How To Manifest Someone To Ask You Out

How To Manifest Someone To Ask You Out

No matter who you want to ask you out, a crush, friend, someone in your life, or someone you don’t even know, it’s possible to make a reality with manifesting.

Manifesting people has been a controversial topic for quite some time. Some people say you’re being manipulative and forcing something that shouldn’t happen. Others say it’s the same as manifesting any other thing in your life.

The latter is correct. You’re not forcing anything; you’re only putting the energy out there. You’re creating a line of energy through focus, and if the person likes you, they’ll follow your energy trail, which leads them to you.

So how do you manifest someone to ask you out?

Think about who you want to ask you out and why, and visualize hanging out with that person. Eliminate beliefs that may be holding you back and detach from the outcome.

Continue reading to learn how to manifest someone to ask you out.

1. Who Do You Want To Ask You Out?

Who Do You Want To Ask You Out?

Being here must mean you already have an image of the person you want to ask you out. Knowing the person is important, but what if I told you you could manifest someone based on the person’s features?

That’s right, if you don’t have any specific person in mind, you can think about the physical qualities and personality of the person you want to ask you out. You can even think of the hobbies you want them to have.

The key is to be as specific as possible and have a mental image of the person you want to ask you out. Should they be 5’8, romantic, and like watching movies? Creating a mental image is the first step to manifesting someone to ask you out.

2. Why Should They Ask You Out?

Ask Out

Knowing why you want someone to ask you out is one of the most important parts of the manifestation process. The universe only grants positive desires, so if you’re trying to manifest someone to ask you out for a negative reason, think again.

And what do I mean by a negative reason? Jealousy, hate, and so on. For example, let’s say you’re a woman trying to manifest a man. If he’s already with another woman, you shouldn’t expect the universe to break them up just to satisfy your wants.

Your reason for manifesting should be positive. Positive reasons can include loneliness, you need a new friend, etc.

3. Visualize


After answering the who and why, the next step is to visualize. Visualizing is living in the end result of your manifestation. Feel the emotion you would feel if the person you’re manifesting asked you out.

Visualize how the person would ask you out and where you would go. You can visualize you both going to the cinema and seeing a movie while holding hands. Go a step further, think about what you’ll do immediately after the person asks you out. Are you going to text your friends to tell them how excited you are or post on your Instagram story?

Visualizing helps you match the vibration of what you want and attract it. It’s an exercise that’s good for manifesting and helps you stay positive. So how frequently should you visualize?

You can visualize once or more daily. It only takes a few minutes, but you must do it when you’re least distracted. For some people, this is immediately they wake up from sleep. Others prefer to do it before they go to sleep at night. Find what works for you.

4. Journal


Journaling isn’t compulsory, but it helps you get serious about your manifestation. Our brains think of too many things daily, so trying to keep everything you’re manifesting in your brain may not work.

Journaling helps you process your thoughts well, and it’s great to have something to look back on when you achieve your manifestations. So how do you use journals? Write everything from who you want to ask you out to why you want them to ask you out in the dated pages of your journal.

You can also write down the things you visualized. Keep your journal open so you can quickly jot your thoughts as they come.

5. Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

A common problem people have with manifesting, especially people new to manifesting, is having doubts. Yes, it’s normal to have doubts, but if you let them stay in your head for too long, you’ll be hindering the success of your manifestation.

Your journal is a great way to eliminate limiting beliefs as they come. Don’t fight them, the next step will tell you how to get rid of them. Just write them down as they come, and acknowledge them.

6. Recite Affirmations

Recite Affirmations

After acknowledging the beliefs holding you back, the next step is to replace them with positive thoughts. Affirmations are positive statements that keep all the negativity out of your head.

The best affirmations are the ones you make yourself. From the limiting thoughts you wrote down earlier, create opposite, positive short statements that can raise your vibration and give you the positivity you need to actualize your manifestation.

Your affirmations can be something like this:

  • I am attractive enough to get asked out on a date
  • I get along very well with people
  • I deserve to find the right person.

Your affirmations should reflect what you would say to a friend who needed encouragement.

7. Take Action

Take Action

It’s not enough to manifest and remain in your shell. You’re not going to give the universe enough chances to grant your desire. If you want your crush to ask you out and you’re not talking to them, there’s a slim chance they’ll ask you out.

Put yourself out there and do your part to ensure you get what you manifested.

8. Detach From the Outcome

Detach From The Outcome

After you’ve manifested, you don’t need to start thinking about how you’ll get what you manifested. As long as you’ve done your part, leave the rest to the universe. Keep your vibes up, and be optimistic that you’ll get what you manifested.

Final Thoughts

Your thoughts shape your reality, so if you want that special person to ask you out, it’s as simple as thinking it into existence. Remember to know exactly what you want, visualize, eliminate limiting beliefs, recite affirmations, take action and let go.