How To Become One With the Universe (10 Tools)

How To Become One With The Universe

It is often believed that the world’s greatest minds are connected to and able to draw inspiration from something larger than themselves.

Geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Mozart, and Leonardo da Vinci have openly admitted that they were in touch with greater consciousness, which allowed them to broaden their perception.

Some call it God, Universe, the Source, Higher Consciousness, or your Higher Self.

Regardless of our beliefs and the language we choose to use, there is endless evidence that it exists and that you, too, can connect with it. What can you do to become one with the Universe?

Although becoming one with the Universe might take a lot of effort and a lifetime to master, it is likely to be the best goal you can set for your life. All things in the Universe are interconnected and come from a single source.

Before things materialize into the physical plane, they exist in the form of intention and energy. You experience yourself as a single individual.

Although you are a part of all that exists and just as much as everyone and everything else, you, too, are a part of God, the Universe, or a Higher Consciousness. It is the goal of all religions and spiritual practices.

Suppose you desire to transcend your Ego and become one with the Universe. In that case, you can find useful tools in Buddhist, Hinduist, Christian, and Taoist teachings and tools applied and practiced in contemporary psychology.

Among the most effective tools are learning to trust yourself and the Universe, journaling daily, becoming aware of your emotions and mastering them, reading spiritual books, and learning to truly love yourself and others. Daily meditation and mindfulness are also effective tools that will lead you toward becoming one with the Universe.

Your primary focus should be on deconditioning yourself and your limiting beliefs about life. Our beliefs, experiences, and emotions shape our personalities.

To broaden your perception and let go of your limitations, you will need to surrender them and become more and more open to wider perspectives and beliefs.

You will need to accept that there is no single right way to live your life and learn to accept other perspectives and truths. You will also see that the invisible laws of the Universe guide us and hold all life together in an invisible web of creation.

Below I have listed the 10 most powerful tools that will help you become one with the Universe.

10 Tools To Become One With the Universe

10 Tools To Become One With The Universe

Becoming one with the Universe and releasing your limitations is sometimes called transcending your Ego, individuation, or psychological differentiation. In the Human Design system, this process is called deconditioning.

Various schools of psychology can give you tools for this process. Let’s look at some of the most powerful ones you can apply immediately.

1. Trust

Many spiritual gurus have said, “First comes trust; proof comes after.” Therefore trusting that you will become one with the Universe, even if it will be challenging, is the most important step on your path.

Our self-trust and trust in God or Universe are always equal. You can’t trust the Universe if you don’t trust yourself, and vice versa.

Your commitment to becoming one with the Universe means you will need to learn to trust every step of the way, no matter how hard things become.

It is not an easy path, and you are likely to experience challenges and difficulties as you have to let go of many of your illusions and limitations that have become a part of you.

Those might be challenging moments, but they are necessary to let go of who you think you are and embrace who you truly are. Know that it will all be worth it, but to make it, you must commit to trusting the Universe and yourself at every step.

Doubt is natural, and don’t beat yourself up if it arises. Just release it when it happens and get back confidently on your path.

2. Journaling and Self-Reflection

Journal daily to learn more about yourself. The better you know yourself and your conscious and subconscious mind, the closer you move to the Universe.

Learn to pay close attention to your thought patterns and emotions. Journal about your experiences, feelings, and emotions. Notice sensations in your body throughout your day and the emotions certain people and situations make you feel.

Pay special attention to your triggers as they show your limitations and subconscious blocks. These are the areas that you should pay special attention to.

3. Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness will transform your life. Being mindful means learning to be here and now, present in every moment, and not run away with our thoughts to the past or future.

The Universe doesn’t exist somewhere far away – it exists within you and all around you.

Connecting fully with the present moment will expand your awareness and perception. Becoming one with the Universe will happen when your consciousness and way of perceiving life transform.

To become one with the Universe, your perception of life must transform.

4. Focus on Yourself

To experience oneness with the Universe, you must learn to focus on yourself and not others. It doesn’t mean becoming selfish but respecting other people’s paths, freedom, and free will.

