How To Manifest Rain (Step-by-Step Guide)

How To Manifest Rain

People have been using manifestation for hundreds of years to get what they want. Some have met their soulmate, gotten their dream job, and achieved their goals. But the beautiful thing about manifestation is that its applications are numerous. Once your energy is positive, you can manifest phone calls, texts, a smile, and, yes, even the rain.

If you genuinely believe in yourself and the power of the universe, you can manifest the rain.

So how can one manifest rain?

Manifestation is mainly about being true to yourself, so, to begin, you’ll have to clarify why you want it to rain. Then meditate and visualize it, eliminate self-doubt, write and recite positive affirmations, relax and let the universe take control.

However, there’s a lot you need to know before successfully manifesting rain, and here, we’ll be giving you a thorough guide.

Clarify Why You Want To Manifest

Clarify Why You Want To Manifest

It’s impossible to manifest without fully understanding what you want. But wanting something is not enough; you’ll have to tell the universe why you want it.

Are you manifesting because you need it for your agricultural farm or because your town has not seen rain for a while? Clarify it. Because if you want to manifest the rain to ruin someone’s day or cause harm to someone, the universe will not respond to you. The universe needs to know that your intentions are pure.

If your mind is not set on something or you can’t seem to focus on a particular chain of thoughts, get yourself a manifestation journal. This is perfect because it’ll help you be specific; also, there’s a power that comes with written words.

If you already have a journal, open a new page and title it Rain Manifestation. In it, you can write down why you want to manifest rain, when you want the rain to fall, how heavy you want the rainfall, and where you want it to fall.

When answering the above questions, don’t be afraid to be specific. Write it down if you want rain at exactly 12:30 PM on a particular date and what good will it do to you.

Meditate and Visualize The Rain

Meditate And Visualize The Rain

Meditation and visualization are fundamental aspects of any manifestation process. After you must have written why and how you want the rain in your manifestation journal, visualize it.

However, before you start visualizing, you need to find a quiet and peaceful place. Somewhere you’d be alone, and there will be no interference. Also, you need to be relaxed. So listen to soothing music, drink a cup of tea, watch a movie, or do anything to purge your mind of life’s troubles. Once your mind is clear, start meditating.

After meditation, start visualizing. This is where you have to be creative, imaginative, and positive. Immerse yourself in the feeling. Visualize how the rain sounds on your rooftop, the smell, how the sky looks when it starts to rain, and how cold it gets. Just remember how it’s when it rains and immerse yourself in that feeling.

Visualization is powerful and helps your mood. It also creates a positive energy that is required for a successful manifestation.

Editor’s Comments

Breathing meditation is the best for manifestation. Ideally, you should spend 30 minutes meditating and another on visualizing.

Eliminate Personal Doubts

Eliminate Personal Doubts

Unfortunately, self-doubt is one of the biggest adversaries of manifestation. That lack of belief can be why your efforts come up unfruitful. So ensure you eliminate them.

They often come as thoughts, words in your head telling you that you’re wasting your time or that it’s impossible. These thoughts corrupt your mind and force you to radiate negative energy.

For example, thoughts like “I can never manifest rain, it’s simply impossible” or “I can’t control the weather, I’m a nobody.” You’ll never manifest rain if you don’t learn to eliminate this chain of thoughts.

Sometimes, you can’t really stop them but instead of dwelling on them, visualize your desired rain. This will quickly change your mood and energy.

Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Another way you can eliminate self-doubts is by constantly reciting positive words to yourself. As we’ve said before, words are very powerful and play a vital role in every manifestation process.

Affirmations lead to visualization, which in turn creates positive energy. So whenever you feel the elements of disbelief creeping in, start saying positive things to yourself.

For example, you can say things like, “I believe in myself, and I can do it,” “I have manifested, and it’s going to rain,”

Also, remember that saying those words is not enough; you have to believe them. That’s the only way they’d have any effect.

The goal of affirmations is to bring positivity, so if you feel your mood lifted after doing it, you’re on the right path. Vision boards can help too.

Let It Go


Letting go is one of the hardest parts of manifestation. After clarifying and visualizing the type of rain you want, you must let go and allow the universe to work.

Most times, people obsess with the outcome of their manifestation and start to stress when they don’t see results.

Stop looking for the signs, and it’s not your job. Stop checking the weather channel or going outside to watch the sky. Your job is to ensure you maintain positive thoughts, and you can do this through affirmations.

The Bottom Line

There’s no limit to what you can do with the power of manifestation. Millions of people are using the law of attraction to get what they want, and if it’s rain you desire, the law of attraction can help with that too.

To manifest rain, you have to purge yourself of negative thoughts. Clarify why you want it to rain, and write it down too. Go somewhere quiet to meditate and visualize, say positive things to yourself to eliminate self-doubts, and finally, step back and trust the universe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to manifest anything?

Yes, anything you believe, you can manifest.

What is the easiest way to manifest?

Be positive, clarify what you want, visualize, believe, and let go.