How To Manifest Someone Into Your Life (7 Powerful Steps)

How To Manifest Someone Into Your Life

Everything in the Universe is composed of energy. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are the most powerful tools that create your reality.

To use the Law of Attraction and manifest something or someone into your life, you need to align yourself with your desired experiences.

However, it is important to remember that everyone has free will, and you should never attempt to impose on someone’s free will when manifesting.

To manifest someone specific into your life, the best things you can do is be specific and clear with your desires, start small and manifest the relationship step by step, align yourself with the other person energetically, and do rituals. These steps will attune you energetically to the person of your dreams and bring them closer to you.

These steps will also help you bring the person into your life without imposing on their free will. This way, their attraction and interest in you will stem from their true desires and will last much longer than if you did, for example, magic spells to bring them into your life.

To align yourself with your dream life and attract the people you want into your life, follow these steps, and you will be impressed to see how fast your life begins to transform for the better!

Editor’s Note

You can apply these steps to a relationship with a potential romantic partner or someone you want to do business with or simply a person who inspires you and who you would like to be friends with.

7 Tips To Manifest Someone Into Your Life

7 Tips To Manifest Someone Into Your Life

Trying to manifest a particular person into your life is a little bit more challenging than attempting to manifest an item or an event. As you are manifesting a relationship with a person, it also includes their free will.

To manifest them into your life, you have to do it in the right way, which is the most harmonious for both of you and won’t impose on their free will. Follow these tips to manifest them into your life in the most harmonious and mutually beneficial way!

1. Be Specific

Be Specific

You need to be specific when attracting a particular person into your life. Suppose you simply focus on manifesting them into your life. In that case, you might meet them in a negative situation, for example, a situation where you find yourself on opposing sides of a conflict.

Directly trying to manifest a romantic relationship with someone might also not be the best approach. First, it goes against the other person’s free will, secondly, creates pulling energy and won’t allow them to come to you naturally.

Also, even if you manifest a romantic relationship, there is no guarantee for how long it will last. It will be much more satisfying for you if they are attracted to you organically, simply by you manifesting the right circumstances.

So be clear on what you want. You can visualize and focus on meeting someone in a very positive situation, such as being introduced by your friends who speak and think highly of you.

This will set the right stage for the beginning of your relationship with the person.

2. Start Small

Start Small

Even if you desire to marry or have a family with someone, you will do much better if you will start small and think of steps that could lead to your desired result. Instead of focusing on marriage, think of things that would be necessary for that.

For example, meeting the person of your dreams or working together with them. This way, you won’t be imposing on their free will, and you will get a chance to catch their attention naturally.

You can manifest running into them in a coffee shop or some other experience that will allow you to naturally get to where you initially wanted to get. This will increase your chances of meeting the person and attracting them into your life.

3. Remove Them From the Pedestal

Remove Them From The Pedestal

It is common that when we want to manifest someone into our lives, we think of them as someone above us. We tend to look at them as someone more talented, intelligent, connected, or otherwise more special than us.

As long as you see someone as if they were above you, to them, you will seem to be below.

To attract them into your life, you have to reverse this pattern and become energetically attuned to them. This means you have to learn to recognize your strengths and see yourself as the valuable and special person that you are.

4. Practice Self Love


A common misconception is that loving yourself is selfish and a sign of narcissism. Narcissists secretly have low self-esteem and are trying to compensate for it by fishing for extra attention and approval from others. Self-love means accepting, cherishing, and appreciating yourself for who you are.

More often than not, we judge ourselves, engage in harmful self-talk, and put ourselves down. To receive love and kind treatment from others, from the Universe at large, and someone special, we must first learn to love ourselves and radiate this love to everyone around us.

If you have a hard time learning to accept and love yourself, you can check out books about this topic and even online courses. One of the best is Teal Swan’s Self Love Course.

5. Do Manifesting Rituals

Do Manifesting Rituals

Manifesting ritual is a great tool to send your intentions to the Universe. Create a meditation space that is infused with the energy of your intention.

For example, if you are manifesting working with someone at a specific company, place the logo of the company or a photo of the office in your meditation space.

If you want a wealthy man to become your romantic partner, place some items that symbolize wealth to you. This way, you will bring the desired energy into your meditation space.

Use candles in colors that match your intention. You can also decorate your space with crystals, figurines, paintings, and flowers. Think of items that symbolize and remind you of your intention.

Make sure you won’t be bothered. Take a comfortable position, close your eyes, take slow and deep breaths and visualize the person in front of you.

  • Notice how it makes you feel?
  • Do you feel any tension, or fear, arise, or do you feel nervous around them?
  • Or does it make you feel relaxed, joyful, and harmonious?

Observe your feelings closely.

Whatever you feel, relax into the feeling. Relax your body and allow the feeling – whether positive or negative- to expand and take over your entire body.

Nervousness and tension might start dissolving in a moment and be transformed into other feelings. Let the feeling linger a little, and remember everything you feel when around them.

Thank the Universe for bringing this person into your life.

Journal about your experience while doing the ritual. Afterward, think about ways you can bring this feeling into your life as much as possible.

Which small actions can you do right away to feel similar feelings? This will magnetize the desired person into your life.

6. Strengthen Your Energy Field

Strengthen Your Energy Field

The more you strengthen your energy field, the better you will get at manifesting and attracting things you desire. The more energy you have, the more you will magnetize the experiences, people, and places that you want in your life.

There are many types of energy practices you can choose from, you can even pick a few and combine them.

Some of the most powerful tools for expanding and strengthening your energy field are:

  • Qi Gong
  • Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Jungian Therapy
  • Shamanic Ceremonies

7. Align Yourself With Them

Align Yourself With Them

Think of the person you are trying to manifest into your life and think of how you will feel around them.

Are they of a different social status? Or do they live in a different environment?

Your desire to have them in your life means your subconscious mind is sending you signals about something you feel you are lacking in your life.

Think about things you can learn from them that can positively enhance your life. This will also align you with them energetically.

For example, if they are wealthy but you have not been exposed to much wealth in your life, you might feel subconsciously overwhelmed and intimidated. Do small things that will align you with the frequency of wealth.

For example, treat yourself to a piece of clothing or jewelry that is a little more expensive than what you usually buy for yourself. Or go to an expensive store and try on different clothes.

Relax as you do it, and observe what emotions arise in your body. If any tension comes up – don’t resist it, but observe it and relax as much as possible.

You don’t want to become a chameleon who changes for other people and whenever they’re with someone new. This won’t make you attractive and will make you lose yourself in the process.

Instead, think of positive attributes you feel are appealing to you and things you can learn from the person and bring into your life.


Think of manifesting someone into your life not as a task you need to accomplish but rather as an exciting journey that can help you take your life to a new level. You can learn and explore many things about yourself and upgrade all areas of your life as a result.

Follow these steps, and the chances of manifesting your chosen person into your life will increase tremendously!