You might learn many useful things on your path, but it is important not to force your beliefs on others unless they ask for your advice. Your openness to accept others as they are will help you a lot.

Spiritual growth is often hindered by comparing yourself to others or the willingness to change others. The more you can focus on your own lane, the faster your spiritual progress will be.

5. Meditation

Meditation changes your brain and shifts how you experience reality. Buddhist monks and practitioners worldwide have used meditation to become one with the Universe.

Daily meditation practice is the most important thing on your path to expand your consciousness and shift your idea of who you are. By letting go of your old concepts and limitations, you will gradually open yourself to experiencing oneness with the Universe.

6. Read High-Frequency Books

Reading about others who have done it before is very helpful when on your path to becoming one with the Universe. Many wise people are willing to share their experiences, and books can be an incredible source of inspiration for you on this path.

Religious texts from all religions can be great tools that can help you on your path. Don’t attach yourself to dogma, as it can do the opposite of your intention and limit you instead of opening you to the wider perception, and always listen to what resonates with you.

Some excellent books to start with are:

  • Living Untethered: Beyond the Human Predicament, by Michael A. Singer
  • Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self, by Sanaya Roman
  • The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom (Toltec Mastery Series), by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
  • How to Do the Work: Recognise Your Patterns, Heal From Your Past and Create Your Self, by Nicole LePera
  • Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self: Finally, a Book That Explains Why It’s So Hard Being Yourself, by Lise Bourbeau
  • The Anatomy of Loneliness: How to Find Your Way Back to Connection, by Teal Swan

7. Love

It has been said that: “To love means to take someone as a part of yourself.” Our culture has conditioned us with the idea of romantic love, but this is not the deepest and truest meaning of the word.

To expand your consciousness, you must open your heart to love. If you have been hurt in the past, your heart is likely closed, and you are afraid to love. Fear, jealousy, and emotional traumas often block the ability to love.

Journal about love and what it means to you, and explore new ways to think about it.

8. Forgiveness

To move on from your past self, you must let go of any resentment and anger towards yourself and others. It is easier said than done, but anger and resentment are the biggest blocks on your path to becoming one with the Universe.

Learn to recognize that all things happen for a reason and that there are no random accidents or coincidences. Forgiveness lets you take responsibility for your life and happiness and empowers you to become the creator of your life.

Among the most powerful forgiveness practices is the Hawaiian prayer ho’oponopono. You can chant it daily or simply ask in your thoughts for forgiveness to everyone you’ve hurt and forgive everyone who has ever wronged you.

Doing this daily will purify your soul, just like you shower to cleanse your body. When you are on your quest to become one with the Universe, spiritual purification is even more important than physical.

9. Movement and Breath

Your body is the vessel for your soul. It stores your memories and your traumas. Connecting with your body can teach you what it tells you in each moment.

Pay close attention to reactions and tension in your body. Situations that make your body tense show that trauma is stored in your body, which are the points of your potential growth.

Incorporating tools of movement and breath on your path to spiritual transformation is crucial, as your body needs to be able to hold your transformation. Listen to your intuition to choose the best practice for you.

Among the best practices you can try are:

  • Qi gong
  • Yoga
  • Pranayam breathing
  • Somatic Therapy

10. Plant Medicine

Plant medicine, such as Ayahuasca, has been used by Native American tribes for thousands of years to explore the nature of life and connect with higher consciousness.

Becoming more and more popular in recent years, this spiritual practice, when done under the guidance of an experienced and professional shaman, can be life-changing.

Participating in plant ceremonies doesn’t mean you can skip all previous steps and won’t have to make a daily effort to liberate yourself from your limiting beliefs and conditioning. But it can guide you and be just the push you need toward becoming one with the Universe.


Marcel Proust has said: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”

The path toward becoming one with the Universe means that your consciousness and perception will be transformed, and you will realize that you have always been a part of the Universe.

Previously you were blocking yourself with your fears and limiting beliefs, but the Universe was always there for you. Becoming one with the Universe will take your willpower, persistence, and effort, but it is the noblest goal you can set for your life.

All work you put towards it will be worth it, and you will be rewarded with endless love and wisdom from the Universe.