How To Manifest Your Dreams in 10 Steps

How To Manifest Your Dreams

The Universe extends beyond that which we can observe. Your dog hears sounds you can’t hear, and a butterfly can see colors that the human eye cannot detect –  our senses are limited and perceive only a limited spectrum of frequencies.

However, the vibrations and frequencies are limitless and stretch out beyond our human perception.

When we learn of things beyond our perception, we can move our lives in a more beneficial direction and manifest the experiences we desire.

To manifest your dreams, you have to delve into your subconscious mind to sort out which dreams are the desires of your soul. When you learn to observe your mind, recognize your feelings, and stop complaining about what you don’t have but start feeling gratitude instead, you will be able to manifest all of your wildest dreams.

We have created a guide of tools and tips for you to manifest all of your dreams. Manifesting your dream life might not seem easy at first, but by following these ten steps, you will learn to turn your dreams into reality. With a little practice and patience, manifestation will become effortless for you.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For

Before you begin your manifestation journey, you should focus on getting to know yourself as well as possible. This way, you will be able to see which of your dreams you should truly focus on as a priority and which ones leave for later or drop altogether.

The process of getting to know yourself can be truly exciting, and it will help you to turn your true dreams into a reality beyond your wildest imagination.

To pick which dreams you should pick for manifesting, you must first explore if they are truly the dreams of your soul.

For example, in your childhood, you wanted to be an artist, but your family didn’t approve of your dream or even worse, ridiculed you for it. As a result, you might have felt neglected and rejected.

This rejection can cause serious trauma, which later can lead us to various ways of seeking attention to receive the desired validation. You might live your life thinking that you will find happiness in other people approving of you, so you might start to dream of being famous.

This type of dream is a false dream that won’t bring you happiness. Even when you receive fame and validation, you will keep searching for more.

But your true inner desire – to become an artist, as you dreamed of in your childhood, will be neglected. But it is precisely this desire that can potentially bring you true happiness.

This is an example of a true and a false dream.

The better you get to know yourself through therapy, meditation, shamanic journeys, or various online resources, the better you will be able to pick which dreams to manifest. And the more energy you will have for manifesting them.

10 Steps To Manifest Your Dreams

10 Steps To Manifest Your Dreams

Manifestation may seem like a mysterious process likened to magic. But when you understand that the Universe is composed of energy patterns called vibrations, you learn that your thoughts and beliefs program the reality you experience.

Setting your life in a new direction might not seem like a simple task at first, but these ten steps will demystify the process for you and allow you to become the master of your reality.

1. Get To Know Yourself

To manifest your dream life and turn your dreams into reality, the first step is getting to know yourself as well as possible.

Only this way will you know that the dreams you desire to manifest are truly yours and not something you have picked up from society or your family. As it often happens, they are not secretly your desire to compensate for something else you feel you are internally lacking.

Trying to manifest from a sense of lack instead of inspiration will only attract more lack in your life. This is why it is crucial to know yourself, your mind, and your emotions as closely as possible.

Then you will be able to discern what it is you truly want and need.

2. Listen To Your Feelings

Listen To Your Feelings

No compass in the external world will be able to tell the direction of your dreams. Your feelings are your only guide.

Get to know your emotions and feelings as well as possible. Research everything you can find about the emotional body and find lists online that name all emotions.

When you learn to recognize what you feel at every moment, it will be much easier to recognize what you like and want, and the desires that previously spoke to you in a quiet voice will become loud enough for you to hear them.

You will also start to recognize what doesn’t resonate with you. Often we hold on to limiting beliefs because society or our parents programmed us to do so.

The deeper you go within your subconscious mind, the better you will be able to discern which dreams are expressions of your true essence.

3. Watch Your Language

When you start your manifestation journey, you have to become extra mindful of your thoughts. Watch the words that come out of your mouth and watch your internal monologue. Listen to what you are telling yourself at every moment.

