How To Manifest With Carnelian (Manifest Your Desires)

How To Manifest With Carnelian

The Law of Attraction is the belief that everything in the Universe is made of energy. You can bring positive or negative experiences into your life by focusing on positive or negative thoughts.

The idea is based on the theory that attracts like. If you focus on positive thoughts, you will attract positive experiences into your life. Alternatively, if you focus on negative thoughts, you will attract negative experiences.

When it comes to manifestation, using crystals can be a powerful way to help focus your energy and attention on your goals. Each crystal has unique energies and properties that can help support and enhance your intention.

Carnelian is especially helpful for manifestation, as it is known for its ability to increase the flow of abundance and good luck.

To manifest with carnelian, you must first set your intention, cleanse your crystal and charge it with your intention. Keep your crystal in an honorary space, such as an altar, surround it with other crystals to increase its strength, repeat your affirmations and express gratitude.

If you are looking to manifest your dreams and goals, Carnelian can be a powerful ally. Read on to discover how to use carnelian in your manifestations.

10 Steps To Manifest With Carnelian

10 Steps To Manifest With Carnelian

Many people swear by manifesting with crystals. Crystals bring potent energy into your life that has the potential of turning your life upside down.

Carnelian is a powerful stone for manifesting. Its bright reddish-brown color is associated with the frequencies of lower chakras.

If you are interested in manifesting more creativity, abundance, or sexuality in your life, it is a great stone to work with!

1. Set Your Intention

Carnelian is a great stone for abundance, so if you are looking to attract more wealth, health, or love into your life, it can be a powerful ally.

What do you want to manifest in your life? More abundance? Love?

Write it down and be specific.

When manifesting abundance, don’t limit yourself to thoughts about money. Abundance has many forms of expression; you can experience it in all areas of your life.

Carnelian is also excellent for expanding creative energy and creative imagination. If you are an artist or create anything, including business or any kind of project, carnelian can help you!

2. Cleanse Your Crystal

Before you begin, it is important to cleanse your crystals. It will help clear away any negative energy they may have picked up and allow them to be more effective in manifesting your intention.

You can do this by smudging it with White sage or Palo Santo or by placing your crystals under the full moon moonlight.

Keep in mind that choosing the right crystal is also important. Look for a place that sells ethically sourced crystals, and pick one that speaks to you.

Your intuition is your number one guide when selecting the right crystal for you.

3. Charge Your Crystal

After cleansing, you will need to charge your crystal. It will help to infuse it with your intention and amplify its power.

You can do this by holding it in your hand and visualizing your intention flowing into the crystal. Alternatively, you can place your crystal on a selenite charging plate or in a bowl of quartz crystals.

The more you bond and connect with your crystal, the more it will amplify your intentions and help your manifesting journey.

The more time you spend around it, the more it will absorb your energy, thoughts, and intentions.

If you are going through a difficult time, smudge your crystals repeatedly, so they are cleansed of any negative energy,

4. Place It in Your Manifestation Space

Find a place in your home where you can put your crystal that will serve as your manifestation space.

It could be on your altar, desk, or bedside table.

Place your crystal in this space so that it can help to infuse your environment with positive energy. Ideally, this should be where you spend a lot of time, such as your workplace or bedroom.

If your work is very stressful, or arguments often occur, smudge your crystal often.

5. Surround It With Supporting Stones

You can further amplify the power of your crystal by surrounding it with other stones that support your intention.

For example, if you are manifesting wealth, you could surround your carnelian with citrine, aventurine, pyrite, or tiger’s eye.

You can also surround it with figurines and paintings of goddesses that support your intention or other talismans.

You can place fresh flowers next to it or give it other blessings and gifts to show your love and care for it.

6. Hold It While You Visualize Your Intention

Spend some time daily holding your crystal and visualizing your intention.

See yourself surrounded by an abundance of what you are trying to manifest. Feel the emotion of already having achieved your goal.

The more detailed and realistic your visualization, the better. The stronger you can experience positive emotions, the sooner your manifestation will arrive.

Your emotional energy is the fuel that draws your manifestation to you.

7. Repeat Affirmations

While holding your crystal, you can also repeat positive affirmations supporting your intention.

For example, if you are trying to manifest more money, you can say:

  • I am a magnet for wealth.
  • “My bank account balance is increasing daily.”
  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.”

You can say your affirmations out loud or in your mind. Your confidence and trust are the most important.

If you believe your affirmations when you say them, they become true and bring you what you desire.

If you doubt yourself, you will sabotage your manifesting efforts.

8. Express Gratitude

After you have spent some time visualizing your intention and repeating affirmations, take a moment to express gratitude for what you are trying to manifest.

Thank the Universe for bringing your desire into your life. Thank your carnelian for being your friend and supporting you on your path.

Gratitude holds a powerful frequency that is aligned with receiving our desires.

It is one of the highest emotional frequencies, and the more time daily we spend feeling grateful, the more powerful we become at attracting our desires.

9. Release Attachment and Expectations

It is important to remember that the Universe will provide you with what you need, which might come in a different form or at a different time than you expected.

After you have done all the above, releasing your attachment to the outcome is important.

Trust that the Universe has your best interest at heart, and know that what you manifest will come to you in perfect timing.

10. Have Faith and Be Patient

The final step is to have faith and be patient.

The Universe will deliver your manifestation, but it may not happen in the way or timeframe you expect. It is important to be patient and trust that everything is happening for your highest good.

Suppose things don’t happen in your expected timeline; remember that the time might not be right for some of them to come true. Don’t rush any outcomes, as that might sabotage your dreams.

Trust that Universe is always with you and supporting you!


Carnelian is an amazing stone when it comes to manifesting. Its beautiful red shade shows that it can help you manifest intentions related to lower chakras.

Abundance, creativity, health, and wealth – all can be amplified in your life thanks to this magical crystal!