10 Tips for Manifesting on a Pink Moon

How To Manifest On A Pink Moon

Pink Moon is the full moon that occurs in April. The name “Pink Moon” comes from the herb moss pink, or phlox subulata, one of the earliest spring flowers. In some cultures, this moon is also referred to as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon.

The pink moon is one of the most beautiful moons of the year. Unconditional love, feminine energy, and the energy of the spring blossoms are in the air. Use this powerful time to connect with your feminine essence and manifest everything connected to love.

To manifest on a pink moon, set a clear intention, connect with the energy of beauty, connect with your pink crystals and apply rose essential oil. These practices will help you connect with your heart chakra to make your manifestation even more powerful.

Pink is associated with the heart chakra and symbolizes love, compassion, and understanding. A Pink Moon’s energy can help us open our hearts, forgive past hurts, and move forward in our relationships.

If you are working on manifesting love or improving your current relationship, this is an ideal time to do so.

Below you will find 10 tips to make your pink moon manifestations as powerful as they can be.

10 Tips To Manifest on a Pink Moon

10 Tips To Manifest On A Pink Moon

By working with the energy of the Pink Moon, you can open your heart to love, forgiveness, and new beginnings. Take advantage of this powerful time to set your intentions and watch as your dreams start to take shape.

The full moon is a time of manifestation. All of our hard work pays off during this time. The Universe aligns with our goals, and we receive what we have been manifesting.

The full moon is also a perfect time to manifest our deepest desires. We release patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us. The full moon is a time of transformation and new beginnings.

1. Set Your Intention

It is an excellent time to connect with your feminine essence, energy or unconditional love, eternal beauty, and joy and expand your creativity.

Think about nature in April – everything is bursting open with new life. It is a beautiful time to manifest everything that symbolizes this energy in your life.

Relationships, new beginnings, beauty, and love are excellent intentions for manifesting during the pink moon.

2. Inhale the Beauty

Spend time outdoors in nature, surrounded by the pink hues of spring flowers. Take time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Cultivate your ability to see and appreciate beauty everywhere and in everything.

The more you practice seeing love and beauty around you, the more you will feel it within yourself. The more you appreciate and love yourself, the more your frequency increases, and your manifesting abilities become more powerful.

3. Invite the Energy of the Pink Moon

On the night of a pink moon, raise your energy by spending time outside in nature, dancing, or whatever makes you feel good.

If you live in a place where you can go to the seaside, meadow, forest, or another place in nature that radiates divine energy, don’t miss the opportunity to go there. Afterward, go to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

4. Connect with Crystals

Work with pink crystals, such as rose quartz or Rhodonite. Carry them with you, or place them near your bedside to infuse your dreams with their energy.

You can also place these crystals under your pillow when you go to sleep. Pay close attention to your dreams at this time, as they might contain clues on how to reach your goals.

5. Rose Essential Oil

Anoint yourself with rose essential oil, dab it on your pulse points, or add a few drops to your bathtub for a relaxing and romantic soak. Rose is a flower of love and compassion that can help open your heart chakra.

Allow yourself to inhale this beautiful fragrance slowly three times and feel how it connects with your consciousness. You can also put rose petals in your bath.

6. Write Down Your Intentions

Write down what you are hoping to manifest in your life on a piece of pink paper. Place this paper under your pillow or in your journal to symbolically plant the seeds of your intention.

As you write, visualize what you are writing about in as much detail as possible.

7. Create

Paint, dance, or sing your heart out! Pink moon encourages you to express yourself as much as possible.

Don’t hold back your inspiration; remember that creativity is a powerful tool for manifesting our desires. Express yourself with abandon and let your creative juices flow.

8. Do a Manifesting Ritual

Light some candles and incense, and say out loud or in your mind what it is you wish to manifest.

For example: “I am manifesting a new job that I love with great pay and benefits.” or “I am manifesting a soulmate who loves me unconditionally.”

Then, spend some time meditating on your intention. See yourself already having what you’re asking for. Feel the emotions you would feel if it were already a reality.

The more realistic you can make it feel, the stronger your manifestation!

9. Express Gratitude

When you’re finished, thank the Universe for bringing your manifestation to you. Then, release it into the cosmos with faith.

Send love and gratitude to the beautiful pink moon and inhale its healing energy once again.

10. Share Your Love With Others

Love is endless energy that permeates all creation. Don’t hold your joy and happiness to yourself! Share it with others so you can together multiply and expand it.

Think of activities you can do during this season that will bring joy to people in your life. Don’t be shy to perform random acts of kindness and put smiles on the faces of strangers!

Love multiplies when it is shared! Maybe you can invite your girlfriends to do this pink moon manifesting ritual together. Encourage everyone to wear feminine dresses or whatever makes them feel good about themselves!

You can make this a unique feminine tradition and repeat it every year.


These are some of the most potent pink moon manifestation tips. You can increase your chances of success by raising your energy, focusing on your intention, and meditating on your desired outcome.

The pink moon is a powerful time for manifestation, so trust your desires will manifest if you put forth the effort. Enjoy the process when manifesting. The journey is just as important as the destination!

If you follow these tips and allow yourself to connect with the expansive and creative energy of the pink moon, this night is bound to be one of the most magical experiences of your year!