How Long Does Manifestation Take (9 Factors To Consider)

How Long Does Manifestation Take

Everything in the universe is made of energy. Energy flows in streams and patterns, known as frequencies and vibrations.

Manifestation utilizes the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like. Whatever you resonate with, you attract to your life. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions attract your external reality.

For this reason, you often hear sayings such as: “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. Many subtle factors determine how long it takes for your manifestation to come true.

When you have mastered the art of manifestation, it can take a day or even less for your manifestation to come true. The subtle details that determine the speed of your manifestation are your beliefs, your trust, your frequency, your emotions and mental habits, and even your diet!

The more you practice manifesting, the better at it you will get. Often it takes moving subconscious blocks and recognizing your blind spots, but it is all possible when you invest your time and energy into it.

Manifesting is similar to a muscle – if you never use it, it won’t grow. If you use it often, it grows and becomes strong.

If you struggle with manifesting, apply the tips below, and you will be mind blown at the speed your manifestations come true!

9 Factors of How Long Does Manifestation Take

9 Factors Of How Long Does Manifestation Take

Many psychics and occult scientists have stated that manifesting is almost instant on higher planes of existence. As soon as you imagine something, you attract it to you.

Here on planet Earth, in physical reality, manifesting takes time because matter is the densest form of energy. Can you imagine what would happen if all your random thoughts instantly came true?

If you desire to master the art of manifestation and increase the speed of your manifestations, the tips below will show you where you might be going wrong and point you in the right direction.

1. Your Emotional Cords

If you have strong emotional cords with some people or places, it might slow down the manifesting process.

For example, suppose you desire to move across the country and have been manifesting it but subconsciously don’t want to leave your friends and family behind. In that case, you might be emotionally attached to your current location.

Or if you are manifesting a new boyfriend, but at the same time, a lot of your energy and thoughts go towards your previous lover, very little energy is left for you to manifest the desired outcome.

Don’t beat yourself up if you discover that this is true for you. Most of us simultaneously hold opposite desires, and it is entirely normal.

If you feel that your inner conflict is bothering you, you can look into psychological techniques that help you address this issue, such as Teal Swan’s Parts Work.

Parts Work (What is Parts Work and How To Do It)

2. Your Limiting Beliefs

We pick up beliefs from society and our parents while growing up, and with time they grow deep roots in our subconscious minds. They might have been truthful in some context or even valuable for us at a particular time, but now they might be holding us back.

We often believe things that limit us and prevent us from reaching our fullest potential.

Common limiting beliefs include: “I am not worthy of success”, “I have failed many times in the past, it means I will fail in the future”, “All rich people are evil,” and others.

Limiting beliefs are roadblocks on your path to happiness and effective manifestation. One of the best tools for processing limiting beliefs is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You can find many worksheets and guides online.

You can also check out the workbook Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks, written by professor Seth J. Gillihan.

3. Your Frequency

Your vibrational frequency determines your ability to manifest. The higher our frequency, the more capable we are of manifesting our dreams and goals, and the faster it works.

You can research the vibrational scale of emotions and compare it to the emotions you feel most often. This will help you determine if you are on the right track. Besides emotions, your frequency is determined by your thoughts, actions, surroundings, and diet.

If you spend a lot of time with toxic or negative people, engage in drama and rumors, or if you consume a lot of media, all of these can lower your frequency to a great degree and lower your manifestation abilities.

Research ways that can help you increase your frequency and do them daily!

4. Your Surroundings

If you are surrounded by negative people who often complain, if you don’t invest time to decorate, clean, and harmonize your living space, it might tremendously slow down your manifesting speed.

Your surroundings are a reflection of your inner world and vice versa.

To improve your manifesting abilities, take time to decorate your space according to your taste and sense of beauty. The more your environment inspires and uplifts you, the better you will get at manifesting.

5. Your Trust

If you say your affirmations and do manifesting rituals but doubt if they are working, you are doing yourself a disservice.

The more you trust the universe, the more you open yourself up to receiving blessings! Your manifesting abilities are proportionate to your ability to trust!

If you are struggling with this, try using affirmations, and practice gratitude, as these will align you with the emotional state of receiving.

6. Your Mental Habits

Your mental habits determine the success and speed of your manifestations. If you are used to negative thought patterns, chances are you are subconsciously manifesting yourself more trouble.

Learn to look at things from the bright side and consider lovingly silencing your inner critic.

Consider a new way to talk to yourself – with love, kindness, and compassion, the way you would talk to someone you love and care about, and you will get out of your way of manifesting your dream life.

7. Your Emotions

Everything we feel throughout our lives remains in our body’s memory and cells. Emotionally traumatic and painful moments stay in our body and energetic field.

If you have a lot of unprocessed trauma, you might have an overly sensitive nervous system, slowing down your manifesting abilities.

If this applies to you, consider working with a therapist or a shaman or taking Geraldine Orzco’s 30-day Emotional Mastery Challenge.

Self Abandonment -Day 1 - 30 Days  to Emotional Mastery

8. Your Diet

Your diet might seem unimportant when it comes to manifesting; however, it plays an important role.

Your diet affects your hormonal system and nervous system, along with all other systems of your body. Our hormones create the foundation for our emotions and, therefore, our ability to manifest.

Carefully examine your diet and consider how balanced it is. Your physical body is tied closely together with your energetic field and your spiritual body.

If you are struggling with your manifesting abilities, consider cleansing your body and eliminating or reducing your sugar intake, as well as gluten, dairy, and red meat, especially pork.

9. Gratitude

Gratitude is the central pillar of manifesting. If you don’t appreciate the things you already have, you push your blessings further away.

When we begin manifesting, it is common for us to focus on what we lack in our lives and what we wish to attract.

However, when you switch your focus from things you don’t have to things you already do have, you align yourself with the frequency of “already having”.

Think of giving someone a Christmas gift – if the recipient wouldn’t show any signs of joy about it and instead of thanking you said: “Is that it?”, would you want to give them more gifts?

Now think of someone who expresses excitement, gratitude, and deep appreciation for your gift and how good it makes you feel. This works the same way with the energy you send into the Universe when you feel gratitude.

Make gratitude a part of your daily practice and if the idea resonates with you, create a gratitude journal, where you take notes every day on things you are grateful for.


William Arthur Ward has said: “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

If you genuinely believe in yourself, you can achieve all your dreams. The Law of Attraction helps you achieve your goals, desires, and intentions by attracting necessary situations, conditions, and people to your life.

If you take full responsibility for your life and follow the tips above, your manifestations will start to come to you almost instantly.