How To Set an Intention for Manifestation (10-Step Guide)

How To Set An Intention For Manifestation

Manifestation is the act of making something real through your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. You can manifest anything that you desire by thinking about it, believing in it, and taking action toward it.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. If you want to attract more of something into your life (like money, love, or success), then you need to focus your thoughts and actions on those things.

The better you feel about something, the more likely it is to come into your life.

One of the most important aspects of manifesting is setting your intention. Understanding what you want and being honest about why you want it.

If you’re not clear about your intention, how can the Universe be expected to deliver something that you don’t even know exists?

Setting an intention is the first step of manifestation. Word your intention positively, focus on it and visualize it. Then you must take inspired action, believe in your ability to achieve it, and let go of expectations. Trust the Universe will deliver what you asked for or even something better.

If you take the time to get clear about your wants and needs and positively state them, then the Universe will respond. Below you can find a detailed 10-step guide on how to set an intention for manifestation.

10 Steps To Set an Intention for Manifestation

10 Steps To Set An Intention For Manifestation

The intention is essential in any kind of spiritual practice. It’s what guides us on our path to self-discovery and enlightenment.

When we align our intentions with the Universe, we create a powerful force to help us achieve anything we desire. Setting an intention means giving your subconscious mind a clear direction and instruction, so it can take over and carry out these instructions for you.

The more clarity and meaning you give to your intention, the more energy it receives to be carried out.

1. Get Clear About What You Want

Get Clear About What You Want

The first step to set an intention is to get clear about what it is you want. It may seem like a simple task, but it’s one of the most difficult parts of the process.

When trying to manifest something, it’s important to be as specific as possible. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the Universe to deliver your desired outcome.

Journaling is one of the best tools to help you set an intention. Journaling clarifies, clears your mind chatter, and helps you discover what you want.

2. Be Honest With Yourself About Why You Want It

Be Honest With Yourself About Why You Want It

Be honest with yourself about why you want what you want. It is an important part of the process because by understanding your “why”, you can understand the energy and emotions associated with your desires, which is crucial when manifesting.

If you want to manifest a lot of money, think about the reasons and how it will make you feel. Maybe it will make you feel confident, safe, and free.

You can recognize these are your needs and motivations. There is a catch, however!

You will need to reverse the process. It is a counterintuitive but important step in manifesting.

We expect that manifestation will bring us certain feelings and emotions, the most powerful way to bring manifestation into our life is by experiencing as many of said emotions as possible in our daily lives.

You should do it right away and not wait to feel that way only when manifestation will already come true. This way, you are aligning yourself with your manifestation and becoming an energetic match to it.

You align your frequency with the frequency of your desire, and it will automatically be magnetized into your life.

3. Set Your Intention in a Positive Way

Set Your Intention In A Positive Way

Your intention must always be worded positively. It means you should state your intention in the present tense as if you already have what you want.

For example, if you’re trying to manifest a new job, it would be wrong to say: “I will work at my dream job”. Instead, you would say, “I am working at my dream job.”

Don’t use “not” or “don’t” in your manifestations. For example, don’t say: “I am not lazy”, as your subconscious mind hears only the negative part of the statement.

Focus positively and state what you want.

4. Focus on Your Intention

Focus On Your Intention

Learning to focus and block out the noise is important to manifestation. You should spend some time thinking about what you want to manifest each day. It’s important to keep your intention in the forefront of your mind to stay focused.

It is easy to get derailed by the drama of everyday life and get distracted by worries and fears that our manifestation will be impossible or too difficult to achieve.

Don’t listen to these thoughts. If you struggle with limiting beliefs, use methods such as CBT to overcome them.

5. Visualize Your Intention

Visualize Your Intention

Visualizing is an important step in setting the intention. For your intention to hold and grow power, you should spend some time each day picturing yourself achieving your goal.

Visualizing is a powerful tool that can help you manifest anything you desire by bringing your desires into reality through your mind’s eye.

Spend time daily closing your eyes and seeing yourself already in possession of what you desire to manifest. Feel all the positive emotions that come along with it.

Your feelings are key as they will magnetize the manifestation into your life.

6. Take Action Towards Your Intention

Take Action Towards Your Intention

You can’t just sit around and wait for the Universe to deliver your manifestation. You have to take action and make it happen.

When you do, you show the Universe that you are serious and committed to your goals. Even if you don’t have a clear plan and don’t know everything you will need to reach your goal, start working towards your goal immediately.

Take steps you know you must take and use the tools available now.

7. Believe in Your Ability To Achieve Your Intention

Believe In Your Ability To Achieve Your Intention

Have faith in yourself and your ability to manifest your goal. If you don’t believe you can achieve your goal, it will be much harder to do it.

Disbelief creates chaotic energy patterns and simultaneously moves you towards and away from your goal. To manifest, you must direct energy towards your goal by fully trusting that it is possible to achieve.

8. Be Patient

Be Patient

Don’t expect your manifestation to happen overnight. It takes time for the Universe to deliver your manifestation, so you must be patient and trust that it will come in due time.

Think if you are ready to receive what you manifest; if not, take steps to be prepared when it arrives.

9. Let Go of Attachment to the Outcome

Let Go Of Attachment To The Outcome

To manifest effectively, you must surrender to the Universe and let go of attachment to the outcome. It means that you should not be attached to the result.

If you’re attached to the outcome, it will be much harder to manifest your goal. If you expect your blessings to come a certain way, you might completely miss that the Universe has already delivered them in another way.

Keep in mind that the Universe knows you better than you know yourself. It will deliver what is best for you from your soul’s perspective. Trust that you will receive what you need in the best possible way.

The more you trust and surrender to the flow of the Universe, the more aligned you are with the Universe, and the more you open yourself to the blessings.

10. Be Grateful for What You Have

Be Grateful For What You Have

Be grateful for what you have. The more you appreciate everything you already have in your life, the more positive experiences you attract.

Think of all things as having consciousness. If everything and everyone around you subconsciously sees and feels your treatment, will they “recommend” more good things to come to you?

If you are not yet happy with your current apartment and job and want to manifest an upgrade in these areas, you will do yourself a disservice if you complain about these things you already have. The same goes for not treating them with respect.

Look for everything you love and appreciate about your current life and experiences. Be grateful for the opportunities you have.

Tell yourself daily: “I love my job! I am grateful for my job!” and be as committed to your current job as possible.

Do all things with love, care for what you already have, and more good things will be brought to you as a result!


It’s easy to get sidetracked when we’re manifesting something; if we’re not clear about our intentions, we can easily lose sight of what we’re trying to achieve.

Many people try to manifest things without knowing what they want or why they want it. It sets them up for failure right from the start.

If you’re unclear about your intention, how can the Universe deliver something you don’t know exists? If you take the time to get clear about your wants and needs and positively state them, the Universe will respond.