Wondering What To Manifest? Connect With Your Inner Truth

What To Manifest? Connect With Your Inner Truth

Manifesting has become very popular in recent years, and you might have heard about it all over the internet and on social media. At times the noise gets very loud, and although you want to try manifesting, you might not be sure where to begin and what exactly you should manifest.

What is worth your effort and time, and should you be manifesting at all?

To know what to manifest, you will need to remove all distractions and everything that doesn’t serve you. To get to know yourself and understand yourself more deeply, you should take on regular meditation and journaling, take yourself on artist dates, read unusual books, travel to new places, and listen to your inner guidance!

Deepening your sense of self and improving relationships with the world around you will raise your frequency, give you a sense of clarity and direction, boost your confidence, and help you see clearly which manifestations to pursue.

These tips will begin to transform your life as soon as you begin to practice them. Not only will they help you discover what exactly to manifest, but they will bring excitement, enjoyment, clarity, and joy to your life!

11 Tips To Discover What To Manifest

11 Tips To Discover What To Manifest

To discover what to manifest, you need to learn to hear your inner voice and connect with your intuition. Nobody else can tell you if you should be manifesting a relationship, an apartment, or a new job. Only your intuition can help you find an exact answer to this question.

Here you will find some of the most powerful tools to get in touch with yourself and discover what exactly you should focus on in your manifestation practice.

1. Remove What Doesn’t Serve You

It is very hard to hear yourself when you have too much noise around you. Suppose you spend a lot of time on social media, reading and watching the news, and listening to the opinions of others. In that case, getting persuaded and swayed from your individual path is very easy.

To get clarity with your intentions, try removing as many distractions from your life as possible for a while and pay attention to any feelings that arise that are uniquely yours.

2. Meditate

Meditation calms and stills your mind and brings your focus from the outside world to your inner world. Meditation also helps you raise your frequency, which in turn increases your manifesting abilities.

Invest time every day, ideally as soon as you wake up or in the evening, right before you go to bed, to close your eyes and meditate. At first, it might seem boring, but it will become enjoyable with time.

You can also pick guided meditations that resonate with you. There is plenty to choose from; on YouTube, you can find guided meditations for healing your inner child, expressing gratitude, and connecting with your higher self, among others.

3. Journal

Journaling is an immensely powerful tool to connect with yourself and get to know yourself better. Journal about your thoughts and feelings as often as possible.

Write about your daily experiences and thoughts and use self-reflection prompts you can find on websites such as Pinterest.

Of course, make sure your journal is protected from curious eyes as it is intended for your self-reflection only, and it is likely that not everyone in your family has the emotional intelligence required to respect your privacy.

4. Get to Know Yourself

The better you get to know yourself, the better you will know what to manifest and how to go about it. Use other tools, among journaling and meditation, to get to know yourself well.

You can opt for psychotherapy, shamanic practices, or even art therapy. All of these are powerful tools that can strengthen your connection with yourself.

5. Take Yourself to an Artist Date

Artist dates are not for artists only! Each of us is an artist in our hearts, as all of us are the powerful creators of our reality.

Go to places you have never been before or to places that inspire you, with the sole intention to enjoy your time and find inspiration.

Keep your eyes and ears open for everything new, and pay attention to people around you, to buildings and architecture, to the sounds and smells of the place. This will open your perception and ability to look at the world from a new perspective!

6. Think of People Who Inspire You

Journal about people who inspire you the most, regardless if you know them or not and if they are fictional or real. Don’t forget to include the people you envy, as envy is hidden admiration and reveals your hidden potential.

Write about the qualities you believe they possess and what makes them so unique. Think of ways you can develop these qualities. Thinking about this might give you some great ideas when it comes to what you should be manifesting!

Focus on qualities and traits, not possessions and looks. Looks and possessions come as a bonus to the energy of the person.

Therefore, you should always focus on growing and developing yourself at your core, not on things you can lose or that can be taken away with time, such as your belongings.

7. Travel

The more you travel, the more you expose yourself to new people, ideas, and perceptions of the world. This can expand your mindset greatly and give you a much better idea of what to manifest.

The more open-minded you become, the more well-rounded person you will be. This helps you to see your life from a bird’s eye and understand all areas of your life that would benefit from expansion.

8. Look for Inspiration in Movies

To expand your perception even further, look for inspiration in movies. Keep in mind that films are not real life, and oftentimes they present a distorted view of reality.

However, they can give you a good sense of what inspires you and what type of experiences excite you. Ask yourself what inspires you in the movies that you like, and try to be as specific as possible.

If, for example, you feel naturally drawn to animations, it might inspire you to become a cartoon artist, a painter, or a storyteller. Or it might mean you enjoy the thrill they are giving you and that you desire to live a passionate, adventurous life.

If you feel drawn to romantic period dramas, you might consider becoming a costume artist, a poet, a musician, or simply surround yourself with the vintage aesthetic.

Open your mind when thinking of this and feel into your senses to recognize what it is that speaks to you above all and what you would want to manifest.

9. Read Non-Fiction Books

Reading self-help and psychology books will help you understand yourself better and give you clear tips on areas of your life that could be improved.

All of us have blind spots when it comes to our life, and reading books about the newest scientific discoveries, as well as biographies of captivating individuals, can give you a better view of life and your place in the world.

It can motivate you to live your best life and find new tools for self-expression. It can help you find your life mission and give you insights on which path to walk in life.

Then you can manifest getting into college to pursue a degree in your chosen field or meeting people who will be helpful when pursuing your passion.

Whatever pursuits you will desire to pursue, you will know what you need to manifest to accomplish it!

10. Read Fiction Books

Fiction books can be a great source of inspiration! It can expand your mind and teach you to think in new and unusual ways.

Many of the most talented and accomplished people are avid fiction book readers. Elon Musk has found a lot of inspiration for his businesses in science fiction books.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking only of things that have already been created; stretch your mind to imagine new horizons and pursue them with passion! Manifesting will help you along the way to achieve whatever you set your eyes to.

11. Listen to Your Inner Voice

Learn to trust yourself to decide what you need to manifest. Only your heart knows the true answers, and no guru or master can tell you more about yourself than your own heart.

If you follow all the tips in this article, it should give you a great insight into yourself and your true nature.

Throughout our lives, we take on many limiting beliefs from society and our families regarding who we should be, what we should want, and how we should act. But your true guide in this world should always be your inner truth.

When you align with it and learn to listen to your heart above all else, your frequency will increase, and manifestation will become effortless for you!


Regardless if you are aware of it or not, you are already manifesting your life. Your beliefs, thoughts, and actions resonate at a certain frequency that attracts your life experiences.

If you live in confusion, self-doubt, fears, and worries, chances are that you are attracting many negative experiences into your life.

If you learn to trust the universe and relax into enjoying what life brings your way, you are becoming a conscious creator who is ready to create the life of your dreams!