How To Manifest With Citrine (To Attract Abundance)

How To Manifest With Citrine

Citrine is a crystal that usually comes in golden orange and yellow shades. It is a beautiful and mighty crystal.

Citrine resonates with the energy of your lower chakras, in particular with Svadisthana, the sacral chakra, and Manipura, the solar plexus chakra. These chakras are responsible for your willpower, sense of self, creativity, abundance, self-expression, and pleasure.

Citrine, just like pyrite, is among the strongest crystals when it comes to manifesting abundance and creativity.

To manifest with citrine, you need to first choose a crystal that is right for you, purify it, and connect with it on an energetic level. You need to be clear on what you are willing to manifest, journal, write abundance affirmations, and meditate with your crystal daily so your energy gradually adjusts to it and so you absorb the energy of your manifestations.

Usually, the color of the crystal tells you a lot about its properties. Crystals that are golden, orange, and yellow bring life force into your life.

It is the same energy that the Sun exudes and the same force that expresses itself in abundance and creativity. There is nothing spiritual about being poor, and it is a common misconception.

If you feel you desire to attract more abundance into your life and open yourself creatively, these steps will help you get started. 

6 Powerful Tips To Manifest With Citrine

6 Tips To Manifest With Citrine

Citrine is among the best tools you can use when it comes to manifesting abundance. It holds a powerful frequency and can bring new energy into your life.

The more you connect with it on an energetic level, and the stronger bond with it you create, the stronger your resonance field will become, and the sooner you will attract what you desire. 

1. Choose Your Crystal

Before you begin your manifestation journey, you must choose the right crystal. Be mindful that not all sellers sell ethically sourced crystals, trust your intuition above all when you choose the store and the particular crystal.

Select the color and shape that most speak to you and if possible, hold it in your hand to check if you feel its energy.

Keep in mind that crystals store energy, so after purchasing your crystals, energetically purify them by smudging them with palo santo or white sage by placing them in salt water or the moonlight of a full moon.

2. Be Clear With Your Intentions

To start your manifestation journey, you need to be very clear on what you want to manifest. We often have a lot of mental chatter and images that pull us in many different directions.

You need to still your mind to recognize and hear the voice of your intuition and what it is your soul truly desires.

3. Journal

Journaling is one of the best tools for getting to know yourself better. Write a diary, use journaling prompts, or write Morning Pages – all of these will help you clarify your mind and understand yourself much better.

When your thoughts are just in your mind, you might feel overwhelmed by them, when you place them on paper, you can liberate yourself from the tyranny of your overactive mind.

Journaling helps you understand what you truly feel, what you want and what you need. It can give you clarity and peace and greatly deepen your self-understanding.

4. Connect With Your Crystal

Keep the crystal near your bed and hold it in your hand often. It can help you align with it energetically, and you will feel what it has to teach you. The more time you spend near your crystal, the more your frequency will align with it and help you manifest abundance and creativity and awaken passion in your life.

5. Use Affirmations Daily

When you are clear and confident about your wants, you can start writing down affirmations that can help you manifest your desired reality. Make sure affirmations are worded correctly, so they don’t contradict your subconscious beliefs.

For example, if you are very sick, it won’t be useful for you to use the affirmation: “I am healthy and radiant” because your subconscious mind will reject it as it will feel you are lying.

Instead, choose an affirmation that will align you with your desired reality in a more gradual way, such as: “My body is healing, I am receiving a lot of love and support from my spirit guides, the energy of the universe is healing me.”

Wording affirmations correctly is just as important as using them. Repeat your affirmations throughout the day, especially if you notice any doubt, confusion, or heavy emotions arising.

It is especially useful to repeat affirmations before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up, as your subconscious mind is the most susceptible at these times.

Relax your body and observe how you feel when you say your affirmations. Don’t judge or blame yourself if you feel resistance or tension arise. Instead, relax into it and trust that your affirmations are heard by the Universe, and that Universe wishes them to come true for you.

6. Meditate With Your Crystal Daily

Take inspired action throughout your day that will help you align with your intentions. Set aside time every day to sit down for a meditation and manifestation ritual with your crystals.

You can lie down and place the crystal on your solar plexus and envision your desired reality, or you can sit in the lotus position and place the crystal in front of you.

Close your eyes and feel your intentions deeply, and envision them coming true. Feel the sense of gratitude taking over you.

Gratitude elevates your frequency and helps you align with people, places, things, and experiences you most desire, as it makes your subconscious mind feel you have already received those things.


To manifest your desired reality, you need to trust that everything is possible. If you can imagine it, you can live it. Have full trust that whatever you envision is possible, and the Universe will give you the tools necessary to enter the reality you desire.