8 Tips To Manifest Finding Something You Lost

How To Manifest Finding Something You Lost

It can be a heartbreaking experience to lose something valuable to you. Regardless if it is an important item or a meaningful gift, as humans, we form attachments easily, especially if it is something special to us that can not be replicated.

Manifesting means vibrationally aligning yourself with a place, person, experience, or thing.

But can you use manifesting to find something you have lost, and is it worth trying?

Manifesting for sure can help you find something you have lost. Visualize finding what you have lost and holding it in your hand. Align yourself vibrationally with it, but don’t sit around waiting for it to come to you. Move around to look for it, as you will be increasing the opportunities for your manifestation to come to you.

Release expectations, express gratitude for finding it, even before you do, tune into your intuition and allow the universe to guide you towards recovering what you have lost! You will be surprised at how powerful manifesting is once you try it.

Read on to find out how you can use the power of manifestation to find something you have lost.

8 Tips To Manifest Finding Something You Lost

8 Tips To Manifest Finding Something You Lost

Manifesting is a powerful tool you can use when you have lost something. When you lose something, it means you have fallen out of energetic touch with it.

By restoring a balance between you and the thing you have lost on a vibrational level, it is very likely to be soon returned to you, very likely by a person you least expect it from or from a place you are not likely to search!

1. Meditate

Before you manifest what you have lost, you must remove yourself from the situation and the stress it has caused. When you feel negative emotions about having lost the thing, you are creating even more emotional separation between you and what you have lost.

It is hard to feel any positive emotions right away because they are far away on the emotional frequency scale. But relaxing your mind helps you take a step away from the pain it has caused and a step up in the emotional frequency scale.

Meditation is the best tool for it and for attuning yourself to finding what you have lost, instead of staying in the negative emotions because you have lost it.

2. Develop Your Intuition

Regardless if you are naturally intuitive or use your intuition rarely, you will need to connect with it to find what you have lost. Intuition will be your strongest advisor and guide in resolving your issues.

When the thing you lost comes back to you in an unexpected way, it might seem almost like magic, but it will happen thanks to your connection with the subtle realms and your ability to tap into your intuition.

3. Think of the Last Time You Saw It

When you have lost something, close your eyes and calmly reassess the last time you saw the item you lost.

What were you doing? Where were you standing? Were you going somewhere? How did it look?

Be as specific as possible and relax as you are doing this exercise. It will help you feel the thing you have lost, and you will likely receive clues about its present location.

4. Connect With It Energetically

Continue connecting with it energetically. Feel a strong bond between you and the thing you have lost. See it almost like an energetic string.

Where is this string leading to? Do you feel grass or water surrounding it? Do you feel warm or cold?

All of these can be tips and clues on where to look for the thing you have lost.

5. Imagine Holding It

Close your eyes and imagine that you are right next to what you have lost. If it is a smaller item, imagine yourself holding it in your hand.

You can even go one step further and imagine yourself AS the thing.

How does it feel? What is surrounding it?

Pay close attention to small, even counterintuitive clues as they can communicate to you important leads regardless of the location of your lost item.

6. Move Around

Don’t panic when searching for what you have lost, but breathe slowly and look around for what you have lost.

Depending on what you have lost, sometimes it might be a better idea to stay in one place, especially if it is a person or a moving object. But more often than not, if you walk around to find what you have lost, you are more likely to find it.

Keep your eyes and ears open and stay energetically attuned to what you have lost. If you allow emotions to take over you, you might miss subtle clues.

However, it is important to pay close attention to everything around you because you can find what you are looking for in a place you least expect.

7. Express Gratitude

Regardless of what you are manifesting, it is essential to align yourself vibrationally with the state of already having found it. The most powerful tool for this is gratitude.

When you are manifesting something you have lost, think of the joy, happiness, and contentment you will experience when it is with you again.

If you feel resentment and despair, look for someone to blame and beat yourself up for losing it, you are only energetically pushing it further away. Negative emotion is detrimental when it comes to manifesting, while gratitude puts you in absolute energetic alignment with it.

8. Release Expectations

Trust that whatever is meant to come to you will always come to you, and it will happen at the right moment.

Sometimes we are so emotionally attached to something and become so emotionally engulfed by emotion when losing it that we forget about the temporary nature of everything in life. Even the fact that nothing, even our bodies are ours to keep forever.

Think through the positive aspects of having lost it – are there any? What is this situation teaching you? Can you learn something new about yourself? How much do you trust the universe that it always has your back?

As counterintuitive as it might sound, when you release expectations and emotional attachments and place your trust in the heart of the universe, you are likely to immediately find what you have lost.


When we lose something, it is easy to immediately fall into the emotional pain of separation, anxiety, and worry. As painful as it sometimes might be, when you learn to trust, you will start to see every ending is always a new beginning.

When you remember this at the moment of losing something and place full trust in the hands of the universe, what you have lost is very likely to be returned to you immediately.

As the saying goes – If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.