How To Manifest Friendship With a Specific Person

How To Manifest Friendship With A Specific Person

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. Energy flows in certain streams and currents, creating patterns known as frequencies. Like frequencies attract like frequencies.

Our thoughts and beliefs shape the reality we experience by attracting similar patterns and experiences in the outside world. This is called the Law of Attraction.

When manifesting mindfully, we consciously choose thoughts, words, and actions that will align us with our desired outcome in the physical world.

Is it possible to use manifestation to attract a friendship with a specific person? Doesn’t that go against their free will? What can you do to make it work?

There is a reason why the saying: “Your vibe attracts your tribe” is so popular. It is true in every sense, especially when it comes to manifesting.

To manifest friendship with a specific person, you need to purify your perception, visualize your friendship with them, align yourself with them energetically and in the physical world, practice gratitude and take inspired action.

If your soul path is compatible with the person you wish to befriend, and if you don’t have specific expectations from the person, then manifesting friendship with them does not go against their free will.

Know and trust fully that your manifesting abilities are strong and you can manifest the friendship with the person you desire to be friends with, regardless of their social status.

Too often, we doubt our ability to manifest our desired reality, and we don’t even realize that it is at the root of our inability to do so. The more fully you trust, the more you align yourself with what you desire. Manifesting friendship with a specific person is possible with these 9 steps below.

9 Steps To Manifest Friendship With a Specific Person

9 Steps To Manifest Friendship With A Specific Person

The Law of Attraction is also known as the Law of Mirroring. Your external reality mirrors your inner reality and vice versa. By restructuring your inner patterns, such as beliefs, emotions, and mental habits, you can restructure the events in your life.

When it comes to manifesting friendship with a specific person, the most important tip to keep in mind is “Be the friend you wish to have!”!

As the reality you experience and see around you is a direct reflection of the reality within you, you will attract the type, quality, and level of friends that will mirror your qualities. If you are a loyal, kind, loving friend, you will attract that from others as well.

1. Cleanse the Lens of Your Perception

The way we perceive and think of reality depends on our perception. As a result, we manifest whatever we believe. If we believe we are at the mercy of random events and circumstances, this will indeed be true.

If instead, we choose to believe that we are the creators of our life experiences, it will become true for us.

2. Visualize Friendship With the Person

When you desire friendship with a particular person, usually there is a reason for it. Chances are this friendship will bring joy and expansion into your life and bring new, exciting experiences.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself in an imaginary scenario with the person. Imagine you two already being friends and having a great time together.

  • Where do you see these events taking place?
  • Are you in a cafe, at your house, in a bar, or in a library?
  • What are you doing together?
  • How do you feel when you are with this person?

The better you can imagine and visualize these scenarios, the more likely you are to manifest friendship with them.

3. Align Yourself With Them Energetically

Often when we want to be friends with someone, we might hold a subconscious belief that this person is somehow better than us or above us in a social hierarchy.

This belief creates energetic misalignment, and it might harm your chances of manifesting a friendship with them.

Close your eyes and visualize the person standing in front of you.

  • How does it make you feel?
  • Do you feel relaxed, trusting, and fully present?
  • Or does their presence make you feel nervous and self-conscious?

If the second is the case, you might believe they are somehow more important or better than you. Maybe you believe they hold a higher social status than you.

You must work with these beliefs and recognize that nobody is more or less important than you. Relax into these feelings and, without trying to change them or resist them allow them to take over your body completely.

Eventually, you will start to feel the resistance getting weaker, and you will begin to energetically attune to the person.

4. Work With Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs can truly hinder your ability to manifest. Journal to recognize all beliefs you hold about why the potential friendship might not work out.

  • Do you believe they are too far away?
  • Do you believe you are not interesting enough to be their friend?
  • Do you worry they might not want to be friends?

Don’t censor yourself, and be as honest as possible when writing down your beliefs.

As you write down your limiting beliefs, you will start to become more aware of them. This will bring them from your subconscious to your conscious mind. Therefore, they will become much easier to transmute and alchemize.

The very process of writing down these limiting beliefs and fears will launch the process of transformation within your beliefs.

Eventually, as you follow other tips in this article, you will notice how these beliefs start to transform into positive beliefs.

5. Be a Friend You Wish to Have

The people you attract in your life and the way they treat you is a direct reflection of yourself and different aspects of you.

Think of qualities and attributes you wish your friend to have. Think of how you wish them to treat you. Consider your character and qualities and think of steps you can take to embody these qualities yourself.

If you desire them to treat you kindly, respectfully, and with love, ask yourself if you are treating yourself with kindness, respect, and love. If not, journal about ways you can change your behavior and attitude towards yourself.

As soon as you do, you will notice the changes in your reality and that people around you have also started treating you differently.

6. Align Yourself With Them in the Physical World

Even if you take all the other steps and tips outlined in this article but live far away from the person you wish to be friends with, it might be more difficult for your manifestation to come true than if you lived in the same city.

There is no question that the universe provides us with miraculous opportunities when we start our manifestation journey. However, we also have to take steps to align ourselves with the person.

Do you have any mutual friends or acquaintances? Don’t get attached to a particular way how you will meet the person. But consider and contemplate as many different options as possible.

Doing so will program your subconscious mind to look for opportunities to meet the person you didn’t realize before.

7. Take Inspired Action

Don’t be afraid to take steps toward a friendship with the person. If you truly desire to get to know them, start talking to them or smile when they look at you.

Every situation is different, and you will know what is the most appropriate for your particular situation. But generally, you don’t need to wait for them to reach out to you first or be the ones to start a conversation with you.

You never know; maybe they are shy and are just waiting for you to take the first step!

8. Trust Fully

The universe always has your best interests in mind, so make sure to let all of your concerns go and trust as fully as possible.

Don’t doubt that you can manifest what you desire, and don’t doubt that it is possible. Don’t doubt that the universe can provide you with everything you need and desire.

You have taken steps to align yourself with the person – now it is time to relax and allow the universe to take over and carry out your desire for a beautiful and mutually harmonious friendship with the person!

9. Practice Gratitude

The last but not least important step is practicing gratitude for your beautiful friendship. Gratitude is one of the most important steps in manifesting as it aligns you with the frequency of already having received your desired experience.

Allow yourself to feel deep gratitude even before you have received your blessings and before your manifestations have come true. The more you do this, the sooner your manifestations will arrive!


Everything is made out of energy and frequencies – so are you and the people around you. Although there are various structures and social hierarchies, no one is ever really above or below you.

All humans are equal, and all have equal rights and potential. When you start looking at the world this way, you will recognize that manifesting friendship is possible with just about anyone.

Except for situations when your soul and life path are vibrationally out of tune with the other person, and they have a very different path to walk.

If this is the case, it shouldn’t be a disappointment to you because if your soul blueprint is not matching someone else’s life path, it means you will meet people whose friendship will be much more beneficial to you, and you will receive much more joy and happiness out of your friendship with them.