How To Know Your Manifestation Is Coming

How To Know Your Manifestation Is Coming

If you have been investing time and effort in manifesting something, it can be tempting to know if your manifestation is on its way. The most important rule of manifesting is not doubting it.

If you have done the work and invested energy into your manifestation, you can trust fully that it’s on its way to you. If you start doubting, you begin radiating energy of confusion and attracting uncertainty as a result.

If you’re wondering if the universe has heard your manifestations, you can notice the confirmation appearing in your life in the form of angel numbers, sudden and unexpected changes, or meaningful dreams. It won’t always feel pleasant as some people might start leaving your life, but it happens only because they are no longer an energetic match for you.

Always keep in mind that you are the child of the universe; you are a part of it, even if you seem to be separated by your physical body and individual limitations. The universe always wishes what is best for you.

Also, keep in mind that all resources are always available, and scarcity exists only in your mind. Have full trust in the ability of the universe to deliver exactly what you wish for and need. The more you trust it, the sooner your manifestations will arrive!

Pay attention to these 10 subtle signs stated below that indicate that your manifestation is on its way.

10 Signs That Your Manifestation Is Coming

10 Signs That Your Manifestation Is Coming

There are many subtle ways in which the universe communicates with us. Pay attention to your intuition, as your intuition is the language the universe communicates with you.

Often your guardian angels and spirit guides want to show that they are there for you, but you might be too absorbed by your mind and not pay attention.

Pay attention to subtle signs that you are shown throughout your day!

1. You Start Seeing Angel Numbers

Whether you see them on your phone, on car signs, or in other random places, angel numbers can be a sign that the universe is communicating with you.

Among the most popular angel numbers are 11:11, 333, and 444, as well as other repeating number sequences. Research what your angels might be trying to tell you.

Pay attention to your thoughts in the moments you see these symbols. Were you just thinking of something positive you wish to be true or of ruminating on your mistakes or fears about the future?

The moments you see angel numbers are the moments the universe reminds you that it hears your thoughts and can manifest whatever you are thinking about. Think of these signs as reminders to recognize your thought patterns.

If you have a tendency for negative overthinking and worry, learn to adopt new belief patterns and talk to yourself more mindfully.

2. You Notice Synchronicities

When you step on the path of self-knowledge, synchronicities will become increasingly common.

If you are working on manifesting something truly important to you and you start noticing synchronicities at an increasing rate, this might be a sure sign that your manifestations are on their way!

3. Your Intuition Tells You So

Think of your intuition as the direct line between you and the universe. No guru or teacher can tell you things that your intuition can. It is the language of your soul. The better you connect with it, the more powerful it will become.

When you are connected with your intuition and begin to feel subtle signs coming in that your manifestation is on its way – chances are it truly is!

4. You See Meaningful Dreams

Dreams are another powerful way how your subconscious mind can communicate that your manifestations are coming true.

When you are asleep, your conscious mind rests, and your subconscious mind takes over. It is the time you connect with yourself more deeply and receive signs from the universe. The universe can’t communicate with you using language, so it uses signs and symbols.

Don’t overanalyze your dreams with dream interpretations you can find online, as they are generalized and can not be accurate for your dreams.

Since it’s your subconscious mind communicating with you, pay more close attention to what your dreams mean to you and how you would interpret their meaning.

5. It Gets Really Dark

As you might have heard, the night is the darkest, right before dawn. There might be many things you need to release from your life to free space for your manifestations to come true.

Suppose you experience some turmoil and feel that you are losing something that has previously been of value and importance to you. In that case, some challenges and difficulties arise, and it might be a sign that your life is releasing everything that is not aligned with the manifestations that are coming your way.

6. People Start Leaving Your Life

The same can happen with people in your life. If, for example, your boyfriend suddenly leaves you, it might mean that your life is freeing space for new-level people and experiences you were previously unprepared for.

Don’t be afraid if this type of change starts taking place, as it might be a sign that great things are coming for you!

7. Unexpected Events Start to Happen

This can be the case with any unexpected events, not only negative ones.

Suppose you receive sudden news about a change of plans, an unexpected invitation to go somewhere, or a cancellation of your previous plans. In that case, it might mean that the universe is taking a turn in your life to guide you toward the new experiences that it has in store for you.

8. You Trust It Fully

If you feel full trust and confidence, mixed with gratitude, and have an innate awareness that your manifestations are on the way, it is most definitely the case.

If you feel elated feelings such as confidence and trust, it is the most foolproof way to know that your manifesting works because it is precisely this state of being that attracts your manifestations.

9. You Feel Excitement

If you suddenly, out of the blue, feel elated feelings such as excitement, just like with trust, it is a sign that your manifestations are on the way. Your manifestations are always related to something that brings you joy, excitement, and better life quality.

If you feel sudden excitement, it means that your subconscious mind feels that your manifestations are coming true and are already on their way to you.

10. You Feel Relief

Suppose you are manifesting something coming to a resolution, such as a problem being solved or getting out of a disease in a good state of health, and suddenly feel a sense of relief. In that case, it is a great sign that means your manifestations are working on their way of coming true.

If you feel a sense of ease and peace, a relaxation you haven’t felt in a long time, it is likely your subconscious mind telling you to relax because your problems will be solved soon!


To know when your manifestations are on their way, you have to listen to subtle signs that your subconscious mind and the universe are sending to you. Sometimes they might come through your dreams, and sometimes come to you as a sense of excitement, full trust, or relief.

At the same time, try not to get too attached and focused on the outcome of your manifestations. Although they are most definitely important to you, learn to trust and allow the universe to do its job.

Know and trust fully that all things happen at the divine timing, just when you need them most. Don’t doubt your ability to manifest, and don’t over-fixate on receiving confirmation, as that can create an energy of distrust that will push your manifestations further away.