How To Make Affirmations Work (Like a Charm)

How To Make Affirmations Work

Do you know the secret of the subconscious mind? You can manifest anything by activating its power.

Yes, you heard that right! It can unwind your dreams by using the charm of the “affirmations.”

The affirmation can reprogram your mind to believe in the stated.

It is something that neuroscience has always favored for the positive well-being of humans. Research by NCBI credits the “affirmations” for broadening the perspective and reducing negative emotions.

Now, how to make affirmations work in your life?

Radiate positive energy and eliminate all the negative from your affirmations. Be consistent, realistic, and back up your statements with action. Set affirmations in the present tense to feel the manifestation in reality. You can also double the affirmation effect by adding visualizations.

Let’s roll into 7 epic ways to make affirmations work like a charm.      

1. Eliminate Negative Words

Eliminate Negative Words

To make the affirmations work, ‌believe in the power of the unseen. Drain out all the negativity until you are left with the charm of a positive attitude.

For this purpose, remove all the negative words from your affirmations, such as “not,” “no,” and “never,” etc.

Let’s say you are an introvert and wish to be confident. So, instead of saying, “I am not shy,” affirm that “I am confident.”

You can’t even use the word “shy” because it’s a negative point you wish to subtract. If you use it, the algorithm of your mind will keep focusing on “shy” rather than “confident.”

So, forget the grant of using negative words. Anything attached to the “I AM” phrase hinders or assists the desired action.

Hence, positive words in affirmations can reprogram the subconscious to sense reality.

2. Set in the Present

Affirmations are strong word patterns that add belief to your manifesting abilities.

Write or say your affirmations, as that entity is already present in your life. Act so that you have already got what you wish to have.

It strengthens your confidence by reminding you of your capabilities.

For instance, you wish to have a car. Instead of saying, “I want a car,” say that “I have a car” You can add customized details, such as, “I have a black car of Honda Civic model. It is standing right on the porch.” 

Watch out for the guide below to write the affirmations effectively in the present.

How To Write Affirmations In Present Tense

3. Combine Affirmations With Visualizations

Visualization is the key to manifestation. It is highly capable of influencing your subconscious mind to adopt repeated statements.

Affirmations become much more powerful when combined with visualization.

See a vision board and photoshop yourself there. Imagine the way you want to be on that board. Customize your vision board to make it seem real.

Spend at least 20 minutes imagining your manifestation. Repeat it over and over and believe that you can seek anything.

Don’t leave that seat on the vision board. Keep soaring higher by driving your imagination!

4. Loop Your Affirmations Before Sleep

Loop Your Affirmations Before Sleep

Like other tips, this one also needs trust in the unseen. It is one of the proven ways to make the affirmations work.

Try out this activity at night when going to sleep. The logic behind this says that the subconscious becomes most aware when sleeping.

You can reprogram the mind as you are going to sleep. It won’t need the track of times you say the affirmations.

Pick up one manifestation that perfectly resonates with your soul. Repeat the affirmation in a loop over and over in your mind.

Let’s say you want to own a new house. Loop the affirmation in your mind and imagine holding the key to your house.

Do this as you are driving toward sleep, and let yourself gently fall asleep. You’ll start noticing unique transitions in your life when you add this to your routine.

Editor’s Tip

You can also listen to the audios of affirmations recorded in your voice. This can further intensify the manifestation process.

5. Be Realistic

This tip makes use of affirmations to enhance self-love. Adopt a realistic approach based on practicality.

You need to believe that some affirmations work earlier and some later. It’s better to choose the specified and realistic traits for affirmation.

Self-acceptance is the focal point of affirmations. Accept reality and view it in a positive light.

Imagine that you are aging day by day and wishing to get younger again. It is against the law of the universe! So, you should adopt a more mature approach.

Accept your real self and affirm, saying, “I am a great person. With my age, I have grown more mature. I love the journey of my life. I am grateful for who I am.”

You just have to find ways to love yourself the way you are!

6. Action Is the Key

Action Is The Key

Although affirmations get active in repetition, you can’t rely on the thoughts alone.

Remember that affirmation is just a step in your journey, not the ultimate point. To make the affirmations more effective, take some actions by yourself.

Actions bring out your thoughts into reality. Without action, your idea just remains hollow in the spiritual world. In short, action complements the affirmation.

For example, you are overweight and want to lose some pounds. You said the affirmation, “I am slim and healthy. I thank myself for reaching this day”.

Now, you can’t just sit and wait; I will automatically become slim. Sounds funny, right?

You need to join a gym or start exercising at home. Start making healthy food choices for yourself. Drink more water and sleep on time.

All these activities will help you become slim in a healthy way!

7. Show Consistency

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

To work faster, affirmations need consistency. Stay tuned with manifestation by affirming the things you want.

Making statements part of your daily routine activates the brain systems by reinforcement. Hence, be consistent with affirming the things that you want.

You can start affirming twice daily for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

The ideal time for this activity is morning when you wake up and night when you go to bed. It is so because night-time sets your tone for the next morning, and morning time sets your tone for the entire day.

Repeat each affirmation for 10 minutes and listen to yourself. Focus and believe in the words as they leave your mouth.

Keep practicing, and don’t skip any day.

Final Words

Affirmation practice can be a great addition to your daily routine.

Don’t give up hope, and stick to your practice. Remember that affirmations take time to manifest. Therefore any kind of hustle won’t work out!

If you don’t notice visible changes in manifestation, don’t glue yourself to sadness. Buck up yourself and elevate your self-esteem. Your journey might proceed a bit differently from others.