How To Manifest With Water Overnight (Powerful Steps)

How To Manifest With Water Overnight

The power of manifestation has been known for centuries. It is the ability to bring about what you want in your life simply by focusing your thoughts and energy on it. And while there are many techniques and different ways to manifest your desires, one of the most effective ways is to use water.

It is said that water is the universal solvent and that it has the ability to dissolve anything. This makes it a powerful tool for manifestation.

If you want to manifest with water, all you need to do is write your dream on paper and put it in a water bowl. Some people like to add a drop or two of essential oil to their water to boost its manifesting power further. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you put your full faith and trust in the process.

Up to 60% of your body is water. Water holds frequency and information that it absorbs from its surroundings. Manifesting with water is a magnificent manifestation tool if you want to see results come true fast.

When you use water for manifestation, be prepared, as there will likely be a significant shift in your life!

Further in the article, we will look at 9 tips on how to successfully manifest with water overnight.

9 Tips To Manifest With Water Overnight

9 Tips To Manifest With Water Overnight

Manifesting with water is a powerful technique that will help you attract your desires. The key here is to focus on your intention, not the results.

The results will come naturally if you keep your attention on your desire. By trusting the universe, you allow yourself to go with the flow of creation and attain the results you are looking for.

1. Get a Clean Glass Jar and Fill It Up With Water

You can opt for a glass jar or a water bowl. Remember that it is always best to use a special dish only for rituals instead of some of your everyday items.

If this is impractical or impossible for your situation, you can still use a regular jar or a bowl – your intention is the most important.

Fill it up with clear water, ideally spring water. Hold it for a moment and send good thoughts and prayers to this water. Bless it with your intention.

Remember that water absorbs nearby frequencies – your prayer will increase the water’s frequency and the power of your manifestation.

2. Write Down Your Intention on a Piece of Paper and Place It Inside the Jar

Take a moment to define your intention and write it on paper. Visualize your manifestation coming true and imagine how it will make you feel.

Hold the piece of paper close to your heart as you are visualizing and place it in the jar of water.

You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil as an extra blessing to the water. Alternatively, add a few flowers or flower petals to the jar.

If you continue the manifestation all the way by drinking the water in the morning, ensure the flowers and essential oils are not poisonous or harmful to your health.

3. Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is crucial not only when your manifestations have already come true, but already before that.

Gratitude is at the top of the emotional frequency scale, among the feelings of unconditional love, happiness, and joy. The more gratitude you feel daily, the higher your frequency.

When your frequency is high, your manifestation abilities increase!

4. Remember To Be Specific When Writing Down Your Intention

The more specific you are when manifesting, the better.

It doesn’t mean being attached to a particular outcome or manifestation coming to you in a particular way. It means you know what you want and can imagine in detail how it will make you feel.

Focusing on your feelings is very important as your feelings are the magnetic force that pulls the desired frequency into your life.

5. Put the Jar in Your Refrigerator Overnight

You can put the jar in your refrigerator or on your windowsill so the moonlight can reach it.

Ideally, you should perform this ritual on Full Moon or New Moon, depending on what you try to manifest.

When you work towards manifesting the beginning of something new, you should do it during the New Moon; if you manifest changes that include the ending of the previous cycle in your life, you can do it on Full Moon.

Trust your intuition about where you should place the jar overnight.

6. In the Morning, Drink the Water and Imagine Your Intention Coming True

When you go to sleep, keep visualizing your intention. It will help you stay connected with the intention throughout the night and plant the seeds of your manifestation into your subconscious mind.

In the morning, as soon as you wake up, drink this water while expressing gratitude to the water and blessing it with love.

Drinking the water infused with your love, gratitude, and manifesting intention, will make it a part of your body.

Your intention will become a part of your cells. This intention will literally take over your physical vessel and, as a result, bring your intention and desired reality into existence.

7. Visualize It Happening in Your Mind’s Eye As if It Has Already Happened

Visualize your intention coming true in as much detail as possible. As you drink the water, allow the sensations of your manifestation already being true to take over your whole body.

Will you feel happy? Grateful? Will you be excited, joyful, or relieved?

Whatever you believe you will feel when your manifestations come true – invite this feeling and try to experience it as much as possible.

If it feels hard, use your imagination, you are better at it than you think!

There is no wrong way to do it, so don’t beat yourself up if the visualization isn’t as vivid as you would like it to be.

8. Have Faith in the Process

As always – your manifestation success will be proportionate to your trust in the process.

If you open your energy field with complete trust and confidence that the universe has your back and best interests in mind, you are opening the doors for the blessings to come in.

9. Have Fun!

The more fun you have with the process, the better your results will be. Manifestation responds to your frequency, your mood, and your inner state.

Being happy, joyful, and excited raises your frequency and helps you manifest much faster.


Daily, when you drink water, always bless it with gratitude for everything it gives you. This practice will help you establish a stronger bond and connection with the element of water and the water in your cells.

You can manifest anything you set your mind to, and water can use your manifestation especially powerful.

Have complete trust in your manifestation abilities, follow these 9 steps, and you will be amazed to see how soon your efforts come to fruition!