10 Tips For Manifesting With Clear Quartz

How To Manifest With Clear Quartz

Manifesting is a practice that helps you align your thoughts, beliefs and vibrational frequency with your desired reality, so you become an energetic match to it. It is an ancient practice used by many of the most influential people throughout history.

There are many ways to manifest; usually, it involves setting the intention, visualizing, affirmations and gratitude.

Using crystals is a compelling way to magnify your intention and strengthen your manifestation. Clear quartz is a mighty crystal that amplifies everything it comes in contact with.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, the clear quartz magnifies your intentions and helps manifest your desires more quickly. It also clears any negative energy blocking your ability to manifest your desires.

To use clear quartz for manifesting, clear it by smudging or placing it under the moonlight. Charge it with your intentions and good energy and place it in a special place where you will see it often. Meditate with your crystal daily, express gratitude to it, and fully trust the Universe.

If you are working on manifesting your desires, clear quartz can be a helpful ally. Many people don’t know that clear quartz is used in watches, radio, computers, and smartphones; without it, this technology wouldn’t work.

It is a very potent material that magnifies any energy it comes in contact with, and like all crystals, it has a consciousness of its own.

Read on for 10 tips on how to use clear quartz to powerfully manifest your desires.

10 Tips To Manifest With Clear Quartz

10 Tips To Manifest With Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most popular and versatile crystals you can use for manifesting. It strengthens the energies surrounding it and will do the same with your intentions.

Clear quartz supercharges your intentions, radiates them into the Universe, and helps you manifest your desires more efficiently.

1. Clear Your Crystal

Your crystal absorbs the energies surrounding it, so it is essential to clear it from time to time, especially before using it for manifesting.

The best way to do it is to smudge it with the smoke of white sage or palo santo and place it in the moonlight of the full moon overnight.

2. Charge Your Crystal

To start manifesting, you need to charge the crystal with your intention. You can do this by holding the crystal in your hand and visualizing your desire.

Alternatively, you can write your intention on paper and place it under the crystal. Meditate on your intentions as you write them and visualize your intention coming true as detailed and vividly as possible.

3. Keep Your Crystal in a Special Place

Next, place the charged crystal in a special place where you will see it often. It could be on your altar, desk, bedside table, or anywhere else that you will be reminded of your intention.

Ideally, it should be a sacred place, like an altar that you decorate and keep clean from other items than the ones that symbolize manifestation to you.

4. Meditate With Your Crystal Daily

Take a few moments each day to meditate on your desire and visualize it coming into your life. Close your eyes, make your exhales longer than your inhales and relax your body.

As you do this, hold the crystal in your hand or place it nearby. Feel the positive energy of your intention flowing into the crystal and radiating out into the Universe.

5. Visualize Daily

The better you can visualize your desired outcome, the stronger your intentions become. Your mind is like a supercomputer that sends signals into the Universe about what you desire to experience.

If you have difficulty imagining what you want, look for images that resemble your desired experiences.

The better you can visualize what you want, the stronger your manifesting becomes. Let yourself immerse yourself in these fantasies and imagine what emotions you will feel when they come true.

Your emotions are the energy that helps you manifest. The stronger you can feel your emotions, the more you magnetize them into your reality!

6. Have Full Trust

Believe that your desire will manifest, and have faith that the Universe will conspire to help you make it happen. Release all doubt and negative thinking, and simply know that what you desire is on its way.

The Universe always gives you what is best for you, even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment. We don’t see the bigger picture that the Universe sees.

Know in your heart that you are a beloved child of the Universe, and it will always give you what is best for you. Trust that the Universe will provide everything you need to make your dream a reality.

7. Express Gratitude

Thank the Universe for bringing your desire into your life, and be open to receiving it in whatever form it comes. Be grateful for all the good already present in your life, and know that more is on the way.

When you express gratitude, you elevate your frequency and become more potent at manifesting.

Gratitude holds one of the highest emotional frequencies, similar to love, happiness, and joy, so make gratitude journaling your daily practice!

8. Place Your Vision Board Next to It

Another excellent way to supercharge your intention is by placing a vision board next to your crystal. Create a vision board that reflects your desired experiences.

Whatever items you wish to own, the environment you wish to find yourself in, and the people around you. Don’t forget to include your own photo on your vision board.

If your vision board is near your bed, place the crystal on top or next to it. It will expand the energy of your vision and send it into the Universe.

9. Let Go of the Outcome

Don’t overthink, and don’t start to calculate if your manifestation is possible, how long it will take for it to arrive, and how it will happen. Just surrender and trust that it will happen.

Your job is to focus on the “what” and leave the “how” in the hands of the Universe.

10. Keep It With You

If your crystal is small, you can carry it with you throughout the day. If it is large, you can get a smaller one or get yourself an inspiring clear quartz necklace or ring and wear it daily.

Keeping the crystal close to your body will activate your intentions even more, and it will supercharge the crystal with your energy throughout the day and vice versa!


Clear quartz magnifies the energy of everything it comes in contact with. It is a powerful crystal on its own and is also said to amplify the energy of other crystals around it.

Clear quartz is also known to absorb, store, and release energy, making it a perfect stone for meditation or crystal healing. Regardless of the type of spiritual practice or energy work you do, clear quartz should always be in your crystal arsenal!