How To Powerfully Manifest a Phone Call

How To Manifest A Phone Call

There are times when you’re thinking about someone, and suddenly, a call from that person comes in. Do you know that this isn’t just a coincidence? Do you know it’s possible to control your thoughts and manifest a phone call from someone? 

People have used the power of manifestation for many years to create a reality for themselves, from the people they want, to the jobs they like, and even more specifically, a call from someone. 

So how can you manifest a phone call?

Firstly, be calm, confident, and remember that you’ve done it before, even if you didn’t realize it then. Focus and create the intention in your mind, meditate, and imagine you’ve already received the call. Stay positive, relax, and let the universe take control.

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about manifesting a phone call.

How To Powerfully Manifest a Phone Call

Manifesting a phone call is a great way to start your manifestation journey. It helps you understand the basics of the law of attraction, and from there, you can go on to manifest bigger things.

Here are ways you can powerfully manifest a phone call. 

1. Create an Intention and Be Very Specific

Create An Intention And Be Very Specific

Like every manifestation journey, it starts with you. The universe has ears, so it listens when you speak to it. But you’ll have to be very specific about what you want.

Get yourself a manifestation journal and write down the person, time, and reason you want to receive the call. Repeat it to yourself and let it be all you think of. In doing this, you’re emitting energy into the universe. 

Another essential thing to write in your journal is why you want the call. You must let the universe know if your intentions are pure or harmful. If your desire for manifestation is fueled by harmful feelings like jealousy, hatred, and desperation, those are the exact feelings you’ll attract. 

On the other hand, if your intentions are based on love, peace, and working things out, you’ll attract that too. For example, you can write something like, “I want a call from John so that we’ll work things out.”

2. Visualize Your Dreams

Visualize Your Dreams

After outlining your intentions, go somewhere private to meditate on them. This is a crucial part of the process, and you should ensure that there are no interruptions or disturbances.

Think about the person you expect the call from. Imagine them picking up their phone and going through their contact list before choosing you. Imagine where they are as they call you, what they’re wearing, and how they’re feeling, be specific about everything. There’s no limit to what the mind can think, so you’re free to visualize deeply.

You can also visualize your phone ringing, you saying ‘hello,’ the things you’ll talk about, and the length of the call. This should create a feeling of joy and positive energy that the universe absorbs and reciprocates.

Furthermore, visualization is a continuous process; it never stops. You can take a mental break at work or in class to visualize. It raises your spirit and ensures your energy remains positive. 

Editor’s Tip

Spend 5 minutes silently meditating and visualizing the call. Repeat it three times a day, preferably in the morning right when you wake up, during the day, and before falling asleep at night.

3. Be wary of Doubts

Be Wary Of Doubts

The universe doesn’t conform to the constraints of time. So you can never really be sure when you will manifest the call. But as you complete the other steps, doubt is one thing you should be wary of. Doubt can ruin and even destroy the entire process.

This is simply because doubt is an energy, a negative one, and the law of attraction states that the energy you give the universe is what it’ll return to you. So failing to believe yourself will only hurt you.

Your mind creates these doubtful thoughts to protect you from future disappointments. Let them go, believe in yourself, and radiate positive vibes only. Once you realize your mind’s power, the universe will start working in your favor.

4. Affirmations


There’s a power that’s attached to saying out words loudly. Words have energy, and you can utilize it to your advantage. 

Affirmations are little positive statements you can say to yourself to boost morale and stay motivated. If you can say them while maintaining a positive attitude, you’ll be doing yourself a world of good.

This also applies to the way you communicate with people. Avoid using negative words; for example, when someone asks you if you’ve received the call, instead of replying negatively, you can say something like, “The call is coming soon. I’m not worried.” Positivity makes manifestation easier.

Here are some more positive affirmations you can recite.

  • (Person’s name) will call me. I don’t have to worry.
  • (Person’s name) is thinking about me and wants to call me.

5. Let It Go

Let It Go

The hardest part of your manifestation process is letting go. But it’s also the most important part because everything can go down the drain if you get it wrong. 

So once you’ve completed the above steps, take a break. Stop checking your phone for calls every few minutes or asking around to see if the person said anything about calling you. Doing this will only make you desperate, stressed, and emotionally tired. If you continue on that path, you’ll unknowingly start to radiate negative energy.

Be confident and believe in the universe. Instead of checking your phones, spend time visualizing, meditating, and saying positive things to yourself.

The Bottom Line

Manifesting a phone call is not as difficult as people make it. In fact, you might have actually done it before, even if you didn’t know. Luckily, with the power of manifestation and the law of attraction, you can now do it whenever you like.

To begin, you’ll have to create an intention and write it down. Then spend time meditating and visualizing receiving the call. Eliminate any disbelief in your life, shower yourself with words of affirmations, and learn to let go. 

Do all this while maintaining a positive mindset, and you’ll be receiving that call in no time.