How To Manifest a Text From Your Ex

How To Manifest A Text From Your Ex

Have you ever been in a situation where you miss someone so much that you wish you could see them standing next to you, and within hours or days, the person gets to call or send you a text?

As much as many people will want to associate it with coincidence, there is a high possibility that you manifested the call or the message.

This process can be done consciously, too, and it is possible to manifest a text from your ex.

There are several ways to manifest a text from your ex, but the most common one is the 369 method. Other strategies you can use include the regular visualization process, the pillow method, and the whisper method, which can be equally effective if executed flawlessly.

This article is a must-read for you if you are looking for a way or two to manifest a text from your ex.

4 Methods To Manifest a Text From Your Ex

4 Methods To Manifest A Text From Your Ex

Sometimes, people tend to miss their exes, especially those that had a relationship that wasn’t entirely bad or those that were responsible for the relationship coming to an end.

Some may carry on with this guilt for the rest of their lives, while others may wish to get a chance to fix everything. Regardless of your reasons, if you desire to get a text from your ex, you can use the following methods to manifest it.

1. The 369 Method

Technically, the 369 method falls under scripting, which is writing down something you would like to manifest. The only difference is that for 369, you would have to write your intention down continuously.

If you desire to get a text from your ex, you should write down something that will stipulate that you have received the text and you are excited about it.

According to its name, you will have to write down your intentions daily. In the morning, you will write it down 3 times, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 at night.

By doing this, you will keep your mind focused on your intentions, and it will eventually register in your subconscious. If the universe is kind enough, it will grant your desire because the universe and your subconscious have some telepathic connection.

2. Visualisation Method

This trick works mainly on the mind, as it can help make your mind believe what has not or is yet to transpire. To do this, you’ll have to close your eyes and visualize every process, starting from how the person picks up their phone, types in the texts, and sends it to you.

It will also help if you go further to imagine the message entering your phone and how you would react afterward.

Let every part of the visualization be so clear and vivid. Make it look so believable that you might start to feel it is confirmed by freeing yourself completely and allowing your imagination to run as wild as it wants.

Also, don’t hold back on the reaction because you think it’s merely a manifestation. You should react precisely the way you would if you eventually get the texts.

3. The Whisper Method

Many people prefer this method whenever they want to manifest things because it is exciting and productive. However, it may require more details than the rest because, for this method, you will have to create a vivid image of the person you want to text in your head.

Every tiny detail must be assessed. Like the current state of the person, the clothes they are putting on, and their mood.

When you get a good image of them, the next step is to picture yourself being in the same room. Then you will gradually walk toward them, get as close as you can, and lean toward their ear.

You will now whisper what you want them to do and when you want it done. Repeat it a couple of times, and make sure it sinks in.

4. The Pillow Method

If you are skeptical about your ability to pull off the other methods because it requires concentration and visualization skills, the best option for you will be the pillow method.

This technique is relatively the easiest, as it can be casually done while you sleep, but it could take a long time to manifest because your subconscious may not be triggered quickly by this strategy.

This method also falls under the scripting category because it requires you to write down what you desire; only this time, you will keep the written stuff under your pillow every night before you sleep.

It is preferable to write your intention down as if it has happened already, and you are just thankful it did.


Some people still don’t believe in manifesting, probably because they might have tried it once, and it didn’t work for them. The fact is that, whether consciously or not, many people have tried manifesting things into reality, and it really works!

You can also try it and succeed as long as you do it the right way. The main problem associated with it is that most people don’t understand the dynamics of how it works.

If you are willing to attempt manifesting a text from your ex, it will help if you follow some methods that others have successfully used in the past.

You can try the scripting techniques, which consist of the 369 and pillow methods. The visualization and whisper methods are also good strategies to use if you have a high-concentrating ability.