy can flow through your body and your life.
  • Meditate: Meditation helps clear your mind and elevates your frequency by releasing stuck subconscious patterns.
  • Gratitude journal: Gratitude aligns you with all the best in your life and helps you achieve more and attract abundance by teaching you to focus on the positive.

There is another reason why you must focus on raising frequency. For a relationship to flourish, both partners must feel fulfilled and engaged.

If you are not happy, the other person won’t be either. Work on your happiness to become the best romantic partner you can be.

5. Visualize Yourself in the Relationship

Close your eyes and visualize yourself in your future relationship. Let all previous mistakes go, and trust it will be different this time.

If you are ready for a new chapter, relax into the idea of being with your ex. Visualize your new relationship in as much detail as possible.

Do this daily as a part of your meditation practice. The more real you can make it, the more powerful your manifestation becomes. Positive emotions are the fuel that attracts the life you wish to experience.

6. Believe That You Can Have What You Want

Your trust in yourself is the make-it-or-break-it factor when manifesting. If you have full confidence that you can attract your perfect relationship, you impress it on your subconscious mind and project it confidently into your future.

Remember the saying – whether you believe you can or can’t – you are right! It is the key to remember when manifesting your ex.

7. Release Negative Thoughts or Feelings About the Past Relationship

If you carry any negative thoughts or feelings about the past relationship, then it’s important to let them go before moving on. Nothing is more detrimental to manifesting your ex than being stuck in your past.

Holding on to these negative thoughts and feelings will only detract from what should be a positive experience. Letting go of negativity is important because it can lower your frequency and hinder your manifesting abilities.

8. Be Ready To Start a New Chapter

Be ready and willing to start a new chapter of your life. Release memories of the past and release any past hurts you might be holding from relationships with this person and others. Know that future is not yet written, and you are writing it with your beliefs. Release any expectations and desire to control the outcome, but have full trust that the best is ahead of you!

9. Take Inspired Action

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is difficult and uncomfortable, but it’s necessary if you want to bring about any change in your life. Before you manifest your ex back, you must put in the work and spend time on yourself.

Learn to live consciously with the things you have right now. If you want your relationship to change, commit yourself to making changes in all areas of your life.

If you ask for something from the Universe, ensure you’re giving something back.

Take inspired action to improve yourself as a person and show the Universe your commitment to your great future. Plan the steps you must take to bring this person back into your life.

Some of the things you can do include:

  • Apologizing or making amends if you know you hurt them in the past.
  • Changing your behavior if you know you can improve.
  • Participating in workshops or reading books about conscious communication.
  • Improving your listening skills and focusing on becoming more patient and compassionate.

All changes you make show the Universe that you are putting in the effort to start a new chapter of your life, and the Universe will respond by bringing your desires into existence.

10. Let Go

Release the need to control the other person and remember that the relationship is about honoring the free will of both of you. Put your best foot forward and be determined to improve yourself, but don’t try to control the outcome.

Trust the Universe will see your effort and deliver results. Let it go, and remember that the Universe sees the larger picture better than you do. Know that whatever happens happens for your highest good!


Manifesting your ex back can be challenging because there’s often a lot of emotional tension. Since it is not a new person you have met in your life, there is already some emotional baggage related to this relationship.

Follow these steps closely and know that the Universe will deliver what is best for you! Even if you don’t manifest your ex, it means they were not right for you.

These steps will help you improve all aspects of your life and possibly manifest someone better than your ex!