How To Do a Manifestation Ritual (Step-by-Step)

How To Do A Manifestation Ritual

If you intend to design and live the life of your dreams, the manifestation ritual can be a great practice to incorporate into your life. Manifestation rituals can be a part of your mental and emotional self-care. It is a powerful tool you can use to create the life of your dreams. 

To create your manifestation ritual, you must surround yourself with the energetic frequencies you are trying to manifest. You have to pick the right time, choose and design a manifestation space, pick the right background music, and create a manifestation journal. If you follow these steps, you will set the space for a truly powerful manifestation ritual.

Your manifestation ritual has to match and express your unique taste and vibrational signature. Only you can know all the details that will express it.

To help you with this exciting task, we have created a comprehensive guide for you to use when creating your manifestation ritual. 

10 Tips for a Manifestation Ritual

Your manifestation ritual has to be as inspiring and joyful for you as possible. It has to be designed according to your authentic wishes and desires.

These ten tips will serve as an outline for creating your unique manifestation ritual, but always listen to your intuition and make adjustments based on it.

Your soul will help you in the process of creating a manifestation ritual that will be perfect specifically for you. 

1. Pick the Time

Pick The Time

A ritual is a sequence of actions you perform with a specific goal. Rituals can be performed daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Based on your specific manifestation intentions, you need to decide how consistent you want to be with your practice. 

You can also combine multiple of these, for example, performing a smaller daily ritual and a larger monthly and yearly ritual. Listen to your body and feel what resonates with you the most.

Daily Rituals

You can pick a specific time of the day, for example, doing it as a part of your morning routine or right before you go to sleep.

Your subconscious mind is particularly open to suggestions right after you wake up and before you fall asleep. Doing your ritual daily will strengthen your manifestation abilities and help you enter your desired reality more swiftly than doing it less often.

Weekly Rituals

Alternatively, you can choose to do a weekly ritual.

Keep in mind that each day is connected to a different planet and element; therefore, you can tap into different energies more effectively on particular days. Think about your manifestation goals and objectives you have with your ritual.

Use this list to decide which day will be the best for your weekly ritual:

  • Monday – Moon. The best day for deeply connecting with your emotional and subconscious world.
  • Tuesday – Mars. The best day to do rituals related to building confidence and assertiveness. 
  • Wednesday – Mercury. The best day to improve your communication abilities with others and the world at large. 
  • Thursday – Jupiter. The best day to do rituals for bringing luck and opportunities into your life.
  • Friday – Venus. Best for rituals related to love, beauty, harmony, and abundance.
  • Saturday – Saturn. The best day to strengthen your masculine qualities, such as discipline, focus, and mastery of time. 
  • Sunday – Sun. The potent energy of the Sun is related to your soul and your ego; it is the best day for rituals related to success, self-expression, and personal achievements.

Monthly Rituals

Monthly rituals can be very powerful, as humans, nature, and the world at large are greatly affected by the movements of the Moon. You can purchase or create your own Moon Calendar.

Rituals during the New Moon generally focus on setting intentions and new beginnings. Full Moon is the perfect time to cleanse, re-charge, release the unwanted from your life, and manifest your desired reality. 

Yearly RItuals

You can create a specific manifestation ritual that you repeat yearly by tapping into the potent energies of the Sun. The most powerful times for this are the Summer and the Winter Solstice. 

2. Choose the Space

Choose The Space

It’s great if you can create a designated ritual space. It can be in a specific corner of your room, your kitchen, or even the bathroom if there is enough space and you intend to do ritual baths.

If you live in a smaller apartment, doing the ritual in your room is perfectly fine; you just have to set the right mood.

If you live with your family or others, your space might be limited, and you might want extra privacy, but don’t let that discourage you instead, think creatively!

You can choose a place in nature, such as a forest, seaside, meadow, or mountains, where you go for ritual purposes. 

If you have your own living space, you can create an altar for your spiritual practice and manifestation rituals.

3. Set the Intention

Set The Intention

Before starting your manifestation journey, you need to know exactly what you are trying to manifest. This will help you shape your ritual. Your manifestation goals might include:

  • a new job,
  • a healthy body,
  • harmonious relationship,
  • living your purpose,
  • dream job,
  • abundance and wealth.

