How To Manifest With Amethyst (9 Magical Tips)

How To Manifest With Amethyst

Manifesting with crystals is a really powerful technique for consciously creating your reality.

The Law of Attraction states that we attract what we are in resonance with – when your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behavior are aligned with what you desire to attract, you become a mindful creator of your desired life.

Each crystal is alive and energetically vibrating on a specific frequency, possessing powerful healing powers and being able to align you with your intentions.

Amethyst is among the most powerful crystals not only because of its spectacular beauty but because of its healing and manifestation properties.

To manifest with amethyst, you need to find the right, ethically sourced crystal that resonates with you, bond and connect with it energetically, journal and meditate with your amethyst daily, do a manifestation ritual and express your gratitude to it. Creating an honorary place for your amethyst on your manifestation altar is also a great idea.

Most of the time, the color of the crystal can give you hints about its resonance and frequency. As the violet and purple color of amethyst indicate, it is connected to the crown chakra.

Amethyst connects you to your highest truth, higher expression, and your higher self. It has the power to lift you above the drama of your daily life and see yourself and life as it truly is.

Regardless if you are new to manifestation or are only beginning your manifesting journey, here you will find some of the most powerful tips for manifesting your dream reality with the help of amethyst.

9 Tips To Manifest With Amethyst

9 Tips To Manifest With Amethyst

The powerful energy of amethyst helps you connect with the realm of your crown chakra. Your intuition, highest expression, and highest truth can all be brought out with the help of amethyst.

When you do your manifestation practice with amethyst, keep in mind to live a life that resonates with your manifestations. Many people do their manifestation rituals and then go back to their daily lives living and thinking as they previously had.

For your life to be transformed for the better, look at all aspects of yourself and bring spirituality into your mindset, attitude, and thoughts throughout your daily life.

1. Choose Your Crystal

The first step to manifesting with amethyst is choosing the crystal that is right for you and resonates with you energetically.

Ideally, always try to do your crystal shopping in person, not online, so you can feel the connection with your crystals. This way, you can feel the energy of each crystal and possibly even hold it in your hand.

If it is impossible and you can only purchase your crystals online, trust your intuition and see if the seller seems trustworthy.

2. Journal

Journaling is a must when it comes to your manifesting journey. It helps you connect with yourself on a deeper level and recognize your subconscious needs and thought patterns.

The better you get to know yourself and the deeper you connect with yourself, the stronger your manifestation abilities will become.

3. Be Clear With Your Intentions

Be clear on what exactly you are willing to manifest and observe yourself closely to recognize where your intentions are coming from.

Are your intentions truthful and genuine desires of your soul that can help you connect and align with your life purpose and carry out your life mission?

Or are some of them coming from the feeling of lack and various deficiencies, such as feeling unworthy?

Amethyst is a crystal that will help you align with your highest expression and highest truth, and it will also eliminate from your life everything that is not helpful and not in resonance with the best version of yourself.

This includes your toxic beliefs, negative thought patterns, karmic loops, and people who are not aligned with your truth.

4. Connect With Your Amethyst

After purchasing your amethyst, don’t forget to energetically purify it by smudging it with white sage, palo santo, or mugwort or leaving it overnight in the light of the Full Moon.

Bond with your amethyst by holding it in your hand, placing it on your heart and crown chakra, and telling it your intentions.

5. Meditate With Your Amethyst Daily

Daily meditation practice with your amethyst will help you develop a strong, energetic connection with it.

Find a peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed, place the amethyst in front of you, ideally at the height of your eyes, light a candle, sit down in a meditation position, and close your eyes.

You can also choose to lie down and place the amethyst on your heart chakra or above your head. Drift in your meditation as usual and feel the energetic vibrations that the amethyst emanates.

Try to feel how it impacts your frequency and how your vibration aligns and becomes one with its powerful energy field.

6. Do a Manifestation Ritual

Adding amethyst to your regular manifestation ritual is a very powerful choice that can strengthen your energy field, open your higher awareness, and add many layers of depth to your intentions.

You can opt to do a New Moon manifestation ritual where you set the intentions for the new cycle or a ritual on other dates that carry a special meaning for you.

7. Write and Burn Your Intentions

During your manifestation ritual, place the amethyst in front of you, light a candle or, if possible – a fireplace, and write down your intentions on a piece of paper.

After you have done this, set the paper on fire and visualize the phoenix, the bird of transformation, carrying your intentions into the invisible realms. Feel how the energy of amethyst assists this process and thins the veil between the visible and invisible world.

Important Note!

Keep safety in mind, and keep a bowl of water near you. Never pour water over a candle that has oil among its components, as it would only make the fire bigger.

8. Express Gratitude to Your Amethyst

Don’t forget that to create a strong and mutual relationship with your amethyst. You need to express your gratitude to it.

Gratitude to all elements and helpers on your manifestation path is a crucial element not only after your manifestations come true but also during your manifestation ritual.

Thank the Universe, your spirit guides, guardian angels, and fire during your ritual, and send love and gratitude to your amethyst, so it knows how much you appreciate its help and presence in your life.

9. Create an Altar

Cherish your amethyst, take good care of it and keep it in an honorary place, such as on your altar. Bonding is not a one-time thing. It’s something that happens over time.

The more time you spend with your amethyst, the stronger bond you will establish.

Tell amethyst about your intentions, express your openness and willingness to receive its guidance and help, and express gratitude for everything it brings you.


Amethyst raises your frequency and helps you connect with the subtle realms. It activates your higher powers and your hidden talents and brings out your highest truth.

It is a crystal of very high frequency and is valued not just for its magical beauty but for its healing properties. Amethyst can become your best friend when it comes to manifesting the life of your dreams.

When you bond with your crystal and develop a strong connection to it, all aspects of your life will be transformed for the better.

Keep in mind that oftentimes everything that is not in resonance with your highest truth will start leaving your life – people and experiences that don’t resonate with you anymore will gradually start leaving you.

Don’t be afraid of this, as it’s a cleansing process and keep in mind that every end is a new beginning!