How To Meditate and Manifest (The Complete Guide)

How To Meditate And Manifest

Everything in the Universe is made out of energy. Energy structures itself in certain patterns, known as frequencies.

Manifesting means consciously choosing the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that will put you in alignment with the frequencies of your desired reality. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to manifesting.

Meditation helps you clear your mind and reset the thought patterns you are used to. The patterns of our thoughts create our reality. The patterns of our thoughts, in turn, are shaped by our feelings and emotions.

And the patterns of our feelings and thoughts were set in motion before we were even born; at the time we were still in our mother’s womb. Yes, you read that correctly!

Not only did we pick up feeling patterns and beliefs from our families when we were growing up, but they were already imprinted on us even before we were born!

This is the reason why it’s so hard to break them and set new patterns in motion. However, it is possible, and meditation is one of the best tools for doing so!

Meditation makes it much easier for you to connect with and set in motion new vibrational patterns and frequencies. Focus on getting to know yourself and being as honest with yourself as possible. Set goals that express your authentic self, create a meditation plan, and pick the right type of meditation.

Many of our desires were formed by our upbringing, social conditioning, and often, fears or sense of lack. Meditation helps you bypass your ego to learn what your soul and authentic self truly need.

Therefore it serves a twofold function – first, it helps you recognize your true needs and desires, and second, it helps you manifest them in your reality.

The 8 steps outlined in this article will help you use meditation powerfully and create the reality you desire!

10 Steps To Meditate and Manifest

Many people across the world are awakening to the fact that they are the ones who create their reality. Everything in the Universe is energy, and everything vibrates at a certain wavelength.

Like attracts like. If you think positive thoughts, you attract positive experiences. If you live focusing on what you fear, you will only attract more negativity in your life.

1. Get To Know Yourself

Get To Know Yourself

When you begin your meditation journey, it is crucial that you know and can discern which are your true desires.

Our ability to manifest is limited to what we truly want, need, and desire. If we often overthink, worry, and doubt, we send mixed signals into the Universe about what we want. The Universe can interpret our fears as something we desire to experience.

When you work on getting to know yourself, you will learn to discern your actual wants and needs and which ones you have subconsciously adopted from your family or society.

You can use various tools for this, such as journaling, therapy, self-reflection, morning pages, meditation, or shamanic journeys. Don’t skip this step if it seems too simple, as it is the most crucial part of your manifestation journey.

2. Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

When you deeply connect with yourself and recognize your authentic goals and dreams, you are ready to create an outline for your path.

Pick the journal that resonates with you the most and reflects your taste, and make it your manifestation journal. Use it to write down your intentions and goals you want to achieve and manifest.

Whether those are material goals, creative achievements, business plans, or romantic goals, write them all down.

Putting your intentions on paper will help you verbalize and clarify them, and it will also be fun for you to go back and read your notes after your dreams have already been manifested into your reality!

3. Recognize Your Limiting Beliefs

Recognize Your Limiting Beliefs

When you are clear with your intentions and goals, the next step is to recognize everything standing in your way. Reading through the list of your manifestation goals, take notes to explore any limiting beliefs you might have that might stand in the way of your dreams.

For example, suppose you grew up in a poor family. In that case, chances are you often heard phrases like: “money doesn’t grow on trees” and similar phrases that made you subconsciously adopt beliefs that making money is hard work and a painful struggle.

You might also subconsciously believe that you are unworthy of being rich.

Write it all down; even if these things are hard to admit, be as specific and honest as possible.

The more honest you are, the more power you will have over changing these beliefs.

4. Create Your Manifestation Meditation Plan

Create Your Manifestation Meditation Plan

After you have written a list of your limiting beliefs, the next step is to create a clear meditation plan that will help you address these beliefs.

If you have discovered that you have fears and limiting beliefs surrounding abundance or feeling worthy of success, you can pick guided meditations that address this.

You can plan on doing this particular type of meditation for two weeks and then go back and reassess if you feel that you have made any progress.

If you feel that new layers of limiting beliefs or past traumas have surfaced, find new meditations that will match your new reflections. Keep in mind that progress will happen gradually and over time.

You can also combine the types of meditations you do, for example, meditation addressing inner child healing and joy in the morning as soon as you wake up and meditation aimed at easing overthinking or self-judgment at night.

5. Create the Environment

Create The Environment

Our environment has a powerful impact on our energy. It can help or hinder our progress. Creating a designated meditation space can help you strengthen the energy you desire to manifest.

For example, if you wish to bring more abundance into your life, decorate your room with images and symbols that you associate abundance with.

It can be your vision board, crystals, or statues of goddesses connected to abundance. All of this will help you align with the frequency of abundance. Feel what resonates with you the most and what inspires you.

Don’t overthink this if you don’t have the necessary tools or live in a small space where you can meditate only while sitting on the floor next to your bed. It will still work.

Creating a supportive environment will help your process, but it won’t be the make-it or break-it part of it. Your intention, commitment, and trust are the most important.

6. Pick the Type of Meditations

Pick The Type Of Meditations

There are different types of meditation. You can meditate in perfect silence or play peaceful music or mantras in the background. You can also choose guided meditations that are designed with specific intentions.

You can even opt for action meditation, such as practicing martial arts, painting, or meditating while you do dishes or walk through the park. As you do these activities, set your mind on your intentions and focus on how you will feel when you have already achieved your goals.

When you begin your meditation practice, this is a more challenging type of meditation as you will get distracted more easily. But feel free to explore this idea if it resonates with you. You can also combine it with other types of meditation.

7. Keep It to Yourself

Keep It To Yourself

It can be tempting to share your journey and revelations with others. However, remember that not everyone is on a similar level of understanding as you are.

Unfortunately, when we begin our spiritual journey, we often learn that even our loved ones are not yet ready to hear about our path. This is normal and not a reason for you to get upset or discouraged.

If you feel that people around you are not open-minded about your manifestation journey and other interests, don’t feel bad about keeping them to yourself for now.

Eventually, your community will grow, and you will meet more like-minded people to share your thoughts and beliefs with.

8. Commit to Meditating Daily

Commit To Meditating Daily

The results of your meditation practice will depend on your commitment. Think of it as going to the gym.

Meditation is intended to re-wire your neural pathways, just like going to the gym builds your muscles over time and teaches your body how to function in a new way. If you go to the gym once a month or once a week, it won’t have the dramatic results you desire.

Likewise, meditation should be something you do daily. Even if you have a busy schedule and can give your meditation practice only ten minutes per day, it will snowball and have powerful results over time.

9. Make It a Habit


At first, you might have to force yourself to start this practice as it might seem boring. The more often you do it, the more exciting it will become.

Doing meditation every day will make it a habit, and soon it will become a natural part of your day that you will do even without thinking about it.

To help you turn it into a habit that comes naturally to you, it’s best to do it at a specific time of the day. For example, right after you brush your teeth. Or right after you change into your pajamas.

Editor’s Tip

The best time for meditation is as soon as you wake up or right before you fall asleep. This is when your mind is most open to absorbing new experiences and belief patterns.

10. Trust Fully

Trust Fully

The Universe is your best friend. Your manifestation practice will suffer if you practice meditation but doubt the results it can bring into your life.

If you trust fully, you open yourself to the blessings and miracles the Universe is willing to bring into your life. Trust, and you shall receive!


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools for manifesting. If you follow all the steps in this article, your life will gradually transform into your dream life.

If you are consistent with your practice, you will feel that your life is getting better day by day. New opportunities and experiences will come into your life and bring contentment and joy into your life.