If you are used to complaining or feeling like a victim, you will have to stop this pattern, put yourself at the center of your reality and stop feeling like a victim.

Watching what others say and do and feeling limited by various circumstances is very common in our society. We often complain about our family members, spouses, governments, or other things we believe are the obstacles on our path.

You have to recognize that you are the creator of your reality. Only you decide how you want to feel, what you want to accomplish and who you want to be.

The more you embody this mindset, the more powerful at manifesting you will become.

4. Observe Your Thoughts

Observe Your Thoughts

Limiting beliefs can interfere with your manifestation process. It can even reverse it and attract more of what you don’t want. Learn as much as possible about limiting beliefs and how to work with them.

You can find great videos on youtube on this topic, or even pick up some books to learn about it even more.

If you allow your mind to wander in all directions, you will be giving unclear signs to the Universe of what you are trying to manifest. Practice mindfulness and observe your thoughts at all moments.

Don’t judge yourself if negative thoughts or fears arise, just observe them and let them go, don’t get wrapped up in them emotionally.

5. Meditate

Meditation nowadays is often talked about, and for a good reason. Meditation helps you to calm your mind and to learn to observe your thoughts and feelings with no judgment.

You can pick quiet meditation, guided meditations, or whatever resonates with you more.

When you meditate, you slowly start to liberate negative thoughts and emotions, and the effects of this accumulate over time. Through this process, your negative patterns are released, your thought patterns begin to shift, and your vibrational frequency increases.

The higher your vibration, the stronger your manifestation abilities.

6. Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

We often notice how important something is to us only after we lose it. When we focus on what we lack and would still want to improve in our lives, instead of focusing on gratitude for things we already have, we can only manifest more lack in our lives.

By acting counterintuitively and reversing this pattern, we dramatically shift our life path.

Practice gratitude every day. You can create a gratitude ritual, such as writing in your gratitude journal every morning or simply spending a few minutes daily thinking of things you are grateful for.

The most important is your feeling. Allow the sense of joy and gratitude to take over your body. Imagine it expanding beyond your physical body and spreading around your body, creating a radiant energy field.

7. Envision It Clearly

The clearer you are about the life you want to live, the stronger your chances of manifesting it. Create a vision board, journal, and be as specific with your vision and dreams as possible.

Think of things that make your heart skip a beat with excitement. Don’t limit yourself to what you think is realistic. Trust that everything is possible, and it will be.

8. Remove Whatever Is Not in Resonance

Remove Whatever Is Not In Resonance

To stop sending mixed signals out into the Universe, remove from your life everything that doesn’t resonate with the dream life you envision.

Toxic and abusive relationships, addictions, not taking good care of yourself – all of these are signs that you are not serious about living your dream life.

Dress for the life you want to live, think thoughts that are worthy of your dreams, and wish others that their dreams come true as well.

This way, you will embody and radiate abundance and open doors for more of it to come into your life.

9. Trust Fully

You are an incredibly powerful being, and the sky is the limit for you. You have all the gifts, skills, talents, and knowledge that are necessary for you to manifest your dream life.

The more you trust in yourself and in the Universe to bring everything you desire into your life, the more of your dreams will come true.

10. Take Inspired Action

Take Inspired Action

Make a plan of things you desire in your life and embark on this path boldly and with full confidence. Know that nothing is impossible for you if you truly desire it.

Take steps towards your goals that you feel are taking you in the direction you feel most inspired to go. This will help you move in lockstep with the divine current and the purpose of your soul.

Your highest excitement at every moment is the only indication of which actions you need to take at the present moment to move closer to manifesting your dream life.


Everything is possible when you truly believe in it. When you align yourself with the frequency of joy, abundance, and gratitude, instead of feeling lack, you show the Universe how you want to feel.

Through this process, you magnetize and attract more positive feelings into your life, which come to you in the form of your dreams.

The manifestation process might seem complicated at first, but once you embark on this journey, it will become effortless for you, and you will realize that you are the conscious creator of all your experiences!