How To Thank the Universe After Manifesting

How To Thank The Universe After Manifesting

Everything in the Universe vibrates at a certain frequency. Law of Attraction means that in our external reality, we attract experiences that resonate with our inner reality. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs create the reality you experience around you.

When it comes to frequencies, the feeling of gratitude is very close to the feeling of unconditional love. Unconditional love is the highest frequency that makes manifesting whatever we desire effortless. The higher your frequency, the stronger your ability to manifest.

Too often we think that gratitude can be expressed only in words, but that is very far from the truth.

When you think of thanking the Universe, think of ways you would thank a friend. You can express your gratitude to Universe with random acts of kindness, volunteering, healing the planet, and performing a daily gratitude ritual.

Strive to thank the Universe not only after your manifestations have arrived but before that, as it aligns you with the energetic frequency of already having received what you desire.

Not only will this establish a healthy bond between you and the Universe, but it is also crucial for your ability to manifest.

In this article, you will learn 9 ways to express gratitude to the Universe by sharing your love and care with the world.

9 Ways to Thank the Universe After Manifesting

The whole Universe is composed of energy. You, too, are an expression of the energy of the Universe.

You can think of yourself as the Universe’s beloved child who is always loved, cared for, and provided for. The Universe always has your best interests in mind, as you are, literally, a part and an expression of it.

Therefore, everything you do and wish upon anyone, you do and wish upon the Universe, of which you are a part.

Follow these steps to express your love and gratitude to the Universe.

1. Gratitude Ritual

Gratitude Ritual

Set up a specific designated time and space to do a gratitude ritual. It can be something you do daily or even multiple times per day.

In gratitude practice, just as with manifestation, the feeling is the key. Your feelings and emotions communicate your frequency at the moment. The better you feel, the higher your frequency.

Sit for a moment with your eyes closed and take a few deep breaths. Think of all ways that Universe has blessed you, even if your manifestations have not yet arrived.

Feel your energy expanding in gratitude and love towards the Universe for everything you have received in this lifetime. Including living in your body, your ability to hear music, read, smell, taste, sense, touch, and see the beauty around you.

2. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

To remind yourself of things you are grateful for and align yourself with the frequency of gratitude, you can create a designated gratitude journal where you daily write of important things in your life.

You can do it when you have free time or every morning or at night before you go to sleep. Think of everything in your life you wouldn’t want to lose.

Too often we recognize the importance of something in our lives only after we have already lost it. The pain and sadness of losing something we had taken for granted reveal the importance we didn’t realize before.

List whatever you have from your health, pets, and home to family and friends, and allow the feeling of gratitude to take over you.

3. Help People Around You

Help People Around You

Your family and loved ones, friends, pets, co-workers, and neighbors – every person and being you meet is an expression of the Universe. Relationships you build with them are your relationships with the Universe.

Think of ways you can be helpful to your community and the people around you. Think of ways you can share your love and support. Some things might seem small to you, but they might turn someone’s day around.

4. Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindness

Practice random acts of kindness. The person working long hours at the store, the mechanic who helps you repair your car, a stranger. All of them are people you cross paths with, and you always have a chance to make their day a little brighter.

You can give someone candy, or a flower, say a compliment from your heart, or write a positive and encouraging review to help their business grow. You don’t know the positive impact it can have on their mood and well-being.

Do this without any expectation and don’t expect them to respond in a certain way. Do this with a single intention – to share the love.

You can think of your childhood friend or someone else you haven’t spoken to in a long time. There might be some things you still feel were left unsaid, maybe even an apology that is on your mind. Don’t put it off and give them a call or write them a letter.

These are just a few ideas, ways you can share love, kindness, and excitement are endless.

5. Self Love

Self Love

Don’t forget that you are an expression of the Universe. How you treat yourself is also how you treat the Universe. Learn to appreciate and love yourself just as you are at this very moment.

Be kind to yourself and if you have a pattern of beating yourself up, choose guided meditations or spiritual practices to help you develop self-love and appreciate yourself for the beautiful, special, and unique person you are.

6. Follow Your Highest Excitement

Follow Your Highest Excitement

Too often we don’t listen to our desires and inner voice, believing that there are things that we “must do”. If we live our lives doing things we don’t enjoy and suppress the inner voice that tells us what we want, we are suppressing the Universe talking to us in the form of our intuition and inner guidance.

Following your highest excitement will lead you to new heights and levels of perception. It will strengthen your intuition and help you reach new levels of happiness in life.

The more you listen to your inner voice, the louder you will hear the voice of the Universe. Let your Higher Self guide you on your path and take action in the direction it’s showing you.

7. Volunteer


We often live life thinking of only what we can take from it. Instead, when you learn to think of everything as relationships, you will start to see that the more you give, the more you receive. It is irrelevant whom you are helping or sharing kindness with as it will always be returned to you.

Think of ways you can help someone even if you are not receiving anything in return. You can volunteer at a homeless kitchen or animal shelter or prepare gifts for an orphanage or nursing home.

Many people have little joy in their lives and feel forgotten by the world. You have an opportunity to brighten their day, and you might not even realize the positive impact you can have on others.

Pay attention that it is often more beneficial to do this in silence instead of telling others about your work. Sometimes we can inspire and encourage others to take on volunteer work, but more often than not, it can feed our “spiritual ego” and make us feel more important than others, including those we are helping.

Pay close attention to your feelings and ensure you are doing this from your pure heart instead of focusing on some benefits you might receive.

8. Be Kind

Be Kind

Be kind to all people you meet, including strangers. Even a brief interaction is a way for you to express kindness to another person.

Each person is an expression of the Universe, and by treating people kindly, you are treating this way the entire Universe.

9. Heal the Planet

Heal The Planet

You don’t need to join Greenpeace or attempt to stop global warming by yourself. But every smallest thing you do to help mother nature will be noticed by the Universe.

Rescuing and taking care of a pet from a shelter or picking up litter when you walk in a park will make a significant impact that the Universe will notice. These things might seem small to you, but remember that every corner of the Earth, plant, person, and being is a part and expression of the Universe.


Practice gratitude not only after your manifestations have arrived but also during the process of manifesting something. Daily gratitude practice is one of the most powerful ways to transform your reality by strengthening your relationship with the Universe.

Everyone you meet in your life is a part of the Universe, and so are you. Treat everyone around you with love and kindness, including yourself. And you will be impressed at how the Universe responds to you.