Being clear with your intentions will help you shape your ritual. Refer to point one to choose the best days for your ritual, but it will be effective even if you do it on other days of the week.

Being clear with your intentions will also help you set the right mood for fulfilling your particular manifestation intentions.

4. Prepare the Surroundings

Prepare The Surroundings

You can do your manifestation ritual with no extra tools. Your focus, mood, and mindset are the key factors.

However, the more intention you bring into preparing and setting up the space, the more your environment will help you attract exactly the energy you seek. 

Clean the room and take a shower or bath yourself. Make sure everything is in order. Check that there are no unnecessary things, no dust, no broken items, and no photos of people you miss or have lost. You want to remove everything that symbolizes lack.

Smudge the place. You can do it with white sage, palo santo, mugwort, or other high-frequency herbs. Afterward, you can light an incense you like. Research properties of various incense herbs and choose depending on your manifestation intention.

Surround yourself with crystals, figurines, and images of saints you resonate with, cards, talismans, shells, and other natural objects that inspire you. These items have a positive frequency and will help strengthen your intentions.

Light a candle or, if possible, a fireplace. When choosing a candle, use a color that inspires you the most.

Bring flowers into your room. Fresh flowers will help you set the right mood for your manifestation ritual.

5. Pick Music and Sounds

Pick Music And Sounds

For your manifestation ritual, pick peaceful background music that uplifts your soul. You can also do it in total silence, but music, such as mantras or shamanic songs, can be very helpful.

Alternatively, you can pick nature sounds, such as the sound of rain, fire, seaside wind, or bird songs. Another great option is guided meditations with resonating intention. 

6. Manifestation Journal

Manifestation Journal

Get yourself a journal that you will use for manifestation only.

Choose a journal that stands out to you as particularly beautiful, reflecting your taste and the future you want to manifest. This will inspire you to write more in your journal and cherish it. 

7. Start With Relaxation and Breathing

Start With Relaxation And Breathing

The more relaxed you are during your ritual and daily life, the more energy can flow through your body and mind unrestricted, and the more open you become to manifesting the new in your life.

Do a moment of mindful breathing or even breathing exercises, such as pranayama, whenever you start your manifestation ritual. 

As you do the mindful breathing, observe your body and relax all parts of it one by one. This will tremendously strengthen your manifestation abilities.

8. Meditation


After you have done mindful breathing and relaxation exercise, it is a perfect time for meditation. You can choose a guided meditation or simply sit in silence and observe your breath as you inhale and exhale slowly and mindfully.

Don’t try to push your thoughts away, but don’t follow them also. Think of them as clouds in the sky that come and go. 

Depending on your experience level, you can do meditation anywhere from five minutes up to an hour or even longer. Feel whatever feels good and inspiring to you.

Meditation might seem difficult at first if you are not used to it, but it becomes enjoyable the more you do it. Meditation will make your mind a fertile ground for the thoughts that will help you manifest your intentions

9. Gratitude


Too often, we focus on things we don’t yet have or desire to make our life more complete. Doing this only helps us manifest more lack.

Instead, try to focus on everything you already have in your life and allow the sense of gratitude to take over your whole body. You can journal daily about things you are grateful for. 

Gratitude puts you in a state of already having what you desire, which acts as a magnet for attracting wonderful experiences into your life.

10. Full Trust

Full Trust

Your success in manifestation will depend on your ability to trust fully. When you have set your intentions, it is the time to trust that Universe will deliver what you want and need in the shape and form that is best for you.

Don’t overthink about the ways it will be delivered. Leave that task to the Universe. There are many things you can’t predict that are known to the Universe. 

So while having full trust and confidence that your desires will manifest, keep your eyes open, as they might come in from a completely different side than you expected.


If you want to manifest your dream life, the tips in this article don’t only apply to the times you are doing the ritual. They are also applicable to your daily life.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things that resonate with your intentions, relaxing, feeling gratitude every moment, and trusting that you will receive what your heart desires are suggestions you should apply to your daily life. 

If you do a manifestation ritual but stress and worry during your daily life, your rituals won’t work. Rituals set your intention, and it is up to you to continue carrying it out every moment of your day. When you learn to do that, your dreams will start manifesting in no time.