How To Stop Someone Manifesting You (10-Step Guide)

How To Stop Someone Manifesting You

Everything in the universe consists of energy. Energy moves in specific patterns known as frequencies. The Law of Attraction states that whatever resonates on a particular frequency attracts situations, people, and events, that resonate on a similar wavelength.

Our thoughts and emotions are the most powerful tools that bring about our reality. Mindfully applying the Law of Attraction is known as conscious manifestation.

Suppose you are aware or suspect someone is using manifestation to attract you into their life. It can be an unpleasant experience, especially if you are not interested in being a part of their lives.

What should you do if you find yourself in this scenario?

To stop someone from manifesting you, you must become aware that you are the creator of your reality, and nobody can go against your free will. Know how to set clear boundaries, practice energetic protection, learn to process and regulate your emotions, and remove clutter from all aspects of your life, including emotional, physical, and mental.

Following the tips below will make you feel better and remind you that only you can manifest for yourself. Regardless if others have good intentions for you, you can only experience whatever you consciously and subconsciously create space in your life. By stating to the universe what you desire to experience in your life and what you are not willing to tolerate, you are setting clear boundaries with people trying to manifest you.

10 Steps to Stop Someone Manifesting You

10 Steps To Stop Someone Manifesting You

It can be highly unpleasant to recognize that someone you don’t like or don’t want in your life is trying to manifest your presence, friendship, or relationship with you.

Your life is for you; it is an expression of your free will. Nobody can interfere with that. Trying to stop them from doing something technically goes against their free will.

Still, since it involves you and your life, there are things you can do to protect yourself and become entirely immune to anything anyone might be trying to manifest.

1. Make Sure That Someone Is Manifesting You

To protect yourself and stop someone from manifesting you, you must first pay attention to signs that they are indeed manifesting you. You can often tell it by how the person behaves towards you, but remember that you might also be mistaken.

Know that your mind and belief have the most significant impact when manifesting your reality. If you believe that someone is manifesting you and can cause some harm to you, this can bring you negative consequences.

If, on the other hand, you are fully aware that nobody except yourself is the creator of your reality, and even if they might desire a different life path for you, they have no power over it – it will immediately make all of their manifestations ineffective!

2. Do Energy Protection

You should always be able to protect yourself spiritually and not allow any negative energies in your reality. When someone is trying to enter your field – physically, emotionally, or spiritually, you need to feel safe and confident that you are protected.

You can use many tools, such as crystals, singing bowls, and the smoke of sacred tobacco, palo santo, white sage, mugwort, or juniper. All these will protect your energy and elevate the vibrational frequency of your space.

However, your vibration is ultimately set by your thoughts and emotions. Meditation, primarily guided meditation, can be especially beneficial for protecting and shielding your energy field.

3. Work On Your Boundaries

Suppose you don’t set clear boundaries in your life – between you and others in your life, between you and entertainment, between you and the time you invest in various activities.

In that case, you are showing the universe that you don’t respect yourself and don’t value your personal space. This leaves you open for others to take advantage of you.

Journal and examine all areas of your life to recognize where you can improve your boundaries. You will be impressed to see the positive impact this will have on your life.

4. Find And Eliminate Your Weak Spots

All of us have our strengths and weaknesses. To strengthen your energy field and protect yourself, you need to become aware of all areas in your life you are leaking your energy.

Among them can be negative thought patterns, committing to things you have no desire to carry out, doing things you don’t enjoy, giving promises to yourself that you don’t keep, and others.

Examine your life to find all possible weak spots and consider what you can do to improve the situation. The more authentic you will become, the more you will align with your true self, and the more you will eliminate all space in your life and energy field for anyone to affect you in ways you don’t desire.

5. Observe Your Mind

Your thoughts create your reality. Observing your mind is the key to protecting yourself from someone trying to manifest you. When you have negative thought habits, such as ruminating on past mistakes, fearing the future, or imagining negative scenarios, that’s what you attract into your life.

The same is true when you have many limiting beliefs and don’t allow yourself to go for what you want in life. In this case, your energy stagnates, and you are showing the universe that you are unwilling to take charge of your own life.

In this case, you subconsciously agree to whatever others are trying to manifest for you.

Learn to observe your mind and practice mindfulness to become aware of ways you are not entirely in charge of your thoughts.

6. Regulate Your Emotions

Emotions set your vibrational tone, and your vibration lowers when you cannot control them or have too many negative emotions. As a result, you are not in charge of your life, and others can impact you with their intentions.

When we encounter experiences that seem too much for us to handle, we experience trauma – emotional energy gets trapped, and blockages are created in our emotional and physical bodies.

The more unresolved trauma you have, the more of your life is guided by your subconscious mind. Look up techniques to heal your unprocessed trauma to get in charge of creating your life consciously!

7. Ground Yourself

Grounding does wonders in protecting your energy. The more grounded and embodied you are, the more you are in charge of your life and the less space you leave for others and their intentions for you. Implement grounding techniques in your daily schedule.

Some of the most effective methods for grounding are:

  • Spending time in nature;
  • Walking barefoot;
  • Spending time away from technology;
  • Exercising;
  • Eating grounding foods, such as root vegetables;
  • Mindful breathing;
  • Having a healthy and grounding daily schedule.

8. Don’t Think of Them

You might have heard the expression – where your focus goes, your energy flows! It is very true. When you give someone your attention, regardless of whether your thoughts are positive or negative, you give them your energy.

How our brain is wired makes it complicated for us not to think of something. A good solution is to focus on things, people, and thoughts you want to think about.

In this case, the best thing you can do is focus on your manifestations that don’t involve the person in question and on your affirmations that will help you align with your dream reality.

9. Eliminate What Doesn’t Serve You

The more clutter there is in your life, the more obstacles for the energy to flow freely through your life. This includes your physical and mental space.

If you keep things and think thoughts that no longer serve your highest good, you are showing the universe you are not willing to be in charge of your life.

To stop someone from manifesting you, clean and declutter all areas of your life. This includes cleaning and decluttering your living space, closet, fridge, contact lists, and the people you spend time with.

10. Be the Master of Your Life

Remember that you create your reality even in moments you are not aware of it.

When you clearly state to the universe that you are aware that you are the creator of your life and that you are willing to take complete charge of whatever happens to you, any manifestations someone else might want to do that involve you will lose any power.

This means consciously placing the locus of control within yourself. When you take credit for all positive and negative things in your life, you take back the power you have unconsciously given away to others and any circumstances.


You are in charge of your life at all times, regardless if sometimes it might seem otherwise. This awareness itself is enough to prevent anyone’s manifestations from affecting you in any way.

Follow these 10 steps to regain your power, strengthen your energy field, and take back the reins of your life!