How To Manifest Good Weather (in 7 Powerful Steps)

How To Manifest Good Weather

The entire Universe is made out of energy. The physical, material world we embody, which seems so tangible and real to us, is a dense form of energy that has solidified itself into a physical shape and form.

Different streams of energy create specific patterns known as frequencies and vibrations. All frequencies attract whatever resonates on similar wavelengths to them. You are a match of specific frequencies and vibrations.

Therefore the reality you are experiencing matches your inner reality. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are the most powerful tools for creating your reality.

Everything that happens to you, around you, and in your life, is a match to your energetic frequency. When you choose your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions mindfully, you are consciously creating your reality.

Is there a way for you to go as far as manifesting good weather? If yes, how can you do that?

External reality matches your inner reality. Macrocosm and microcosm mirror each other. Therefore by stabilizing your inner state, you are very likely to attract positive and harmonious surroundings, including good weather.

To manifest good weather, focus on visualizing how it will make you feel to be in this type of weather, prepare yourself for it, let go of any doubt, and have full trust that you can manifest it. Also, focus on raising your frequency as the higher your frequency, the stronger your ability to manifest.

Too often, we doubt our ability to manifest our desired reality. Remember, you are always manifesting, whether you are aware of it or not. Whatever you resonate with, you attract at all times. This is not limited to your relationships and success, but the world around you.

You have more power than you realize when it comes to shaping the world you live in. Follow these steps to learn that your manifestation powers are unlimited and can even extend as far as manifesting the desired weather.

7 Steps To Manifest Good Weather

7 Steps To Manifest Good Weather

If you are already familiar with manifesting, you are most definitely aware that your emotions and full trust are the key components in making your desires come true. It is the same when it comes to manifesting good weather.

As the popular saying goes: “Whether you believe you can or you can’t – you are correct!”

If you fully trust in your ability to manifest your desired reality, you can manifest anything. If you doubt yourself and your ability to make it happen, it will be nearly impossible.

Follow these steps with full confidence and remember that you are already manifesting your reality – doing it consciously will help you attract the experiences you desire.

1. Visualize

Visualizing is the basis for manifesting good weather. Close your eyes and think about the circumstances you want to find yourself in. Imagine everything around you and visualize your environment.

Are you on the beach?

Are you taking a walk with your friends?

Do you feel the warm sand under your bare feet?

Is it a sunrise or daytime?

Imagine how the warm sunshine feels on your skin. Feel the breeze of warm wind on your cheeks. Imagine yourself inhaling the warm air and imagine how it feels. Be as specific and detailed as possible.

Do a visualization ritual daily.

You can do it early in the morning, as soon as you wake up, or in the evening, right before you go to sleep. You can also do it after your meditation practice.

These are the times of the day when your subconscious mind is the most open to reprogramming, and the programs you feed into your subconscious mind send signals to the larger Universe that further program the reality you experience.

You can also create a vision board that depicts the ideal weather you are dreaming of!

2. Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind

If you doubt your ability to manifest, it will become nearly impossible for you to manifest, as manifesting is an act of aligning the physical reality with your desired reality that is done thanks to your full confidence and trust.

You might have limiting beliefs, such as:

  • “It is impossible to manifest good weather.”
  • “Manifesting doesn’t work.”
  • “I am not powerful enough to manifest.”

It is common to stumble upon those ideas, and these beliefs might try to derail you from your path.

Meditate and journal to free your mind from these and all other limiting beliefs you might have. Free your mind from confusion, doubt, and uncertainty. Know that you are an expression of the Universe, and as such, your powers are unlimited.

You participate in the eternal dance of creation and are a creator yourself. Keep this in mind and relax into this awareness fully.

3. How Will You Feel?

How will you feel when you find yourself in the warm weather you’ve been envisioning? Think of images and sensations that came to you during the visualization exercise.

Did you feel calm, happy, and relaxed? Did it make you feel joyful and excited?

Journal about your feelings and try to feel them as deeply as possible. Remember that feelings are the key to manifesting, so it is important that you pay close attention to how desired circumstances are making you feel.

4. Align Yourself With Your Desired Reality

Align Yourself With Your Desired Reality

When you have visualized and know how you will feel when you find yourself in the beautiful, warm weather, think of ways you can bring these feelings into your present reality.

If you recognize that it will make you feel relaxed, joyful, and content, think of all things you can do to bring these feelings, sensations, and emotions into your life at this very moment.

For example, it can be a fun activity, such as drawing, painting, going to a dance class, going to a spa, or getting a massage. As you do these things that align you with the desired feeling state, keep the desire for good weather in your mind and trust fully that it will come true.

Keep in mind you can also align the energy of your physical reality with your desired weather. You can prepare for it by buying the right type of clothes, shoes, and accessories and making plans for your activities during the beautiful weather.

Envision yourself in these situations and circumstances and feel gratitude for them.

5. Raise Your Frequency

The higher your frequency, the stronger your ability to attract what you want. Your frequency might be ( no pun intended :) ) clouded by negative thoughts and emotions.

Spending too much time around negative people who are often complaining might drain your energy. The same applies to clutter in your room, closet, or your mind. Eating an unhealthy diet might also lower your frequency.

Journal about all things you can do to raise your frequency. It will help you see yourself and your life more clearly and give you great tools to strengthen your manifesting powers.

6. Be Open to the Universe

Be Open To The Universe

When you are manifesting, it is always important to keep in mind that your blessings can come in from a different direction and in a different form than you expected. Universe has a much better overview of your life than you do.

When you strongly desire something, it might come in a different shape and form than you had envisioned. For example, when you have been visualizing yourself surrounded by good weather, someone might unexpectedly gift you flight tickets to a warm location.

You might have thought that the good weather would come to you, but it might end up being you who will travel to the location with good weather!

Your desire will still come true, but it can come in a way that you didn’t expect.

7. Trust

Have full trust in the Universe for making your desires come true. If you don’t trust, you are blocking the blessings from coming to you.

Allow yourself to feel about your manifestations the same way you feel about your online purchases – when you have placed the order, you have full trust that your items will be delivered. The Universe loves you and provides for you always.

Your happiness and well-being is in the best interest of the Universe. Have full trust that your manifestations are on the way!


You are an expression and a part of the Universe. You are a powerful creator of your life and your reality. If you can imagine it, you can live it!

Don’t limit yourself by thinking you can only manifest events, people, and success in your life. You can also manifest good weather if you truly believe it is possible and align your energy with it!