10 Tips To Manifest Your Dream Body

How To Manifest Your Dream Body

Our body is the vehicle that carries us through our lives. It is the material expression of your soul.

You can think of your body as a miraculous machine that helps you live in a physical reality. We often want our bodies to be perfect, healthy, and good-looking.

But often, we do it at the expense of other areas in our lives, and at times we can become so obsessed with the way our body looks that we start disregarding its wants and needs. To manifest your dream body, you need to energetically attune yourself to it and its needs.

As your body is a reflection of your soul, it is possible to manifest your dream body. Some of the steps you must take to manifest your dream body will be counterintuitive.

You have to connect deeply with yourself and find the right motivation, put envy aside, take self-loving actions and develop self-care rituals. This will help your body feel loved and cherished, and it will respond by transforming in the way you most desire.

These 10 tips listed below are some of the most powerful tools to help you on your journey toward your dream body. It is possible to manifest your dream body if you are truly committed to it.

10 Tips To Manifest Your Dream Body

As a society, we currently often believe that our bodies should fit certain standards for us to be loved. This can cause us a lot of suffering and sadness and be expressed as an endless chase for perfection.

This often leads us to believe that there is something wrong with us. But in reality, our body is much more than that. Thanks to our bodies, our souls can have a physical shape and experience living in the material world.

When we look at our body this way, it becomes a vehicle for our self-expression and our embodiment. When we start treating ourselves with love and kindness, our body starts adjusting and reflecting our attitude by responding to our desires as well.

Like everything in your life, you need to establish a healthy relationship with your body. We rarely look at it this way as we simply think of our body as something we own, but it is not all so simple.

Our body has its own feelings, regardless of whether we are aware of that. Therefore, learning to connect with your body, listening to it, and establishing a healthy connection is crucial for your manifestation journey.

1. Find the Right Type of Motivation

Find The Right Type Of Motivation

You attract to your life that which you focus on and exude. As long as you come from a place of lack, you will only be manifesting and attracting even more lack.

If you are motivated by envy, jealousy, or fear that you are not good enough, this type of motivation will only get you that far. It won’t manifest the desired results, and even when you have the body you’ve been dreaming of, you will still feel like you are not good enough.

If you are trying to impress someone and get their validation or approval, no matter what body type you achieve, you won’t feel the sense of satisfaction and contentment you are looking for.

Instead, find the right way of motivating yourself. Think of how you will feel when you have a healthy body that makes you go through life with ease and grace. A body that feels good to live in! This way, you will be moving toward what you want instead of running away from what you don’t.

2. Self Love

Self Love

To manifest your dream body, you first have to connect with yourself and discover how to be more loving towards yourself.

If you don’t treat yourself well and have negative thoughts about yourself, your body will reflect that. Pay close attention to your desires and needs.

Does your body feel like it needs more rest? Are you working too hard?

Is there too little fun and play in your life? Are you too hard on yourself while working out at the gym?

All of these things can hurt how your body feels and therefore looks.

3. Self Care

Self Care

Feeling your soul’s and body’s needs and desires and giving yourself what you need is a must when it comes to manifesting your dream body.

Too often, people neglect their body at the present moment, thinking that once they have the body they want, they will treat it with love.

Write a list of things that make your body feel good. Among these can be a massage, stretching, going to the spa, or a walk in a park.

Whenever you feel like you need to be more loving towards yourself, or feel like you’ve been neglecting yourself, take a look at this list and immediately do a thing or two.

4. Connect With Your Body

Connect 2

Establish a relationship with your body by closely listening to what it tells you. Observe your body throughout the day and learn to recognize what your body feels.

Is it tired? Is there extra energy that needs to be discharged? Is it craving movement or nourishment at this moment?

The better you become at recognizing your body’s needs, the stronger your connection with your body will be. The stronger this connection – the greater your chances of manifesting your dream body.

5. Love Your Body

Love Your Body

This might sound counterintuitive as you are trying to manifest your dream body which looks different from the body you currently have.

However, if you look at your body with dissatisfaction and disrespect, you will only manifest more of the things you don’t like if you think and talk badly about it.

Instead, learn to focus on things you like about your body, focus on them and appreciate them as much as possible.

As your positive feelings about your body increase, so will the speed of positive changes. As a daily practice, you can learn to look in the mirror and tell yourself aloud everything you like about yourself and your body.

Your body will feel your loving intention and respond by transforming the way you want it to.

6. Don’t Envy Others

Don'T Envy Others

Envying others and their success is the fastest road towards a disaster, especially when it comes to manifesting.

Looking at others with respect and admiration makes you inspired and want to become a better version of yourself. Looking at others with envy makes you energetically shrink and feel like you are worse than others.

If you feel envious and don’t know how to stop feeling that way, for some time, remove yourself from people or situations that make you feel envious, as these feelings can be toxic for your self-development.

Many useful youtube videos can help you work with your envy and understand where it is coming from.

7. Take Inspired Action

Take Inspired Action

Too often, people assume that manifestation is about thinking positively, believing their desires will come true, and not taking any tangible steps towards achieving their goals.

Don’t be one of these people! When you have a clear vision of how you want your body to look, create an action plan and take steps towards making your dream body a reality.

Break down your goals into smaller daily steps you can take. Being dedicated and consistent and doing it daily will help you re-wire your neural pathways and achieve your dream body much faster.

If you don’t put in the effort towards being consistent and only workout or eat well once in a while, the changes you are dreaming of won’t be possible.

8. Be Kind to Yourself

Be Kind To Yourself

Being kind to yourself means not only treating your body with love and respect but also being kind to your mind and respectful of your journey.

Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t change overnight. That is normal.

It takes time for your body to change, and it takes time for new neural connections to form. Be your own best friend and remind yourself that even setbacks are a natural part of any journey!

9. Heal Your Emotional Traumas

Heal Your Emotional Traumas

Often it is our inner critic and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in our previous patterns. When changing your behavior or thought patterns are difficult, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Instead, look into ways to re-program your subconscious mind. You can do it with the help of a therapist, a shaman, or by researching these topics yourself. Instead of judging where you are, start exploring the path that led you here.

10. Enjoy Your Journey

Enjoy Your Journey

Manifesting your dream body won’t happen overnight, but with patience and focus, it will happen sooner than you think.

To stay on your path and not lose faith, make your journey as exciting, enjoyable, and adventurous as possible.

Think of healthy and wholesome ways to reward yourself for staying on your path and implement them in your daily routine.


Patience, consistency, and dedication are the keys you need when manifesting your dream body. Instead of focusing on things you don’t like about your body, learn to be kind, gentle, loving, and supportive towards yourself on this journey.

Don’t envy others, and take inspired action. The change won’t happen overnight, but if you follow the steps outlined in this article, you will be taking steady steps toward manifesting your dream body.